Why you should wear your nicer clothes for casual occasions too!

by Sylvia

Black a-line skirt with silky blouse | 40plusstyle.com

There is a reason I seldom wear jeans and a basic t-shirt.


Because I always have something nicer to wear!

I have many clothes in my closet that are really nice. They are not necessarily ‘casual’ clothes, but could easily be used in that way.

Here in Singapore, it’s actually a lot more comfortable to wear a light weight skirt with a lose light-weight top rather than jeans and a t-shirt.

blackalineskirt (5 of 6)opt

These nicer clothes will usually not get picked for special occasions because I have newer, even more special items for that.

The only way these items will get enough wear, is if you pick them for normal occasions like going out for a casual walk or lunch.

blackalineskirt (4 of 6)opt

This day I was inspired by my own article on Yasmin Sewell. This look is so her!

And it’s super comfortable. The skirt weighs nothing and is so breezy here in Singapore.

Of course, I cheated a bit in the casual department as I added my high heeled booties. I could not resist. They just look so good with this outfit. Since these are platforms and have cushioning, they are actually comfortable to wear.

blackalineskirt (1 of 6)opt

But I could have easily worn flats which would make this outfit more comfortable than jeans and and t-shirt.

Next time you look for something comfortable to wear, don’t look for the obvious. Have a look at your ‘nicer’ clothes in the closet that don’t get enough wear. See if you can ‘casualize’ them or just wear them as they are.

Why would you wear something more ordinary and casual if you can look prettier and more special? Give those lovely items in your closet time to shine!

blackalineskirt (2 of 6)opt

Skirt: Peter Cohen (old)
Top: In Good Company (old)
Shoes: Unisa

Do you wear your good clothes often enough?


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Awesome outfit! You are right, we should look out best even when running errands. I tell my readers…you just never know who you might run into…it might be the moment which opens many doors of joy!!


Thanks Pam. Yes very true!

Accidental Icon

I really love your outfit, the silhouette is beautiful. Somehow over the last two years I have slipped into the habit of dressing up. I can’t tell you when the last time I wore jeans was. Part of it is getting the reinforcement of everyone telling you that you look great or have great style and having a blog so you are thinking about the persona you present but I have to say I like it! The more I have come to appreciate the clothes I buy and wear, the more thoughtful I am about purchasing, the more I want to wear my lovely clothes.

Accidental Icon


Yes, that is so true. Just love that last phrase in your comment!


Very good point Sylvia! I stopped wearing my “grungy” outfits out, after I realized that I might be looking like I should be on that website called “people of Walmart” ! LOL! So, that’s what motivates me to dress “up” more when going out for a casual occasion! I’d even rather wear nicer jogging suits to go out in instead of my faded jeans and t-shirts. I don’t want to end up on POW! 🙂


Oh never heard of that site. Better not visit. (luckily there is no walmart here haha)


I like your look and agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts on casual dressing. Even if I wear jeans I always dress up the outfit with jacket, jewels, blouse. I like the booties with bare legs. I always wear mine with tights, leggings or trousers but am now inspired by your choice.

Funny, I recently saw a photo of myself from the 80’s wearing a pink jogging suit to a friends house for dinner! Talk about casual dressing, Yikes! With age comes lots and lots of wisdom.


Haha that pink suit is so funny! I once received good friends in my jogging pants for diner. I still remember that, because one of them thought that was inappropriate haha. I think that must have been in the 80s as well!

Jodie filogomo

Amen!!!! That’s so exactly my sentiments!! We should all dress nice–because you feel better if you look better. How did life get so casual? That is truly one of the reasons I started my blog! And we’re women….we have the option to wear skirts/dresses unlike men….so we should take advantage of it! You look fab! Jodie


Yes, and this outfit took just as much time as putting on jeans and a t-shirt….


That’s a great outfit. Unfortunately in NYC today it doesn’t work in the snow, blue jeans and boots it is 🙂


I feel for you Denton. Yet even in winter there are other options than blue jeans. I did not even pack mine on my recent trip to The Netherlands. Then again blue jeans can look fab too certainly when they are dressed up a bit! But I will admit that dressing casually in a chic way is definitely easier in summer.


You look amazing and I love this outfit as well as everyone else. I’m wondering if the wider skirt is too youthful for someone in their 60s? It looks great on you, but what about us older folks? The whole ensemble is lovely.


I don’t think so! Youthful is good! There is so much you can do with this type of skirt and I don’t see any age limit for it.

