Today, I like to start a new series on 40+ style where I show you how to wear your style icon’s style.

I think it’s good to keep track of a few style icons you admire. Women that inspire you in your dressing can give you new ideas on how to wear your clothing and inspire you to try something new.

They can also give you clues about your own style. What is it about a person’s style that you find so appealing? The clearer you get about your own style and the direction you want to take it, the fewer buying mistakes you will make and the happier you will get with your own style.

One of my style icons is fashion consultant Yasmin Sewell. I find her style innovative, fashion forward, elegant, arty and unconventional, all of which appeal to me. In fact Barney’s was so impressed with her style that they arranged her to design her own collection, esclusively for Barney’s.

Let’s have a look at a few elements of her style:

How to dress like Yasmin Sewell |

Bold top –  Knee length a-line skirtKitten heeled booties

  • Knee-high or over the knee a-line skirts and dresses
  • Long and short man inspired jackets
  • Androgynous influences
  • Comfortable and boxier tops
  • Hip statement shoes, usually with heels
  • The occasional statement necklace

Knee skirts and dress with bold blousy tops


Yasmin often wears knee high or over the knee skirts. Often with blousy tops which are kept short enough so that a waist is still seen or suggested. She enjoys wearing tops with a bolder statement. If her look is neutral, the emphasis will be on her shoes.

Yasmin Sewell style for women over 40 |

Black turtle neck – Graphic print asymmetrical skirt – Statement shoe

Eurochic elegance

yasminsewellstylepantsYasmin is a master at combining the androgynous with the feminine. Shoes play an important part in that, but she also always creates the right balance in an outfit.

I look forward to seeing Yasmin’s outfits at the coming fashion weeks and I’m sure she will inspire me big time! I will keep track of her outfits on a special Pinterest board: Style crush Yasmin Sewell. If you like her style as much as I do, be sure to follow that.

Here are some Yasmin Sewell inspired clothes you can buy in stores right now. This coming Monday I will feature an outfit of my own that was inspired by Yasmin.

If you have a style icon, you would love me to feature in this series, let me know!

How to dress like Yasmin Sewell |

What do you think of Yasmin’s style? Are you inspired by it?


Feature image by yasminsewell

For sources of the images at the top, please check my Pinterest Board.


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