Some of the best knee-high skirts available online now

by Sylvia

Some of the best knee-high skirts available online now

I love knee-high skirts and feel it’s a fabulous length for many women over 40. In fact I identified it as the best skirt length for women over 40 in an earlier article.

I was therefore very pleased to see that knee-high skirts were big on the spring 2014 runway shows this year (as well as for fall 2014). If that also translates in there being a lot of choice in the shops remains to be seen, but I did manage to find some great options online.


The most modern way to wear these skirts is to wear them with a jumper or a tucked in shirt combined with shooties or booties, but of course there are many other great options to wear skirts. You may like to take some inspiration from my recent looks with knee-high skirts as well: red skirt, yellow skirt, grey skirt and mustard skirt.

Here is a great selection of knee-high skirts that are available online right now.

Do you like the knee-high skirt? Which one is your favorite?


1 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I am so tickled to see knee-length skirts flourishing in the shops. There are some beauties here, thanks for sharing. xo

2 Ann

I love skirts like this. One of my favorite items of clothing especially the skirts with the ruffle on the bottom.

blue hue wonderland

3 fashmr Paul

Love this selection of skirts. the weekend Max Mara looks wonderful

4 Aileen Wrennall

Thanks Sylvia, great article. What’s the best length of top to wear with these skirts. I’m guessing a short jacket or tucked in top, or a longer top with a belt over it.
This is where I get confused about proportions and how the legs fit in, is the leg area 1/2 or 1/3 of the outfit?

5 Sylvia

I use a combination of both. For example today I was wearing a top over the skirt, which created a nice balance as it was 1/3 top, 1/3 skirt, 1/3 legs. It created a nice balance. Other times, I like to wear my tops tucked, which creates a nice 1/3 – 2/3 balance within the outfit. You could then count the whole outfit as 2/3 – 1/3 when you add the legs and shoes as well. Every top and every skirt is different, so it’s good to look at the proportions and lenghts. A slightly shorter or longer skirt can make a real difference. For example another top I wore yesterday is too long over the skirt, which takes the outfit out of proportion. I know all of you want to know more on this and I’m thinking of doing more photos or even create a video but at the moment I just can’t find the time. I promise I will touch upon this subject again in future though.
In terms of tops, currently wide boxy tops (but not too long) are very modern (an example of mine coming up in a week’s time). I also like tucked in shirts or sweaters. A peplum top can be great as well.

6 aileen

Brilliant, many thanks Sylvia; that’s great advice.

7 Lorraine

I am so glad Aileen asked this question because I have been pondering this with other readers (looking at you, Lisa Martin!) ! I am speaking for Lisa because I know she is reading articles but having problems commenting. We find it easy with trousers but skirts seem to be 1/2 and 1/2.

8 Sylvia

See my reply to Aileen above.

9 Lorraine

PS Are the flippy skirts (top right) ok for hourglass figures?

10 Sylvia

Yes I think they would look fabulous on many an hourglass woman.

11 Greetje

No matter how many times you explain these proportions, I still don”t get it. I am confused again when you say: “Other times, I like to wear my tops tucked, which creates a nice 1/3 – 2/3 balance within the outfit. You could then count the whole outfit as 2/3 – 1/3 when you add the legs and shoes as well. ”
It is also the little adding of bits of (different) colours and/or patters and/or lines of colours in between I find extremely difficult. Little additions to pull an outfit together and make it more special than just top, skirt, shoes.
I am a slow learner. Always have been too.

12 Aileen Wrennall

Ho! Ho! Greetje, I’m a slow learner too.

13 Sylvia

It’s not an exact science Greetje. Intuition and your eyes are still the main tools you should use while dressing. I will touch upon this topic again in future with clear(er) examples.

14 Marnell

Love them all. Its nice to finally see hemlines come down from the mini which for me can only be worn with tights and spring in Florida is not an option. My only lament is that I feel any hemline below my knee in a full skirt looks frumpy, with the exception of a pencil skirt. I only wear heels with any skirt but can’t get past this feeling. I love the breezy feel but hate how I look…..suggestions??

15 Sylvia

It’s really about how you wear them Marnell. A-line skirts look very young and hip when worn with boxy sweaters and booties for example. You can make a silk wide skirt very hip and chic by wearing it with a blousy button down shirt. If you still feel it’s frumpy, get your skirts slightly shorter. Perhaps top of knees or just above.

16 Rosetta

It would be great if there would be pics on how to dress casually in skirts for summer! 🙂

17 Deb

I would love yo wear more skirts but being 6feet tall, most of them are much too short. Dresses too–I wear pants because they are easier to find in tall sizes. I feel as if I dress for what I can fit in, not in my true style. I hate sewing. It has been helpful following some blogs I recently found, especially when there are photos of outfits with links to the stores, but again, I am limited in what I can choose.

18 Sylvia

Hi Deb. There are quite a few midi skirts in stores now. I just bought one at Zara that goes all the way the my calves so may be perfect length for you!

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