preen colorful flower skirt in a house full of color

by Sylvia

preen colorful flower skirt in a house full of color

How I love good-hair days! Easily achieved when you pay a visit to the hairdresser. I had to go and visit a new stylist this time so I took Greetje’s recommendation and visited Rob Peetoom where hairstylist Linda did a good job with my hair color and cut. I’m still letting it grow so there were only a few adjustments made but my hair has slightly more shape now.


Since my good-hair days are so few lately, of course I had to take the opportunity to take a few photographs to remember the event. It is also a good opportunity to show you a few more interior decoration photos of my house. I was not kidding you before when I told you I had all my chairs in different colors!


My colorful new skirt by Preen that I scored in the shops at 70% off fits the house perfectly. It fits me like a glove and has a very high waist. This means that I can now wear it with a cropped top! I have been trying to find one that I like but no luck sofar. I did manage to find a fuchsia blouse which will make this outfit even more colorful. I’m sure I will wear it the next time this skirt gets an outing.

This lady ensures that I’m not the only poser in the house!


My new bright fuchsia suede pumps are just perfect for this skirt although I have also worn it with my white flat slingbacks.


My courtyard is small and on this day very sunny so very difficult to take a good photograph. As you can tell, I’m not much of a gardener either….


I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with this skirt both here and in Singapore.


Skirt: Preen
Shoes: Hoegl
Top: Cos
Necklace: Tara Locklear


1 lissy

Love love love the skirt! And your home is so fun and colorful!

2 Sylvia

Thanks Lissy!

3 Ann

I’ve looked at this skirt online and pinned it, so good. You look great and the whole outfit isperfect. I love the shoes and necklace. Great haircut and such good color. Your home feels so much like how I imagine you to be!

blue hue wonderland

4 Sylvia

Funny. Suzanne told she pinned this skirt too. I must say, it’s a great skirt. More coming up on Monday!

5 Alice - Happiness at Mid Life

This is such a great skirt, can see you styling it in so many color combinations. Love how bright an airy your home is.


6 Sylvia

Thanks Alice. Yes you could really pick any kind of color in the skirt!

7 Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

OH! Your home is ah-mazing Sylvia! I LOVE it! Love the colour, love the white, love the art! Love it all! And YOU! You look fabulous in this outfit, right from your new haircut down to those gorgeous fuchsia shoes! Beautiful!

8 Sylvia

Thanks Sue. Yes this house would be right up your alley with all the color!

9 Deb

Don’t be offended, but my eyes went immediately to your art. Love your art and how good does it look on those white walls. Fabulous! Are they your works? The outfit looks good too. The skirt, with those shoes and that top, perfect. Liking your hair too. A really nice photo shoot Sylvia. Thanks.

10 Sylvia

Not offended at all Deb. My art works are quite the show stealers. They are from an artist from Bali but I bought them here in Holland.

11 denton

great house, decor, and outfit!

12 Sylvia

Thanks Denton!

13 Petra

Your hair looks great – and the outfit is so fresh and fun looking! It must be the different lighting being inside but you look really “healthy”? if that’s the way to describe it! 🙂

14 Sylvia

I guess a good-hair day also makes your skin glow!

15 Petra

I also wanted to say your artwork is amazing – makes sense now why you choose the necklaces that you do 😉

16 Sylvia

Thanks Petra!

17 Patti

Gorgeous home, skirt and hairstyle, Sylvia! Love those chairs. xo

18 Sylvia

Thanks Patti!

19 Natalia

You look absolutely charming in this outfit, Sylvia, and your home has the same charming, playful and fresh vibe about it as your outfits! 🙂

20 Sylvia

Thanks. It’s definitely reflected in this particular outfit!

21 Rita

Your house is so light and bright! So pretty! And I love the skirt and shoes. I would totally wear both! Your hair is super cute, too. Excellent photo shoot. 🙂

Oh, and I have to tell you I have purchased…wait for it…several bracelets!! Me, the no jewelry gal! 😀 I got them at a cute little boutique that I discovered on a business trip to Los Angeles last month. I will try to take some photos of them for the forum.

22 Sylvia

Wow. How nice Rita! Yes showing us pictures would be great!

23 Pauline

Your Home And Artwork Are Fabulous. Love The Skirt, Looking Forward To Seeing It With Fuchia Blouse.

24 Sylvia

Coming up Sunday evening US time!

25 Greetje Kamminga

What a beautiful post! You looking all bright and cheerful with the perfect clothes on, against the perfect background. Absolutely love everything. You know I love your house and art and the skirt and the necklace. Great that you found such bright shoes to go with it. I so like fuchsia shoes.
It is great to have you around here in The Netherlands.

26 Sylvia

Thanks Greetje. It’s so nice to be here and having you around too. Very much looking forward to tomorrow!

27 Gracey the Giant

Wonderful look. I love the bits of color and especially the bright shoes.

28 Sylvia

Thanks Gracey!

29 Suzanne

Well I can say that I loved that skirt when I pinned it but I love it even more on you next to all that great art. These photos look like a fashion shoot. Nice when your house looks like it is out of a magazine.

I am in love with the pink shoes too.

Although I like it with the white blouse I am a sucker for colour and preferred the outfit with the pink top, which I guess you will be featuring on another post soon : )


30 Ros

I love everything about this post….the outfit, the décor….but what has attracted me the most is the colour! I also pinned the skirt like several of your followers and am unlikely to buy as the price is way too high. I am more likely to purchase your necklace so please post details of this little beauty. Many thanks.

31 Sylvia

Thanks Ros! I got the skirt at 70% off, perhaps you can get lucky too…. As for the necklace, it’s by designer Tara Locklear, I bought it in this San Francisco shop a year ago.

32 Terry Murphy

You look amazing in that outfit, but I have to say that the top would make me appear to be overweight. I have an athletic build with large shoulders, developed arms, and small waist and hips. Clothing that defines my waistline slightly is what saves me from looking top heavy.

But again, that outfit suits you and is charming and youthful!

33 Sylvia

Thanks Terry. Yes I know this top is not for everyone. You will probably like this combination better with an accent on the waist!

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