Trying something new with a fuchsia puffed sleeve blouse on white!

by Sylvia

Trying something new with a fuchsia puffed sleeve blouse on white!

When I bought my Preen skirt, I immediately thought of wearing if with fuchsia. This is a color I had been wanting to try for a while and it would be perfect with the Preen skirt.

I was initially thinking of a crop top. Since the skirt was so high waisted I thought it would be perfect. However, I never succeeded in finding one.

What I did find were two other blouses. I could not decide which shirt I liked best and since they were both on sale and very affordable I bought both.

I already showed you my other fuchsia blouse here. This one is very casual and can also be worn as a short tunic on the beach. Very light and breezy so perfect for the Singapore weather.

Mixing fuchsia and white |

This blouse is from Ralph Lauren, a brand I have never worn before. The blouse caught my eye as it was exactly the color I wanted and I thought the stripe on it was fun. I have never been a fan of a puffed sleeve but I thought I try on the blouse anyway.

It’s definitely different from what I usually wear but I liked the look, the color and the price so I decided to take it home with me.

It actually looks pretty good with the Preen skirt too and creates a mixed prints look which is still very modern.

Today I’m wearing it with my Zara skirt and Hoegl fuchsia shoes. Together it creates a simple modern/classical look that I really enjoy.

Classical modern in fuchsia and white |

In the evening and for events I will wear it with my fuchsia pumps but when I’m going to walk a lot I choose these comfortable flats by Tom’s.

striped shoes from Toms |

I was tempted by them on a small street in Amsterdam as they were fun and comfortable. Turns out they are perfect to wear with my new fuchsia tops and are great for those days when I want to walk a lot.

Combining my long a-line white skirt with a fuchsia blouse and sandals by toms |

So there you go. Who would have thought that I would wear a puffed blouse by Ralph Lauren? Sometimes you just need to try out new things and see if they work. What you see, may just surprise you!

Ralph Lauren blouse and Zara skirt |

Blouse: Ralph Lauren
Skirt: Zara
Pumps: Hoegl
Flat sandals: Tom’s (there is also a platform wedge version of these shoes on sale)

How adventurous are you in trying out new things?


1 Deb

Oh Sylvia….more fabulous art!!!! This shirt is a perfect match for your outfit, so cool and summery and your flats are a fabulous option too. I’d love to have a pair of those sandals! Glad you are happy with your finds.

2 Sylvia

Thanks you Deb. Yes these sandals are fun and super comfortable!

3 Suzanne

I really love this look, but I think I told you that already.

I like that vibrant colour by your face.

Great shots in your living room : )


4 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne. Yes my Dutch house is a great photo shoot location!

5 Pauline

Love It All. Blouse, Artwork, Skirt, Sandals, The Lot.

6 Sylvia

Thanks Pauline

7 Patti

So pretty – and the shoes are fabulous. xox

8 Sylvia

Thanks Patti. Fun, hip and comfortable. What more do I really need!

9 myemptybag

You have chosen a really nice option. I like both blouses but what I really love are these coloured sandals!

great post!


10 Sylvia

Yes, they turned out be a good buy. I have worn them a lot already…

11 Ann

Nice Sylvia, the magenta is fab with this skirt. Seeing your home in bold color is so great. Love the shoes too.

blue hue wonderland

12 Sylvia

Glad you like my house Ann. I will show you some more pictures later.

13 Lisa

Are puffed blouses really “in” again? My entire high school wardrobe was dominated by the puffy sleeve and while I thought it looked FABULOUS at the time, I’m not sure that I want to go back there. (Some day, maybe I’ll be brave and share my senior picture. Puffy sleeves, ruffles, mullet haircut… Lord have mercy.)

I have to say I like this blouse, on YOU.

14 Sylvia

No definitely not. But sometimes you just have to do something else and defy the trends….

15 Greetje Kamminga

I absolutely love this blouse. It creates a very attractive outfit with this skirt and the heels. The background of your fantastic living room is vibrant and fun. Makes you happy. The flat shoes are fun but I would never wear them with a skirt this length. Oh well, you know me, not exactly a lover of flat shoes anyway.

16 Sylvia

Yes, the flat shoes are a bit tricky, but oh so comfortable and fun so I wear them with this skirt anyway. To my eye it’s flattering enough…. I miss my bright living room colors!

17 Ana from Mrs. American Made

I love this look! For my world it would have to be a Spring or Summer look, but I enjoy seeing it since we are on to darker warmer more Fall attire here already! Beautiful!

18 Sylvia

Thanks Ana. For a colder climate you could just add a jacket. Would still look good!

19 Tammila Goodwin

They say pink makes us look younger, not that you need it Sylvia. I love this look its youthful and also retro. I am small but curvy if that makes ant sense and the circular skirt works well for my body typy. Although if you are 5’4″ or under you may want to shorten the skirt just a bit. I love this look keep up the awesome work Sylvia. You rock!

20 Sylvia

Thanks for your kind words Tammila. Yes, I think that when you are shorter long skirts can be trickier, but you may still be able to pull it off if the proportions of the rest of your outfit are adjusted. And yes, color works wonders over 40!

21 Jean

A perk up outfit!!! You look good in two options I did not think would work on your frame: the long and wider skirt and the puff sleeve.

Love your home color and your sandals like all of us. My question is would you wear a necklace or earrings or both with this outfit?

22 Sylvia

I think both could work well. I would keep the necklace very subtle and in my neck. Same with the earrings, little buds in my ears. I would keep to a maximum of 3 pieces with this outfit. As you see in the picture I’m hardly wearing anything here as I feel that the blouse is already quite outspoken and busy so not much jewelry needed.

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