The enduring style of Audrey Hepburn

by Sylvia

The enduring style of Audrey Hepburn |

Audrey Hepburn is one of the enduring style icons of our time and today she would have turned 85 years old. I know I’m not alone in admiring her timeless style and I enjoyed reading through this infographic profiling her style.

I trust that you will too!

The enduring style of Audrey Hepburn |

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Are you still influenced or inspired by Audrey Hepburn?


1 Rebecca

What a class act Audrey Hepburn was. I adore her and her style will always be “in style”.

2 Annette

Oh yes, definitely! I love her classy style and just showed a LBD on my blog.
I only need to experiment more with red lips 😉

Annette | Lady of Style

3 Deb

Always a huge fan and she has been my fashion mentor forever. Being slim and petite her uncluttered style is something I have used time and time again. I so agree with finding a style that suits you and sticking to it. Classic, classy and so iconic. Thanks for a lovely post and a great blog.

4 Patti

Always graceful, and a truly beautiful soul. Thank for this tribute, Sylvia.

5 E. Jane

Audrey remains a style icon yet today. She had an amazing blend of casual sophistication and carried it all off with grace and style. I love her choices and characteristic fashion, and I use similar choices myself, even though I am not as slim and graceful as she was.

6 Jaye@Curvatude

So classic and timeless…

7 Greetje

Yes I think she was great. But also in her posture and her proportions. I am no way near her beauty, so I will walk my own path.

8 Madame Flutterby

Film studios in Audrey Hepburn’s day often had the final say in how a “star” dressed and presented herself. Stars were essentially owned and groomed by their studios.

The grooming in some cases was drastic and resulted in physically different people (Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe).

Fortunately, Audrey Hepburn avoided that fate, and her unique style became instantly recognisable and, for the most part, timeless.

She was a talented actress, dancer and comedienne, as well!

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