Discovering a new brand and the perfect asymmetrical white summer dress

by Sylvia

asymmetrical white summer dress

It’s always great to discover a new brand that is right up your alley. One quick look at the Stella Carakasi collection and you will understand why their clothes appeal to me. Lots of asymmetrical shapes, good fabrics, good lengths and plenty of white for my summer wardrobe.

White asymmetrical Stella Carakasi dress |

This dress was love at first sight. It is a great layered design, has a really nice asymmetrical shape and is light and airy.


I feel that the little white dress is a must-have for summer and I’m really happy to find one that I can wear for many occasions. It has a good length and can easily be combined with other items. This makes it a dress that I can wear not only to the beach but into the city as well.

Little white dress worn with red accessories |

Have a look at how versatile it is!

Dressed in white with colorful beaded necklace |

It looks fabulous with the white jacket, which is another very versatile item. You can wear it lose or buttoned up with the collar falling down (not shown here). Great with white but so easy to combine with other colors too.

You can also combine the dress with other tops like this light blue/green asymmetrical drapey top.

Asymmetrical dress with asymmetrical top and white flower necklace |

I’m sure these clothes will get a lot of wear this summer!

Stell Carakasi clothes with Ken Samudio necklace |

If you like to see more of this brand then you can check the Stella Carakasi website. They have a fun competition going on at the moment with great prizes that you may like to enter as well.

White asymmetrical dress, white jacket, Blue top: Stella Carakasi c/o (please check sizing carefully; I was a size smaller than usual and wear xs here)
Red necklace: Verily c/o
Long beaded necklace: very old from my days in Italy!
White necklace: Ken Samudio
Red wedges: To Be Footwear

Do you like the little white dress? Do you have one in your wardrobe already?


1 Ana from Mrs. American Made

I just got a new white skirt and these looks are giving me some ideas. I love your dress, Sylvia. : ) Ana

2 Sylvia

Thanks Ana. I look forward to seeing it!

3 Trina

I would have fallen in love at first sight also, in fact, I have fallen in love at first sight with this dress. The style, the fabric, and the all white is spectacular, It looks absolutely wonderful on you. Love the way you made it so versatile. I totally agree, a little white dress is a must have staple for a summer wardrobe.

4 Sylvia

I think you would look great in this dress too Trina!

5 Frances

That dress is perfection! want!
Yes, I do already have a Little White Dress. I picked up a sweet little one in eyelet, a simple sheath, at the Gap a few weeks ago. I’ve packed it for our current travel in Europe (yes, we have access to laundry! ) and love the way it can dres either up or down. That said, I prefer the longer hemline of your dress which makes it even more versatile.
I posted a photo of me wearing mine the other day, should you be interested. Meanwhile, thanks so much for posting yours – an inspiration!

6 Sylvia

Your dress looks fabulous Frances. Perfect for you travels in Europe. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

7 Lana

I have picked up a few new dresses for summer, and one is a white eyelet knee length that I’m excited to wear. I love the asymmetrical hem of this dress – so pretty on you!

8 Sylvia

Thank you Lana. Enjoy wearing your white dress!

9 denton

Now that is nice.

10 Sylvia


11 Patti

Lovely – a great LWD, and you wear it so well.

12 Sylvia

Thanks Patti!

13 Lorraine

Love the dress Sylvia! I have a white linen shift dress but it now looks very boring compared to yours!

14 Rita

Linen is such a great fabric for summer. I have found that if I wash it vs. dry clean, it gets softer and softer and needs less ironing. I was in cold water and hang it up to dry, so shrinking is minimized.

15 Sylvia

I’m sure it’s great. Simple can be fabulous too! Of course I want to see it 🙂

16 Lorraine

Do you know, I have never worn it. Every time I put it on my dear husband says he doesn’t like me in white…….so I take it off.

17 Greetje

Wear a colourful scarf or cardigan or necklace with it. I have styled my little white shift dress with 3 different colourful summer cardigans, 1 silk jacket and one little scarf. And all outfits look great (see my blog). It was very much an eye opener for me too. I never wore it before.

18 Lorraine

I will have a look at your blog, thanks Greetje!

19 Lisa

I love the dress also and agree that it is a perfect look for you and looks very light and comfortable for summer. Alas! I do not have a LWD. A very interesting peri-menopausal stretch makes me reticent to wear white right now.

20 Sylvia

Thanks Lisa. I see what you mean. Hopefully it becomes more predictable soon… Not suffering too much?

21 Lisa

No suffering. And nothing “wrong” medically. Just really, really annoyingly unpredictable.

22 Rita

Very pretty. I’d much more go for white than black.

23 Sylvia

Me too!

24 Rebecca

I love this dress with the red accessories on you. You look stunning!

25 Sylvia

Thank you so much Rebecca!

26 Suzanne

I love this look on you. Especially with the pops of red.

I don’t wear any white really. It washes me out. Plus I’m a colour junkie. ; )


27 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne. One thing I like about white though is that it’s like a clean palette. You can add lots of color to it through extra layers or accessories. But then again I can also see it’s not really for you. You’re the girl that needs to rock that colorful maxi dress!

28 Greetje

This is indeed a great dress and very well styled with colourful accessories. As you know I have a white shift dress that is so easy to combine with colours, cardigans, jackets or scarf, it surprised me.
I love this dress and I am even not much into asymmetrical. The white jacket and the top are great too. I would wear them on skinnies haha. I wear lots of things on skinnies.
Both necklaces are so pretty. I am a necklace fan.

29 Sylvia

Thanks Greetje. Yes I remember that white dress and how good you look in it! Better bring on some good weather in The Netherlands so we can both rock our white dresses this summer!

30 Ann

This dress looks great on you! The white is lovely and I especially like the design. Also seems like you can wear it in many ways which is always a plus. Thought of you when I just purchased a top that has a longer back than the front length, interesting and modern in design. I have a couple of asymmetrical pieces. I think this type design is creative and timeless.

blue hue wonderland

31 Sylvia

Thanks Ann. Yes that is what I think too. It’s very creative and timeless and I don’t tire of them.

32 Terry

I’ve chosen this to be one of my “What I Love” looks for this week. I hope you’ll keep an eye out on my blog today.


33 Sylvia

Thanks so much Terry!

34 Anja van der Vorst

Indeed a very pretty dress that flatters you tremendously! Very elegant and summer-y.

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