Is your house a reflection of your style?

by Sylvia

Is your house a reflection of your style? |

Although I have given you some glimpses of my house in The Netherlands, I never really showed you the whole picture. So here are a few  photos of my colorful house.

How much does this house say about me and my style? Do you recognise my style in this house?

Here is what I think are some of the similarities

  • I like clean lines
  • I like a lot of ‘white space’ and not too much clutter.
  • I prefer to add color with accessories or just one part of the outfit as an accent. In the house I do it mainly with paintings, chairs and one accent wall.
  • I love good design. Although you will not see high designer items in this house, all furniture still has a designer feel about it.
  • I like contemporry design.
  • I like to add warmth. In this house the wooden floors are the perfect base.
  • I like to have fun. Both my house and my clothing should not be too serious!

Of course this house is very much a work in progress. I only had a few weeks to put this together and make it a fun, liveable space. But even the house I live in currently is clean and devoid of too much furniture and clutter. I will take some pictures of its interiors soon so you have a look at that too.

Colorful house interior with lime green wall |

house with a white base and colorful paintings |

opthaarlemHouse (1 of 3)

Bright lime green wall in living room |

White kitchen with lime green wall | 40plusstyle.comColorful mix of chairs brightening up the room |

Does your house reflect your style?

If you have not yet fully identified your style persona, you may like to take some clues from your house interior style.

Do you see any similarities? What about your house would you like to see reflected in your personal style?

Is your house a reflection of your style?


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1 Irmin

hi Sylvia, I only had to look once at the first picture to see this is a Dutch interior! clean lines, lots of white, Some design, no cluster and one bright colour plus a Well choken piece of art. Could be mine, I would completely feel at home! a bit different of course, I have one huge orange wall and there is some clutter around from my boys. ( wording on that) great you showed us these pictures!


2 Sylvia

Glad you like it Irmin. I have already taken some pictures of my rented space in Singapore where you can see some dutch inspired interior but in a Singapore home. Keep watching this space!


3 Pauline

You Are Living In What Could Easily Be Mine. I Love It.


4 Sylvia

Thanks Pauline!


5 sjw

I really appreciate you discussing house style as it relates to fashion and overall personal style, Sylvia. I share a lot of your aesthetic — especially the clean lines and uncluttered look. I think it all keeps my mind clear and relaxed as well. I love your articles and thoughtful comments — I don’t miss a day.


6 Sylvia

Lovely to hear from you SJW. Yes I can relate to you saying that it keeps the mind uncluttered. Although I’m often fascinated by interiors that are a lot busier, I just know that I could not live in that space. Having an open cupboard full of ‘things’ is already quite ‘busy’ for me here!


7 Ann

I enjoy seeing your beautiful home Sylvia. Good modern design and I like the way you use color to highlight the architecture. Your house does feel much like the clean lines I see in your clothing choices.
Our house reflects more of my taste in art than my clothing. I love modern design but I live in a house from 1940 with original details so some modern is mixed the traditional things.

blue hue wonderland


8 Sylvia

I love older houses and mixing modern with the old design details of the house. This house too is more than 100 years old but has been renovated so now has quite a modern feel.


9 Jeannee Waseck

Very European – ty for sharing! I especially like the chair, the shelving, and the artwork.


10 Sylvia

Thanks Jeannee!


11 denton

I’d like to see if your closets are cluttered 🙂

Beautiful, and love the kitchen!


12 Sylvia

No, they are very organised 🙂


13 Greetje Kamminga

As you know I love your house, your interior. Both here and there. Could easily live there.
My house is a bit fuller and less white, but there are a lot of similarities.


14 Michaela

Funny, I’ve written a small report of my new home just a few days ago.
As you can see, I love black,in the House and with my clothes. Classic, something playful, a small pinch of kitsch and some color. Black is my favorite canvas.
With kind regards


15 Sylvia

Lovely interior Michaela!


16 Ellen

It is a wonderful setting. I do like it. I ‘see’ you in it. 🙂 I relate to al lot but I need a wee bit more ‘stuff/clutter’ as I’m messier. My own house is getting much closer to who I am as I identify all these aspects of style and when we move it will definitely be white, bright, more modern and less cluttered. thanks for sharing!


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