How to get Carine Roitfeld style + a movie review of Mademoiselle C

by Sylvia

How to get Carine Roitfeld style |

I just watched the movie Mademoiselle C about the creation of the CR Fashion book by Carine Roitfeld.

Carine Roitfeld was a former model, a consultant and muse for Tom Ford and Gucci and the Vogue Paris editor from 2001 to 2011. In 2011 she quit and decided to go on her own to create her fashion book.

The movie is similar to The September Issue and gives you a look behind the scenes of the creation of a magazine. I always find that fascinating to watch. Still I felt that the movie was clearly created to promote the fashion book. It is very complimentary of Carine Roitfeld and there are few, if any, critical notes. This in contrast to The September issue which did not always show Anna Wintour in her best light.

Then again it just may be that Carine Roitfeld is generally a nicer person to work with. She seems very kind and fun and the kind of person you like to hang out with. I know that I want to be as energetic and full of life as she is at 59! We do learn a bit about her personal life and what drives her and quite a few famous friends pop by as well. I still enjoyed watching it.

Here is a trailor of the movie.

Carine Roitfeld is a fabulous and very stylish 40+ woman (she is 59 now) who lives and breathes fashion. She is frequently featured on best dressed lists and is still an inspiration for designers. After seeing the movie,  it occurred to me though that she has a very consistent style with a simple formula: straight skirt and either short or tucked in blouse. To see some examples have a look at this Pinterest board and.

This is a simple formula to copy and it’s almost a flop proof way to look good and just a little bit sexy at 40+. I plan on using it a bit more myself.

So here are a few options that are available in stores right now.

Are you a fan of Carine Roitfeld? What do you think of her style and this specific look of a straight skirt combined with blouse?


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1 Ann

Great style, must watch this. My personal favorite thing to wear is a straight skirt with a moto jacket. I also love this look for summer in my climate. It looks good just about anywhere one would go.

blue hue wonderland

2 Sylvia

Yes, I love that too and that is also in Carine’s style reportoire. I have a new grey short jacket (kinda moto) and should try that look!

3 Lorraine

Whenever I see this woman I can’t get past her eyebrows. They could have their own magazine!
I like her style though.

4 Sylvia

I think her eyes are part of her signature look. They make her look a bit more edgy and mysterious….

5 Patti

I like her style, too, and will watch this film. Her makeup looks harsh to me, but she’s carried off that style for ages, so it’s become “her”.

6 Sylvia

Yes, it’s so part of her style. I’ve come to like it for the edgier more mysterious look it gives her…

7 nicole

Blouses are too cold for Alaska about 9-10 months a year. But I like the look. I create it with a cardigan.

8 Greetje

The examples that you show, are things I wear as well. I just vary a bit more. But yes, wearing a pencil skirt with whatever on top, always gives a chic and sexy vibe. In a modest way..

9 Anja van der Vorst

Pencil skirts are one thing that I absolutely can NOT wear. They look horrible on my body.

But they look fab on Catherine R. !;-)

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