Although I’m spending most of my holidays in The Netherlands this year, we had one special week reserved for Namibia. Me and my husband had been there 20 years ago and the country made such an impression that we wanted to go back and share the beauty with our son. Our other companions were my brother and my cousin.

We started our trip in Etosha Park, a place where many of Africa’s fabulous animals roam free. We spent 3 days there and believe it our not these photos are all from our first day. As I lived in South Africa for a while I’ve been on quite a few safaris but I never spotted so many animals in one day.

A dear in Etosha Park Namibia |

One reason for that may be is that we were travelling in the African winter. Namibia is very dry that time of year so many of the animals gathered around waterholes in the park.

We spotted these elephants at one of the waterholes and thought we would see many more after that. It turns out that we ware very lucky to spot so many that day. We rarely spotted elephants any more and  never saw more than 4 elephants together after that.

Elephants in Etosha Park Namibia |

A group of elephants in Etosha Park Namibia |

A group of elephants and zebras in Etosha Park Namibia |

Elephants at the waterhole |

You would think you would see more of them on such vast areas as these as elephants are so big. But this park is huge so even elephants can easily hide…

zebras in Etosha Park, Namibia, Africa |

Admiring the animals in Etosha Park Namibia |

Beautiful Etosha Park Namibia |

Many beautiful birds too..

Birdspotting in Etosha Park Namibia |

Colorful bird in Etosha Park Namibia |

And of course the stunningly beautiful giraffe.

Giraffes in perfect synchronisation |

A gorgeous giraffe in Etosha Park Namibia |


Ostriches in Etosha Park Namibia |

A bird in its nest |

A special bird in Etosha Park Namibia |

As I had walked freely amongst the animals 20 years ago (I’m still scared though when I think of that!) we thought we could just get out and take a few pictures in this open area. Surely we would spot the lion before he could attack?

Instead we were spotted by a park guard who was not amused and reprimanded us for not reading the park’s guidelines. We were not allowed to get out of our car except for designated (and fenced) picknick areas. A bit embarrassed we quickly got back into our car!

What I wore in Etosha Park, Namibia, Africa |

I did get a picture of my outfit though. Old safari style pants from many, many years ago. Later in the day I changed to shorts as the weather in Namibia during winter changes by the hour but I will discuss that on another day.

I took so many beautiful pictures that I could not share it in one article either so I will share some more photos of our time in Etosha Park on another day.

Have you been on safari? Did you enjoy it? What did you wear?


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