Now that summer is fast approaching we really need to start thinking about our summer wardrobe. Do we have everything we need to look fabulous this summer and feel wonderful? What pieces would really make a difference?

One trick you could use is to acquire new pieces around the trends you like most this season.  Instead of trying to incorporate all the new trends, pick one or 2 you really like and build the new pieces in your wardrobe around that. Once you have selected the trend(s) that you like best for yourself, you can then start to review your wardrobe and determine if you need more basics to support that trend and which show pieces you would need to buy to best incorporate the trend into your wardrobe.

You can then aim to create a little capsule wardrobe, which will give you a multitude of outfits to wear.

Selecting the trend(s)

When I look at the spring / summer 2014 trends, I am most drawn to the wide trousers. Although I have a few in my closet, they are all quite old and need replacement. So this is one item that I will look at replacing.

I also need a great jacket. Although I like the short and boxy jackets, I may also go for something more tapered. I never succeeded buying  a leather jacket and would still really fancy one. As I will be spending 2 months in The Netherlands this summer, I feel I need more jackets to accommodate for the ever unpredictable dutch climate.

I also love the ‘arty asymmetry’ trend but I already own a few pieces, so no immediate attention is needed there. However, I’m on the lookout for a new dress and would love to add a fabulous asymmetric piece to my wardrobe.

Then I am drawn to the ‘opposites attract’ and ‘knee-high skirts’ trends which are already staples in my wardrobe.

I love ‘arty and colorful’ as well and may combine that with the wide pants.

Main focus: wide pants and a fabulous short jacket

I feel that my main focus this season should be on the wide pants and short jacket. I have been looking out for both but wide pants especially are not yet so plentiful in shops and none of what I found was perfect.

Here are some of my requirements for the wide pants:

  • Preferably white or of a light color
  • Not too thin and see-through
  • Not a print
  • No (or only very subtle) pleats and a good fit on top
  • Cotton or good quality linen
  • Not too casual
  • Long enough so I can wear them with heels

Requirements for the jacket:

  • Jacket needs to be plain and of good quality. I prefer another color to black, quite possibly a pastel color
  • Jacket needs to be versatile and I should be able to wear it with multiple outfits

Items that would complement these 2 items include:

  • An arty or draped top
  • Pointy sandals and flats
  • Pointy pumps
  • A fabulous silk blouse
  • A good basic white top

Since writing this I have been successful with the jacket but the pants still elude me…. I’m just going to be patient.

Read our ultimate guide to creating a capsule wardrobe that works best for you.

So what is the trend that you would like to add to your wardrobe this season? And what do you need to buy to build a capsule wardrobe around that trend?


Feature image by Melinda

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