How to get parisian chic style like Ines de La Fressagne

by Sylvia

How to get Ines de la Fressagne style

On other blogs and from students within my style course Ines de la Fressagne is often mentioned as a role model of style. I too am attracted to her look as it’s timeless and always chic, although I like a bit more variety and trendiness and fun elements within my own wardrobe.

The good news is, Ines de la Fressagne’s style is actually really easy to achieve! The style depends hugely on some classic basics that get some finesse with some well appointed accessories and shoes.

Here are some ideas on how to add a bit of that Ines de la Fressagne parisian style to your life this summer.

The blazer

Key to her look is often a man’s blazer with a female spin. You can opt for a wider blazer and belt it or just choose a blazer in a neutral color and combine with white capris or jeans. Scrunch the arms for a more casual and modern spin to your look. For evening choose a blazer in the same color as your pants.

The trench coat

The parisian trench is quite classic but often worn with jeans, skinnies or straight pants. Make sure not to combine the more classical trench with too many other classic pieces like pearls or a pencil skirt and avoid the military look.

The blue jeans

Ines loves her blue jeans, but she always makes them look more polished. She often combines it with a blazer, her trench coat or a button down blouse, but will also make the look more edgy with a leather moto jacket. This season, straight jeans and skinnies with a higher rise are still very current. For a super hip jeans look, opt for a bit of flare.


The knitted top

Ines loves her neutrals and the blue and white combination is her favorite. Choose a top in a good fabric and combine with your blue jeans, white pants or black cigarette pants. Add a leather jacket for that edgier modern look. There are plenty of knitted tops with shorter sleeves too.

The white shirt

Another staple in the Parisian wardrobe and can be worn with everything. If you don’t like white you can change it for another neutral or choose a subtle pattern. A good quality cotton shirt is good but for more texture and refinement you can also opt for a silk one.

The tank top

Ines likes simple and chic and the tank top is just that. She often wears it to support a jacket or cardigan and it’s the casual counterpart to a more stylish jacket. Or wear it on casual days with some khaki chinos for an understated casual look. Looks great with your leather jacket too.

The white capris

Super chic for summer, white ankle pants or capris will look good with just about anything. Pairing it with marine is very classic and always chic and modern, but red or green are great options too.


The little black dress

Or the little colorful dress. Just choose a color that suits your complexion. Parisiennes often have darker skin tones and hair so black will often suit them well. Most women though look better in a different color. Think about a nice dark red or a navy colored dress. Just as chic and quite possibly more flattering on you!

The leather jacket

This is what gives her outfits a bit of an edge and actually makes them really hip and current now with the leather moto jacket especially being very popular.

The ballet flats or the blocked heels

Ines loves a comfortable shoe and ballet flats are her favorite. For a more trendy look opt for a slightly pointier nose. For evening choose a great block heel that is both stylish AND comfortable.

Once you have the right basics and have chosen your basic color palette, you can add more finesse by adding some simple accessories. Nothing too colorful or fancy but pieces that make your look current and hip.

I find that the Ines de la Fressagne style is a good basis for many wardrobes. You can alter these basics slightly to add your personal spin to it. For example, my spin is that the tops often have asymmetrical elements and my dresses often have drape. I also like to add a bit of color and FUN with accesories. This makes the style more ‘Sylvia’ but a lot of the fundamentals are the same. If I would have a ‘uniform’ it would be the white pants, with a nice top and a nice jacket.

If you like to get some style tips from Ines herself, her book Parisian chic, a style guide by Ines de la Fressange is available at Amazon.

Does Ines de la Fressagne’s style appeal to you?


1 Patti

I love her look, and have her book at my bedside. It doesn’t hurt that she is gorgeous too! xo

2 Sylvia

No, she could put on anything and still look good! It’s amazing how her daughter is the spitting image of her.

3 Accidental Icon

I love her easy, elegant and chic style. I have been on the hunt for a spring trench. What do you think of the ones that are sleeveless?

Accidental Icon

4 Sylvia

I love sleeveless vests and coats. So elegant and flattering and great for layering!

5 amorette haws

Be careful with pointed toe flats. I have noticed that the toes have a tendency to turn up. All you need are bells for a court jester look

6 Sylvia

Thanks for the tip Amorette. Still, I have not noticed that with my white pointy flats. They have been super comfortable and so perfect with many of my outfits..

7 SueD

Yes, this also happens to some of my pointy toe flats. I think it has to do with how the sole of the shoe is structured. A strong sole maintains the shape better. And, they cost more as well.

8 Elaine

Thanks for this piece Sylvia. I love this look and after taking the style course have realized that it is the best option for my body and my country/city lifestyle. I agree one needs to take care that “classic” does not become unimaginative but I’m hoping to keep things fresh with unexpected color pops and trendy shoes or accessories. The tips you offer are really timely as I go through the process of transforming my basic pieces. I need to track down this book!

9 Sylvia

Good luck Elaine. Yes, I forgot to add a link to her book. Have added that now at the bottom of the article.

10 Greetje

Yes her style appeals to me very much. But like you, it is a bit too simple for my taste. Besides, it is not only the items that make Ines so good looking. It is her perfect body and beautiful face and hair too. I would not look the same if I just copied her clothes, I can tell you.

11 Sylvia

Yes very true, but it is a good style for those women who want to look elegant and chic all the time without too much risk or change in style. I think it works for almost any 40+ woman. But yes, it will be tough to look as good as Ines herself…

12 elle

I dress almost exactly this way, and I have for over 20 years now. I live in blazers, jeans, and flats and own three trench coats! My French tutor said my style was “sexy cool” and that made me laugh. I only wanted to be comfortable but in a polished way. I must have been French in a past life. LOL.

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