There is a reason I seldom wear jeans and a basic t-shirt.


Because I always have something nicer to wear!

I have many clothes in my closet that are really nice. They are not necessarily ‘casual’ clothes, but could easily be used in that way.

Here in Singapore, it’s actually a lot more comfortable to wear a light weight skirt with a lose light-weight top rather than jeans and a t-shirt.

blackalineskirt (5 of 6)opt

These nicer clothes will usually not get picked for special occasions because I have newer, even more special items for that.

The only way these items will get enough wear, is if you pick them for normal occasions like going out for a casual walk or lunch.

blackalineskirt (4 of 6)opt

This day I was inspired by my own article on Yasmin Sewell. This look is so her!

And it’s super comfortable. The skirt weighs nothing and is so breezy here in Singapore.

Of course, I cheated a bit in the casual department as I added my high heeled booties. I could not resist. They just look so good with this outfit. Since these are platforms and have cushioning, they are actually comfortable to wear.

blackalineskirt (1 of 6)opt

But I could have easily worn flats which would make this outfit more comfortable than jeans and and t-shirt.

Next time you look for something comfortable to wear, don’t look for the obvious. Have a look at your ‘nicer’ clothes in the closet that don’t get enough wear. See if you can ‘casualize’ them or just wear them as they are.

Why would you wear something more ordinary and casual if you can look prettier and more special? Give those lovely items in your closet time to shine!

blackalineskirt (2 of 6)opt

Skirt: Peter Cohen (old)
Top: In Good Company (old)
Shoes: Unisa

Do you wear your good clothes often enough?


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