It’s wise to write travel reports as soon as possible after returning from you holidays. It’s already been a while so before I before I forget even more about my trip, here are some photos from our stay in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay in Namibia.

We travelled by car to Swakopmund for our next stop in our Namibian trip after visiting Etosha Park.

On our first day there we visited what is called moon valley an area of the Namib desert, about 30km east of Swakopmund. It’s not hard to see why it’s called the moon valley when looking at the pictures and the area provides many breathtaking views.

moon valley Namib desert Namibia, Africa |

It’s incredible how some vegetation can still survive in this hot and dry climate…

Namib desert Namibia, Africa |

It was very cold in Swakopmund in the morning as the town is often covered by a cold mist at that time. I left our hotel with multiple layers on. However, when we travelled out of the mist and into the desert, it was really hot! My shorts and t-shirt would have been better here.

wearing jeans and long sleeved t-shirt |

Wearing a printed t-shirt in the Namib desert |

For lunch we stopped at Goanikontes Oasis which is a surprising little spot of green among the vast desert.

Goanikontes Oasi Namib desert, Namibia |

They even had lamas there!

lamas |

And a peacock…

peacock |

A bit further on we saw some ostriches…

ostriches in Namib Desert |

On that same day we also travelled to Cape Cross Reserve where there are thousands of seals laying around.

Seal in Cape Cross Reserve Namibia |

It’s incredibly how many seals there are here. Many on the beach but just as many in the water.

Seals at Cape Cross Reserve |

Imagine the noise all these animals make! So loud. And the smell! In fact the smell was so bad that my cousin almost got sick and fled back into the car. It took her days to get rid of the smell completely.

Seals resting at Cape Cross Reserve in Namibia |

By this time we were back in the mist and it was cold! Seldom have I experienced a bigger change of temperature in one day. A winter jacket would have been very welcome. Instead I put on several layers and a light jacket. You can forget about good hair here!

Dressed for cold weather |

A lone jackal, perhaps looking for some food?

lone jackal Namib Desert |

Just one of the other views we passed…

Scenery of the Namib desert |

The next day we passed by Walvis Bay where I was mesmerised by the beautiful pink flamingoes.

Pink flamingoes |

Stunning and beautiful when they stand. But even more colorful as they fly. They don’t want you to come too close…

pink flamingoes about to fly |

and they quickly fly away …

pink flamingoes spreading their wings |

When you keep a safe distance though, they are very relaxed…

pink flamingoes on the beach |

And just enjoy strolling on the beach…

pink flamingoes in Walvis Bay, Namibia |

We had a fabulous few days in Swakopmund. Still one travel report to come when I will tell you about our experience in the Sossusvlei!

Which country is on your wish list to travel to?


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