Sabina @Oceanblue Style

Love the boots with your feminine outfit! And Pam’s attitude is so lovely, could not agree more with her. I do love wearing jeans and tee’s with blazer too! xo, Sabina | OceanblueStyle


Of course, me too at times. But it’s good to get your good (and other) clothes out of the closet whenever you can!

Rita Palazzi

Yes, I usually do, but I think there are jeans that look fantastic! So, it depends on how you feel at that moment.
I like the outfit you proposed, but , in my opinion, the shoes don’t fit the look. I would prefer sandals.


Sandals would have looked good too, but I absolutely love the booties here!

Alison Cosier

My sentiments entirely, I don’t keep anything for ‘best’ anymore, choosing rather to work all my clothes for either day or evening with different accessories. Looking after special garments is the most important, when I arrive home I change into something slouchy…and I love those booties!


Yes, my experience is that the older the garment, the less you wear it. That is why I also wear my new and good clothes very often right from the start.


You look great! Your message is one of major importance for me because I tend to slide into a formula way of dressing of jeans and black tops. I do blame some of it on the terrible weather in NYC but that is not the main reason. I am currently taking your 21 Steps course and learning so much about putting together a fun, flattering and workable wardrobe.


Thanks Rebecca. I’m sure that by the end of this course, you will have lots of new ideas and formulas to wear!


Great post, Sylvia! I don’t wear my “good” clothes often enough but as I am now retired, I am starting to do so more. After all, what am I waiting for? XO


Exactly Patti!

kay kerns

This was a great idea. I am trying to wear better clothes even for a quick walk to the store. And I know my boyfriend would like to see me looking more presentable even around the apartment.


There you go. Not only will you please yourself, but your boyfriend too. Win Win!


Fabulous boots! Most of my clothes are really casual but I’d like to change that a bit in the next few years – yet still be comfy.


Yes comfort is important, but beautiful clothes can be very comfortable too. This outfit certainly was!

Elaine Lascher

Absolutely! Why not wear our “good” clothes more? I will be shopping for some new pieces during the spring and will keep this idea in mind. I’m so bored with my jeans. It’s time to try something new for everyday wear.


Good luck and have fun shopping Elaine!


yes, yes, and yes!!!!!
looooove your outfit! the silhouette, the colors. and your smile proofs how happy you´r wearing it 🙂
i have ONLY “nice” things in my closet, don´t own a single pair of jeans (except some hotpants for hot leisure days) and t-shirts are sleepwear. even my “outdoor clothes” are nice and pretty, tartan or dirndl skirts, peasant blouses or norwegian sweaters, fun knickerbockers.


Way to go Beate!


I have nothing against jeans — some jeans looks are fabulous. I think it’s a matter of intentionality and not looking like you rolled out of bed late this morning. I live in the NE United States and jeans in January and February make a lot of sense. But I am styled including simple hair and makeup every time I walk out the door. That’s something I wouldn’t have done a couple of years ago. Maybe it’s because I’m reading some fabulous over 4o style blogs. Maybe it’s because over 40 you stop looking cute and start looking frumpy if you don’t pay some attention to your outfit. In any case, I’ve definitely changed.


Jeans definitely have their place. I especially wear my white ones quite a bit and recommend everyone have at least 1 or 2 good pairs in their closet. So many of us though wear them all the time so this post was meant to inspire those to try and do something different for a change and remind them that other clothes can be used for casual too…..


This is my favorite outfit of yours Sylvia! Everything just balances beautifully and is modern, hip and so stylish to my eye. So makes me yearn for warmer weather. Beautiful pictures that are well composed and have a good contrast. Wonderful post!

blue hue wonderland


Thanks Ann. Yes it all came together nicely!


I love this! I have the same reason to not wear jeans and tee. I have too many items in my closet.

Some people have only jeans and tees so they wear them all the time. I prefer to wear other styles for work and for weekends.

I find that I don’t get lazy (wearing only the newest purchases) because of my fashion blog. I post outfits 5 days a week therefore I much come up with ways to mix and match items, unless I can afford to keep on buying new clothes.


What a great outfit!

I agree that it is nice to get a chance to wear our clothes. That said, you won’t find me walking the dog dressed up. I walk fast and need a t-shirt and jeans that can be thrown in the wash a million times when they are covered in pug hair. If I’m going out with anyone other than Zoe though…I make a point of trying to dress up, although I still wear my jeans dressed up sometimes.


Greetje Kamminga

Looking ever so elegant and modern. Well done. It wasn’t until I saw you from the back, that I realized how light weighted the top is. (Great photo by the way.)
You have done very well and I totally agree with you.

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