The life and style of the legendary Marilyn Monroe

by Sylvia

Celebrating style icon Marilyn Monroe |

1st June was Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. A great time to recall this style icon and relive some of her greatest moments.

What appeals to me so much about her is that she was real. She dared to be different. Some of the most enduring style quotes are from her as well. This infographic shares her beautiful story that unfortunately came to an early tragic end in 1962.


The life and style of Marilyn Monroe |

Created by Outletshoppers.

Are you still influenced or inspired by Marilyn Monroe?


1 Anja van der Vorst

Outletshoppers did a great job! Thanks for sharing.

I love Marilyn Monroe, her style and her quotes. A beautiful, smart, sensitive, original and sexy woman!

2 Sylvia

Yes I think so too. Some real thought was put into this. When I like reading them myself, I’m happy to share them 🙂 I think Marilyn was a lot smarter than many give her credit for and I agree. Her quotes are some of the best! I also really like this quote of her which I shared on the site earlier:

3 patti

Thanks for sharing – I love reading about her, she was a very smart woman as well as a great beauty.

4 Sylvia

She was. And how REAL she was. No skin over bones here. Just a gorgeous voluptuous woman.

5 denton

Someone just released a seven-movie set of Marilyn on BluRay, for $30!

Bought it a couple of months ago and we watched the whole set.

6 Sylvia

Wow that is a bargain. Must have been lots of fun!

7 Greetje Kamminga

No I am not influenced by Marilyn. We are nothing alike LOL

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