I personally like to spend money on clothing but I hardly ever splurge.

I tend to stick to affordable brands and prefer to buy more expensive items in the sales.  If I truly indulge in an expensive piece, I need a special occasion to justify it.

But I generally do tend to buy items I really like to have. Luckily for me I simple don’t have the need for expensive diamond rings or clothes and bags from designer labels like Prada. Or perhaps I would like to have some clothes from Prada, but I simple feel that the price of those clothes is too excessive for what they are.

However, what I consider not splurging, another person that mainly shops at thrift shops or only buys items a few times a year, may consider my spending quite excessive indeed. So it’s all quite subjective.

If I say I don’t splurge I compare myself to some friends or people I know that spend way more than I do on clothes. But I’m sure there are plenty of people (like my own husband) who spend considerably less on clothing and accessories.

I think each of us seems to have their own individual threshold. It has to do with our income level of course, but also with our own personal belief of how much we should spend on clothing.

Is it worth it to spend (a lot of) money on clothes? Will it make me feel happier? Or am I really just indulging and buying to satisfy another need?

One way that I try to control my spending is to closely examine everything in my closet before I decide on a new piece. Do I have similar items already? Do I really need this? How would this item enhance my wardrobe?

I also wear my nicest clothes whenever I go shopping and am only allowed to buy things that are nicer than what I have on.

As with everything in life, it comes down to finding the right balance.

As you know, I do think it’s very important that you spend on yourself and create a wardrobe with lots of wonderful things to wear. I believe that feeling good about yourself and the way you look will ultimately make you feel better as well.

But I also don’t believe in just spending for the sake of it. I think spending on clothing and fashion should be done with consideration and planning.

Sure there is a place and time for the spontaneous impulse buy. It should not become a habit, however.

As for myself, I probably buy more than I really need. I partly justify this as I am in the business of fashion with this blog and I spend comfortably within my means. I also know that clothes and the way I look are important to me. That’s just part of who I am. Always has been, always will be. I like to have something new and hip on a regular basis. That said, I do have to control myself as well. Just because I really like a certain unique design of a necklace does not mean I always have to have it. Sometimes, you can just admire it.

How do you feel about this topic?

  • What kind of spending type are you?
  • Do you save your pennies or are you happy to spend big?
  • Do you feel that it’s indulgent to spend too much on clothing?
  • Do you always buy the things that you really like?

I would love to read how you approach this topic. What kind of a shopper are you?


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