I never finished my series of our trip to Namibia (for earlier articles see part 1, part 2 and part 3), so here are some final pictures of that holiday.

In the last days we visited an area that is called Sossusvlei. It’s one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas in the world. 

Here is some of the scenery driving towards Sossusvlei.

sossusvlei (1 of 9)opt

I changed my khaki shirt for some flowers.

sossusvlei (1 of 4)opt

Unfortunately we did not get to see the most spectacular parts of Sossusvlei (hard to believe that it can get even more stunning than this).

We miscalculated the time it would take to get to the heart of it and did not take the 5 pm closure of the park into account!

Still, we managed to climb the highest dune and were able to take in the beauty of this vast area.

Does not look like much of a dune from this angel, but believe me, it takes quite a bit of effort to climb to the top.

sossusvlei (2 of 9)opt

sossusvlei (2 of 4)opt

sossusvlei (8 of 9)opt  sossusvlei (7 of 9)opt sossusvlei (4 of 9)opt

sossusvlei (9 of 9)opt

It was actually very cold and windy up that dune and I had put on an extra shirt. My husband said it did not really make for such a good picture though…

sossusvlei (4 of 4)opt

So obligingly I took it off…

sossusvlei (3 of 4)opt

sossusvlei (5 of 9)opt

Going down the dune is a whole lot easier!

sossusvlei (3 of 9)opt

We had an amazing time in Namibia and I still have very fond memories.

Have you planned a travel adventure?



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