Discover the thriving 40+ bloggers community and the 40+ Style stars!

by Sylvia

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Have you checked out the 40+ bloggers community page recently?

There are now more than 450 bloggers listed and I’m still adding new ones every week!

The 40+ blogging community is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

The community page is super handy if you want to find out which 40+ women are blogging in your country or state. Just click on the little arrows on the ‘country’ column and reorganise the table.

You can also sort every other column.

40+ Style Stars!

Another great place to find fabulous 40+ bloggers is to check all the bloggers that have been interviewed for my style interview series.

I created a handy table that lists all interviewees and their specific area of expertise. All of them are worth reading and offer lots of inspiration!

BloggerCountry Topic
Alice US (CA)How to rock a pencil skirt
AliciaUSHow to look stylish in a wheelchair
AnaUS (CO)How to look fabulous and support your local industry
AngieUS (WA)How to mix modern and trendy with classic style
AnjaNetherlandsHow to have fun with accessories
AnnUSHow to look both elegant and colorfully arty after 40
AnneUS (MI)How to wear scarves
AnnetteGermanyHow to look sophisticated and corporate yet modern and hip
BellaUS (WA)How to dress like a true individual
BeverlyUSHow to look modern and hip after 40 using mainly mass brands
CamillaUSHow to dress with prints, color and transparancy
CatherineUKHow to wear color un abundance
Dawn LucyUSHow to have fun with fashion
DebbieUS (CA)How to shop less and get a better wardrobe
DeborahAustraliaHow to look great in black and white
DelilahUS (CO)Fabulous style has no size or age limit!
DestiSingaporeThe importance of a bag to your style
GeorgetteUS (PA)How to dress for the curvy body type
GlendaUSHow to look effortlessly chic
GreetjeNetherlandsHow to have fun with fashion
HeatherUS (CA)How to feel confident with your own body
JeannieUSHow to look great in neutrals and look effortlessly chic
JosephineUK and FranceHow to look chic at any age
JudithUS (MO)How to look amazing in hats
KristinUK (Scotland)How to get your own unique style
LatreniaUS (FL)How to embrace your beautiful natural hair
LisaUS (CA)How to mix subtle color with classic and tomboy elements
LissyUS (MA)How to mix classical with modern and designer brands with high street
MariaNetherlandsHow to become a model after 40
MelanieCanadaHow to be more creative with your outfits
MongsSingaporeHow to dress on a budget
NicoleUS (AK)How to dress for cold weather
NoraUS (CA)How to wear a jacket
PattiUS (MI)How to stay visible and consistent in your style
PaulineUSHow to find great tops for women over 40
SouriAustraliaHow to express yourself with beautiful photography
SueUSHow to create your unique style by sewing your own clothes
SusanUS (CA)How to look great in neutrals
SuzanneCanadaHow to look quirky and have fun with fashion
TrinaUS (UT)How to have fun with fashion and style
TziporahUS (NY)How to embrace yourself and become an artful dresser


Is there anyone you would like to see interviewed here that has not yet been featured?

You can now nominate your favorite style star and I will consider it. Although you can nominate anyone (not just bloggers), I will need (access to) good quality full-body shots for each interviewee. Please make sure to add an url to the nominee’s website or images (you could upload to a service like Flickr) so I can consider your nomination.

Nominate a style star

  • Why do you think she has fabulous style or should be included in the style series? What do you think she excels at?
  • If your nominee does not have a website, please let me know the email address where I can contact her.
  • Optional but if included, I can thank you and send you an update when your style star will be featured.

Of course, if you are a 40+ blogger and like to be part of the community list,  just submit your details through the form on the 40+ community page. I will then add you as soon as I can.

I continue to enjoy being part of this fabulous group of inspiring women every day!

If you are a reader what do you enjoy about reading blogs?

If you are a blogger, what do you enjoy about creating blog posts?


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1 Suzanne

Your website is where I found most of the bloggers I follow now. So thanks for taking the time to create and maintain this wonderful resource.

I enjoy reading other blogs to get different perspectives on a number of topics. Also I like to laugh so any blog that makes me laugh is always at the top of my list.

What do I enjoy most about making a blog post? 99% of the time I have no idea what I’m going to write and I discover it along the way. Most of the time I go in a direction I never thought about before I started to write the post. It is a form of self discovery and a unique creative outlet.



2 Greetje Kamminga

Lovely list. I wanted to nominate a few you have not yet featured, but your request for really good photos got in the way. Some of the ones I follow are good in styling but not that good in photo taking. I know that is important for 40+Style.

And I love blogging because of the whole process. The thinking, the arranging the photoshoot, the picking of the photos and then the story, which I improve ten times before publishing.


3 Alice - Happiness at Mid Life

Thank you Sylvia for putting this list together. I love that each one blog is so different even if it’s fashion related.

For reading blogs, I love blogs that offer a little glimpse into a person’s personality and it’s not just a blog with beautiful pictures.

As blogger, I have really enjoyed participating in various theme challenges because it helps me to use what’s in my closet. I tend to be one that grabs my favorites over and over though I have a closet full of clothes.



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