How to dress like Linda Fargo – A 10 outfit capsule wardrobe

by Sylvia

How to dress like Linda Fargo - a 10 outfit capsule wardrobe |

When you dream of some of the most enviable fashion related jobs in the industry, Linda Fargo’s highly visible role probably comes to mind.

Bergdorf Goodman‘s (a high end landmark department store in New York City) Senior Vice President and Fashion Director, Linda Fargo is as much a staple at work in her offices as she is front row during Fashion Week.

So, what does it take to dress like Linda Fargo?

Beyond her ability to bring timeless and seasonal trends to Bergdorf Goodman, Fargo is seen as a kingmaker within the fashion industry due to her ability to find and cultivate new talent. With such an impressive resume, it comes as no surprise that her wardrobe is just as impressive and unique.

As usual, here are a few quick tips to help you achieve Fargo’s  New York cool style:

  • Animal print, animal print, and more animal print (especially leopard print)
  • Unique spins on classic pieces
  • Flattering pants (especially wide leg)
  • Bold and artistic patterns and prints
  • Accessories to take the most basic looks and pieces out of this world
  • Luxe pieces that are one of a kind (or look like it)

Linda has been featured several times before on 40+Style and photographed by 40+Style photographer Denton Taylor.





Take a look at many more of Fargo’s looks here, and give yourself a dose of New York cool style with our guide on how to dress like Linda Fargo below.

The Linda Fargo Wardrobe


Linda Fargo goes back and forth between classic and timeless pieces (such as the white pussy bow blouse below) and trendy, bold pieces that are intentionally attention grabbing (like the purple Victoria Beckham or leopard print pieces below).

The Linda Fargo Wardrobe |

Skirts and Pants

A-line skirts, pencil skirts, and wide leg pants are the most likely bottoms to be found in Fargo’s wardrobe. Take the opportunity to pair clashing prints, pair two bold hues together (think a purple blouse with a red skirt), or embellish classic cuts for a seemingly unique look.

How to dress like Linda Fargo: Skirts and pants |

Dresses and Jumpsuits

Think jumpsuits worn with cropped sweaters for a unique spin, the juxtaposition of leather and fur, portrait or comic book like art as prints, or the simplicity of all white and you get Fargo’s spin on the perfect dress or jumpsuit to suit the occasion.

They are well fitting, effortlessly chic, and highly indicative of that New York cool ethos that can be elusive.

How to dress like Linda Fargo: Dresses and jumpsuit outfit ideas |


Fargo is known for advocating for and favoring well tailored pieces, especially when it comes to a chic winter coat. Consider printed fur pieces for the drama of a Fargo look (like the vest below), asymmetrical cropped sweaters to add a bit of an edge to more classic looks,

How to dress like Linda Fargo: Chic sweaters and suede jackets |


While Fargo tends to favor heels when out in public, she does hold an appreciation for lower heels that are much more manageable too.

Consider bold hues (like a lipstick red pump), bold prints (like a leopard print heel), and varying heights (consider an effortlessly worn over-the-knee boot).

How to dress like Linda Fargo: Fall outfit ideas and shoes |


As mentioned above, accessories are quite dominant when it comes to Fargo’s wardrobe. She doesn’t skimp on bold pieces (such as the multicolored fur scarf below)  and will allow them to dominate her looks or pull varying prints together.

How to dress like Linda Fargo: accessories |

Here are 10 capsule wardrobe looks inspired by Linda Fargo



Do you like Linda Fargo’s look? Which of the featured outfits here is your favorite?



1 Elaine

I love how Linda uses classic and structured items to make modern statement looks. She is my new favorite icon! Her use of bold colors and white will influence my future purchases.

2 Sue

I’m more of a pants person, but love that silk graphic print t-shirt dress. Beautiful and simple, simply beautiful.

3 Sherry Edwards

This is difficult. I can’t choose just 1 look I prefer best. I guess # 1 and # 3 are at the top of my list. (however I am partial to # 3). Love that Russian look!

4 Denton

She is the Queen of style.

5 nancy

I love skirts and dresses so this is really what I love!

6 LiiLoo

Thanks for sharing these great fashion tips. Linda Fargo is a truly inspirational fashion icon.


Emily, founder of

7 Greetje

Temptation.., be gone!! So many lovely things. And I adore Linda’s style.

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