Black and white chic on a budget

by Sylvia

Wearing black and white patterns

Here are a few more photos from my photo shoot with Leowell Gonzalez. This time wearing just my cream dress and my black and white patterned shirt. Of course you will remember this top from my black, white, red and hat pattern mixing article. Here the top is worn in a simpler and white chic

All photos by Leowell Gonzales

Any feedback always welcome!

1 Suzanne

This outfit is sophisticated and refined. I love how the top drapes over the slim dress and the colors are elegant. I am thinking that pattern mixing and wearing bright colors (especially together) is a very fun but more casual look while the black and white is more formal. Your accessories add to the formality too. I learned a lot from this photo shoot. 🙂
Your ring is gorgeous! I collect Kate Spade cocktail rings – the bigger the better. I have small hands but love a large ring. I got a navy one before Christmas but now want a yellow one that is shaped very much like yours.

2 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne. I love big rings too but don’t often wear rings. Should do it more.

3 Heather Fonseca

Gorgeous! I love the draped top over the slim skirt. It’s classic and elegant yet unexpected and kind of sexy too. I like all your looks but I would wear that whole outfit just the way you have it.

4 Sylvia

Thanks Heather. You have kind of summed up what I want my style to be!

5 Robert

Love the outfit! I especially like that drapped top over the dress.

6 Sylvia

Thanks Robert!

7 Orangies Attic

Just stumbled upon your site… love it!!! I’m 46 and seems most fashion bloggers are half my age… will be back for more! Come see what I’m wearing today if you have a chance… Orangies Attic

8 Sylvia

Thanks! Will do.

9 Jeannie

Beautiful photos….beautiful you! I just love this look SO much!

10 Sylvia

Thanks so much Jeannie

11 Bella

Swooning over your lovely hat.

12 Sylvia

Thanks Bella

13 The Style Crone

Stunning in every photo, peering out from beneath that magnificent hat!

14 Sylvia

Thanks Judith!

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