How I wore both my black and white leggings on holiday!

by Sylvia

How to wear leggings on your holiday |

I don’t wear leggings very often as I often prefer dressier clothes, but I find them a very good option for more casual outings and especially holidays.

I actually often get asked if 40+ women can still wear leggings and I always refer them to my article on this topic: how to wear leggings after 40.

The short answer is that, yes, you can absolutely wear leggings after 40, so long as  you stick to a few rules.  The main one is that you should never wear leggings as pants and always wear them with a longer top as I do in both of these examples. That way the leggings act more like skinnies and provide a perfect canvas for a special tunic or top.

leggings (3 of 4)opt

I like leggings especially with asymmetrical tops as these add extra interest to the outfit and create more flattering vertical lines. You may recognise the design of this asymmetrical vest which you can wear both open and closed. I showed it to you before in a gray winter version worn several different ways. I also wore the vest belted which you can see here.

leggings (1 of 4)opt

The summer version is just as fabulous and perfect for hot weather. You can wear the vest on its own or used as a vest over your top or wear the hoodie!

hoodie (1 of 1)

I also find knee high leggings perfect for the holidays. So easy to wear and they look perfect with long tunics like this layered black and white one from Sancerre. Note the 3 buttons at the knees which make these leggings extra special. I always find that knee high leggings look best with a bit of ruching at the knees, espcially for white leggings, so it does not clearly show every bone and curve of your knee. These are made of medium thick and superbly comfortable cotton, so I can highly recommend them.

very casual leggings outfit for travel |

Both leggings paired well with my comfortable old sandals. They are just special enough to add a bit of trendiness to the outfits so the outfit is not too plain. Both of these outfits were perfect for days exploring Sri Lanka.

wearing leggins with black and white |


Want to know to see more black and white inspiration? Check my article on how to wear black and white


Do you like to wear leggings? How do you wear them?


1 denton

Great looking outfits and great photos too!

2 Sylvia

Thanks Denton, yes I’m pleased with them too!

3 Lisa

Great looks, particularly the second one. But no, I do not wear leggings. I work out in yoga pants, but these are not on public display unless you catch me jogging. 🙂

4 Sylvia

I can understand that too…

5 amy

I believe those rules should apply to everyone, and not just women over 40. Yes, I’m 52 and I wear leggings. My legs are one of my best features, so I’m not hiding them. But I always wear a long tunic or a dress.

6 Sylvia

I tend to agree Amy. I have certainly never worn leggings without following my leggings rules.

7 Elaine

Your outfits are gorgeous Sylvia! Along with your advice on how to wear leggings you show that these outfits are really all about the quality of the tops – short dresses or tunics. The more unique and flattering the top the better the leggings will look with the outfit. I don’t often wear leggings but I have black and white over the knee pairs that I would like to try this summer. Being petite it is hard to find leggings that do not bag around the knees and are not too long. I have a couple of colorful fun asymmetric tunics but would like something classier and more suitable for town. Will be on the lookout in the shops and on line for a spectacular top.

8 Sylvia

Thanks Elaine and good luck with finding the perfect leggings and tops!

9 Alice - Happiness at Mid Life

Both of these outfits are so perfect for holiday. I always love this vest on you.


Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

10 Sabina | Oceanblue Style

I agree with Elaine’s comment that you are showing how to wear them in style. And your Styling is really cool and elegant. Love the shape of your vest! But you also do not mind me dreaming about your background, do you? Thanks for not only shring useful Fashion advice as usual but also a Location to dream of! I have always been wearing leggins, love them, wear them all year round. my favorite pair is a grey, aminal print Adidas Version I got twice just because I love them so much. Sabina | Oceanblue Style

11 Greetje

Great wear, not only for holidays. You look very good in both. Lovely tunics which get the opportunity to shine.
I usually have trousers like these, but you might call them leggings too.

12 Petra

LOVE the black and white 🙂 That’s my style right there – black or white leggings with opposing coloured tunics. You look great 😀

13 dora

Nice one, another way to wear leggings

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