Exploring the beauty of Amsterdam by boat & how to dress for a boat trip!

by Sylvia

Discovering Amsterdam by boat and how to dress for a boat trip

I’m back in Singapore and am left with lots of beautiful memories and photos from my holidays to sort through. I still want to share more photos of my trip to Namibia as I promised earlier, as well as some more photos taken inside my house, but first let’s start with some images from an outing that is still fresh in my mind.

As I told you last week, there was a special visitor over from Canada, Suzanne Carillo, and together with my blogging buddies and real-life friends Anja en Greetje, we had several fun get-togethers. One of them was this special day on the water in Amsterdam.

Greetje’s husband, Ron, is the proud owner of a boat and he was very kind to show us around.

optboatinginamsterdam (2 of 8)

As you can see Suzanne was very grateful…

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We had another special guest too: Charlie. Ron’s dog.

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How to dress for a boat trip?

Husband and wife were dressed in true nautical style….

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While Suzanne opted for a casual sexy look.

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Anja opted for white leggings with a printed tunic…..

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while I chose my trusted white capris with an old lila linen tunic….

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Perhaps not the smartest choice if you don’t want to appear all wrinkled up in the boat….

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The boat is one of my favorite ways to explore Amsterdam, certainly on a beautiful day like this. Me and my husband together with some friends used to own a much smaller boat than this when I was still living in Amsterdam and we would take it on regular outings in summer through Amsterdam.

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Since Amsterdam is built on water there are many places to go. You can go along some of the main canals in the center like Singel, Herengracht and Prinsengracht…

optboatinginamsterdam (2 of 39)

optboatinginamsterdam (4 of 39)

optboatinginamsterdam (12 of 39)


optboatinginamsterdam (13 of 39)

travel through the infamous red-light district….

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Admire all the people you meet along the way…

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and join in the fun of a bachelor party….

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spot some animals…

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or go to the newly developed dock and warehouse areas.

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optboatinginamsterdam (29 of 39)

optboatinginamsterdam (28 of 39)

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where there is plenty new and interesting architecture. In this street owners could each design their own home.

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Get off the boat in the Jordaan area and take a break for a delicious apple pie with cream….

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then get back on and spot plenty of bridges.

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A few churches…

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a couple of windmills…

optboatinginamsterdam (33 of 39)

a boat from a bygone area in front of the Scheepvaart museum…

optboatinginamsterdam (36 of 39)

the futuristic science museum called Nemo…

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or spot some animals in Amsterdam’s zoo: Artis.

By boat you discover areas that you would not normally see and often it’s difficult to know where you are exactly.

It’s easier to admire the beautiful houses and architecture….

optboatinginamsterdam (7 of 8)

like the Amsterdam Opera building, The Stopera.

optboatinginamsterdam (9 of 39)

One of Amsterdam’s newer buildings…

optboatinginamsterdam (26 of 39)

the old Central Station…

optboatinginamsterdam (14 of 39)

or a special artwork.

optboatinginamsterdam (37 of 39)

Then have a lovely diner at a restaurant where you can park you boat Pont 13….

boatinginamsterdam (2 of 2)

cuddle with eachother….

optboatinginamsterdam (1 of 39)

and admire a stylish lady ….

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Ron then dropped us off at the Central Station from where we could head to our car and get back home.

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Needless to say that we had a magnificent day. A big thank you to the wonderful Ron who coped with 4 women for the whole day and took us around. It is a day I will never forget!

 Do you enjoy boating? What would you wear for a boat trip?


All photos taken by yours truly except those with me in it which are mostly taken by Anja and one by Ron.


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It’s so nice to posts about blogging friends meeting in real life. It looks like you ladies had a fabulous time!



We really did!

Greetje Kamminga

Great post Sylvia…. such fond memories too. It was indeed a splendid day. A splendid week.


that’s also the beauty of taking photos. We will remember it always.

suzanne galloway

Wondetful photos….women having fun and enjoying the day!


Thanks. We sure did!


Thank you so much for the wonderful photos of Amsterdam. I hope to visit the city in the future. It is wonderful to see good friends laughing and enjoying life. As to what to wear on a boat one has to consider if the sun will be a factor and dress for that. I like layers in case the weather changes during the trip. Clothes that will dry quickly if they happen to get wet are handy as are shoes with traction so you don’t slip when getting in and out. Your group looked very stylish, yet practical!



You’re welcome Elaine. Yes, I can highly recommend Amsterdam. Such a beautiful city….


Great post! And truly a fantastic day. What fun.

I miss you all : ( including Ron and Charlie.



Miss you too Suzanne. Hope you’re settling in ok. I’m still getting back into things as jetlag is always hard to get over when coming back from The Netherlands




Thanks Denton! Have you visited Amsterdam yet?


Looks like a fabulous day, so fun to see!

blue hue wonderland


Glad you enjoyed the images Ann!


Wonderful post, brilliant photos and lovely happy company. You girls know how to have fun together…………………..FABULOUS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Yes we all like to laugh and be a bit crazy….


Looks like you all had an awesome time, my husbando Bob & me loved Amsterdam.
I would love to visit there when the Tulips are in bloom.
Regards Ally.


Yes spring and summer are both great times to visit Amsterdam!


I enjoyed the story and photos of your fabulous day Sylvia. I like a woman who knows how to have fun! Over the years, I’ve visited Amsterdam four times and it’s so nice to go back there once again through your photos. My best girlfriend here in Melbourne is a Dutchie! We often talk about their height and good looks, prowess in design & art, progressive social and cultural views, the amazing blooms and their strength in so many sports. Do you live in Singapore permanently and go back to Amsterdam to visit…..or how does it work for you? Regards. Deb


More crazy pics to follow Deb! The dutch sure are tall (I always feel rather small in The Netherlands). My permanent base is Singapore but I always go back to The Netherlands in summer.

Pam (Grey is the New Black)

I would love to visit there someday! It looks like you had a wonderful time!


Definitely can recommend it. It’s beautiful!

Anja van der Vorst

A great article and pictures of indeed a lovely day. The weather was perfect, and so was the canal cruising, the company and sweet doggie Charlie. One of the highlights of that week.


Yes many fond memories 🙂

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