How to wear white shoes this summer

by Sylvia

How to wear white shoes |
Long gone are the days when white shoes were considered a major fashion faux pas. From the runways to street style, white shoes are becoming a staple for the perfect spring and summer closet.

Though it doesn’t appear to be a trend that will be disappearing soon, it is very easy to veer into looks that are reminiscent of a little girl wearing bright white patent shoes or a hospital clog staple.

With white shoes having their style moment, we show you five ways to perfectly capture the trend and add a chic spring and summer wardrobe staple to your look.

Ten on-trend white shoes we have our eye on

Different types of white shoes |


Here are five great reasons and ways to wear white shoes this season (and hopefully beyond)

Pull out the white tones in your look

How to wear white shoes for dimension |

White shoes can do a great job of brightening a multi-colored look, by pulling out the white tones in your ensemble. As you can see from our look above, a black shoe (while complementary) would have created a more somber look. A white shoe adds a fresh dimension to the look by highlighting the white tones.

Complement neutral and pastel tones

How to wear white shoes with neautrals and pastels |

We love the look of a white shoe with neutral or pastel tones. The look immediately becomes more fresh and somewhat unexpected. The neutral and pastel shades do a wonderful job of diminishing the starkness of the white shoe, while the white shoe provides a visually interesting effect that is both modern and almost minimal.

Ground bold looks

How to style white shoes with bold prints |

When paired with bold and punch graphic prints, your white shoes can have a grounding effect. It keeps the look more fresh than a pair of black shoes and stands out much more than a pair of nude shoes.

Create a crisp and modern contrast

Styling tips on how to wear white shoes |

A white shoe that deviates from a classic look can add a very modern tone to your look. Go with a visually interesting look by playing around with a textured shoe, and creating a stark contrast. We especially like this look when paired with an all black outfit. It’s absolutely effortless styling that translates quite well as a minimalist look.

Elongate your silhouette

How white shoes can make you look taller | 40plusstyle

You know how white pants are all the rage right now? The best way to guarantee a lengthening look is to match the shades of your bottoms and shoes. White on white, while bright, can actually look lengthening when you select the pants or skirts that best fit your shape and shoes that lengthen the leg as well.

As you may know I’m a huge fan of white shoes myself and they featured heavily in my looks for my recently create casual summer capsule.

Will you join the white shoe trend this season? If so, how do you plan on wearing it?



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1 Jodie filogomo

I should—they are the perfect neutral for summer, huh? Guess I need to go shopping!!


2 Sylvia

Hope you find the perfect ones Jodie!


3 Emma Peach

I’m glad it’s no longer considered naff to wear white shoes because they are flattering – they create a leg lengthening effect and look really fresh and cool in Summer. I’ll be digging mine out 🙂

Emma xxx


4 Sylvia

Yes I agree. Love my white shoes!


5 Deborah Boland

Glad to see they’re back because it’s nice to have choices, but they feel stark to me. Much prefer a nude shoe. Cheers, Deborah


6 Sylvia

Interesting how we are all different. I’ve only recently embraced nude shoes. I much prefer white with white pants.


7 Greetje

I have joined. Watch my post next Sunday. Found very cute white sandals. Low block heel. Although I don’t think I will keep them clean too long.
And I have ladylike white pumps, patent leather. Probably faux pas haha.
Love the perforated open toe sandals by Sam Edelman. Rats.. They are by Nordstrom. Never mind. Budget is all time low anyway.


8 Sylvia

Why a faux pas? I’m sure they look great! (especially with white..)


9 Josephine

White shoes are a big no-no for my large feet. My feet are beautiful narrow but long, so white shoes will make me look like a clown.


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