Although I have given you some glimpses of my house in The Netherlands, I never really showed you the whole picture. So here are a few  photos of my colorful house.

How much does this house say about me and my style? Do you recognise my style in this house?

Here is what I think are some of the similarities

  • I like clean lines
  • I like a lot of ‘white space’ and not too much clutter.
  • I prefer to add color with accessories or just one part of the outfit as an accent. In the house I do it mainly with paintings, chairs and one accent wall.
  • I love good design. Although you will not see high designer items in this house, all furniture still has a designer feel about it.
  • I like contemporry design.
  • I like to add warmth. In this house the wooden floors are the perfect base.
  • I like to have fun. Both my house and my clothing should not be too serious!

Of course this house is very much a work in progress. I only had a few weeks to put this together and make it a fun, liveable space. But even the house I live in currently is clean and devoid of too much furniture and clutter. I will take some pictures of its interiors soon so you have a look at that too.

house with a white base and colorful paintings |

opthaarlemHouse (1 of 3)

Bright lime green wall in living room |

Colorful house interior with lime green wall |

White kitchen with lime green wall | 40plusstyle.comColorful mix of chairs brightening up the room |

Does your house reflect your style?

If you have not yet fully identified your style persona, you may like to take some clues from your house interior style.

Do you see any similarities? What about your house would you like to see reflected in your personal style?

Is your house a reflection of your style?


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