Black and white pattern mixing – Have you tried it yet?

by Sylvia

Pattern mixing with black and white

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

A while ago I wrote to you about my photography session with local photographer Leowell Gonzales, when I showed you my christmas outfit pictures. Here are some more images from that photoshoot, where I incorporated some more pattern mixing in my outfits.

black and white pattern mixing

There are 3 different things happening in this outfit: there is the animal print hat, the stripes of the top, the polkadots of the dress and the basic neutral of the first dress.  This works (in my opinion) because the colors are all similar. It’s actually not very difficult to do some pattern mixing with a basic color combination like black, white and a bit of red. In the picture below, I add a bit of more color to the mix by wearing the red hat as well.

a red hat

These are all garments from local retailers, which were bought at discount prices. My striped top has already proved to be very versatile as it can be worn with many outfits. I thought the cream jersey dress would be a good basic to mix with some of my other clothes. The polkadot jersey dress can be worn in many situations as well. As a beach dress by itself, a long top over leggings or pants, and, as shown here, as a dress over a dress.

polkadot dress

cream and black

Pattern mixing can be fun and it’s pretty easy when you stick to the same kind of colors. Of course it gets really interesting if you mix different colors and patterns!

Cream dress: Chocolate Mousse
Polkadot dress: Mixsense

Thanks again to Leowell Gonzales for a wonderful photoshoot!

Have you tried pattern mixing yet and is it a trend you like?

1 lissy

I love it! The mix of patterns is great and the pairing with the red shoe is fab!

2 Sylvia

Thanks Lissy!

3 Kim,USA

That looks very beautiful on you!!

The Vest

4 Sylvia

Thanks Kim!

5 Terri

This is an ingenious look! I love the large size of the stripe and the polka dots (the cover-up is the one item of this outfit I might add to my shopping list) and just a touch of color. Very, very striking.

6 Sylvia

Thanks Terri. Yes, I love adding the red with black and white..

7 Suzanne

You make this look so easy! I want to try pattern mixing and this inspires me. I do think it is best to use the same colors in all of your pieces – at least to start. You can add an accent with the accessories like you did with the hat and beautiful shoes. 🙂
These photographs are excellent! The background is perfect – colorful and graphic.

8 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne. Some more photos from this photo shoot coming up on Wednesday!


Loving your pattern mixing, so up my alley.

10 Sylvia

Thanks for the feedback!

11 Paula

Had a ball with pattern mixing over the last year. Had never done it before. Love trying all colors. textures and patterns. Sometimes its not what you would expect to work. all of yours work well! And love the layering also.

12 Sylvia

Thanks Paula. I think we can still do it for another season at least!

13 Glamamom

These photos are amazing! I love the mix of patterns with red shoe. Fabulous!

14 Sylvia

Thank you. It’s always a lot of fun to do a photo shoot on location!

15 Debbi

I really like all the looks you put together. The hats and shoes are so cool.

16 Sylvia

Thanks Debbi!

17 All Things Chic

LOVE! That looks fab – interesting and eye-catching without being busy.
And those red pops of color are terrific!

18 Sylvia

Thanks for stepping by and thanks for the thumbs up of my look!

19 Zalina

What an awesome outfit. You can create so many different outfits with each item. Pattern mixing is the best in keeping your style fresh, vibrant and original. In your outfit, you’ve done some great layering!

20 Sylvia

Thanks Zalina. I agree, get some nice patterns in similar colors and mix and match. Great for having a different outfit every day!

21 Jeannie

I LOVE this look! It has to be one of my favorite looks from you. Just gorgeous!

22 Sylvia

Thanks Jeannie!

23 Robert

Love your outfit! Their are so many different combinations you can create when you properly mix patterns together. The hat and those red shoes really bring out the outfit.. Great Look!

24 Sylvia

Thanks Robert!

25 Alex Elizabeth

I love this pattern mixing! I just bought a polka dot scarf with stripes around the edges!

26 Sylvia

Thanks. Have fun with your new scarf!

27 megan, the frugalista diaries

love this print mixing!

28 Sylvia

Thanks Megan!

29 Bella

Stripes and polka dots, could it get more fun than that?

30 Sylvia

It’s indeed fun. 2 of the most classic patterns and so easy to mix!

31 Jean of all Trades

I love this look! I have to say, as much as I like pattern mixing, it doesn’t come naturally to me. I work at it. I’ve tried a few times (successfully I hope). Your B&W post has inspited me to try it again. It’s been a few months…

32 Sylvia

Thanks Jean. It is a fun process. Have a look at what’s already in your closet and try new things. Every time I make the time and try new things of my closet, I discover a new outfit. It’s always fun and when you photograph your looks, you always learn something as well. Have fun mixing!

33 deedee

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this mixing of patterns on you. Gorgeous!

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