How I love good-hair days! Easily achieved when you pay a visit to the hairdresser. I had to go and visit a new stylist this time so I took Greetje’s recommendation and visited Rob Peetoom where hairstylist Linda did a good job with my hair color and cut. I’m still letting it grow so there were only a few adjustments made but my hair has slightly more shape now.


Since my good-hair days are so few lately, of course I had to take the opportunity to take a few photographs to remember the event. It is also a good opportunity to show you a few more interior decoration photos of my house. I was not kidding you before when I told you I had all my chairs in different colors!


My colorful new skirt by Preen that I scored in the shops at 70% off fits the house perfectly. It fits me like a glove and has a very high waist. This means that I can now wear it with a cropped top! I have been trying to find one that I like but no luck sofar. I did manage to find a fuchsia blouse which will make this outfit even more colorful. I’m sure I will wear it the next time this skirt gets an outing.

This lady ensures that I’m not the only poser in the house!


My new bright fuchsia suede pumps are just perfect for this skirt although I have also worn it with my white flat slingbacks.


My courtyard is small and on this day very sunny so very difficult to take a good photograph. As you can tell, I’m not much of a gardener either….


I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with this skirt both here and in Singapore.


Skirt: Preen
Shoes: Hoegl
Top: Cos
Necklace: Tara Locklear



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