As the head of the IMF (the first woman to hold this position) and France’s former Minister of Finance, Christine Lagarde is considered one of the world’s most powerful leaders. It would make sense, of course, that her power dressing would also hold an edge of elegant French style.

In this post, we go behind the scenes of the global economic maven and learn how her polished and classic look can be easily achieved beyond the halls of the IMF and high-level meetings.

So, what does it take to dress like the Christine Lagarde?

Quality and effortless class are the foundations of Lagarde’s look. She selects high quality, yet simple pieces that are elegant and figure flattering. Though her pieces are quite timeless, she has been known to bring in ready-to-wear runway pieces that seamlessly fit into her overall aesthetic. Some anchor pieces of her look include:

  • Tailored suits
  • Silk pattern scarves
  • Quality pearl jewelry
  • Luxury leather handbags

The key to Lagarde’s look, however, is the emphasis that she places on high quality accessories. She understands the power of accessories and how a simple tweak can alter an entire outfit. She also has a great understanding of how to best flatter her features with the most flattering and strategically placed accessories (from scarves to pearl earrings).

The Christine Lagarde wardrobe

Dresses and skirts

Think luxe work basics with a few surprises and you have a good read on Lagarde’s dresses and skirts. Like the perfect capsule wardrobe, her pieces are meant to be mixed and matched to create additional looks. From neutral pencil skirts to jewel tone figure flattering dresses, a a multiplicity of blazers, jackets, and scarves can be thrown over her dress and skirt selections.

Lagarde style guide: dresses and skirts|


For her Monday through Friday office attire, you can typically find Lagarde in structured button-down tops and neutral silk blouses (often a tie-neck style). Off-duty, she seems to prefer loose fitting and flowy pieces silk pieces.

How to dress like Christine Lagarde style guide: button-down tops, suits, and sile blouses |


Once again, her pants not only flatter her figure but are also meant to be paired with a number of pieces in her closet. Whether she is going for a matching pant suit or a contrast look, Lagarde’s trousers are always perfectly tailored. We especially appreciate when she dives into the wide leg style that never look under or over-done, but rather are quite elegant and refined.

How to dress like Christine Lagarde style guide: wide leg tailored pants |

Coats and Jackets

Much of the magic happens with how well fitting Christine Lagarde’s blazers are. For more insight on how blazers should fit perfectly, take a look at my article on how to fit a blazer. Lagarde is a master at this and she has a wide array of blazers to match most any of the pants, dresses, and skirts she has in her wardrobe.

How to dress like Christine Lagarde style guide: tailored blazers and coats |


Black and nude round toe pumps are a mainstay in Lagarde’s wardrobe. The heels are never too high and the look is always high quality, but unpretentious. From galas to a typical day at the office (as typical as the head of the IMF’s day can get!), Lagarde has been seen in her signature round toe pumps.

Another signature look for Lagarde, is pairing black riding boots with her skirt or dress suits. The looks is unexpected, but for her it absolutely works without looking unprofessional. The key here is that she opts for monochromatic looks with a boot that is completely unadorned. Off duty, Lagarde can typically be seen in loafers.

How to dress like Christine Lagarde style guide: shoes |


If you were to play the word association game with Christine Lagarde’s style, pearls would most likely be one of the first words to come out. She loves her pearls.

From a multistrand pearl necklace, intertwining her single strand necklace with a scarf, to a pearl cocktail ring, Lagarde’s signature look comes with a healthy dose of pearls.

How to dress like Christine Lagarde accessories style guide: pearl bracelet, rings and multistrand necklaces |


Luxury scarves, gloves, handbags, and belts are the most dominant element of Lagarde’s style. This is how she is able to make a gray pant suit or a black dress with a blazer completely stand out. She is known for being a big fan of Hermes bags, however, styles from Michael Kors and Calvin Klein can help you achieve this very same look at a more manageable price point. HEr scarves are also a Lagarde symbol. It has been said that when she takes of her scarves, it is akin to her letting her hair loose and getting deep into the matter at hand.

How to dress like Christine Lagarde style guide: hermes, birkin, ,michael kors, silk scarves and bags |

Here are 9 looks inspired by Christine Lagarde that you can easily replicate

How to dress like Christine Lagarde style guide: 9 looks inspired by Christine Lagarde that you can easily replicate |

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How to dress like Christine Lagarde |

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