A jump suit is still incredibly popular for fall and today I like to give you some tips on how to wear a jump suit as well as some options on where to buy them.

How to wear a jumpsuit

The beauty of a jumpsuit is that it is super easy to wear, depending of course that you found the right fit. Just put it on, pair with some fabulous shoes and accessories and you are done!

The most crucial part of picking the right jumpsuit is to find the right fit and there are quite a few options to choose from. Not every style will fit your personality or body type, so start trying a few of the silhouettes to find out what suits you best.

Wearing a jumpsuit on its own or with a jacket, cardigan or jumper

Even though a jumpsuit truly comes to its own when you wear it as is, it can also be a very versatile item. They are easy to combine with a jacket or cardigan. I especially liked wearing mine with a blue leather jacket but I have also worn it with a short white asymmetrical cardigan.


Other layering options include a long vest (on some types), a jacket, a short jumper, a jean jacket or a longer tunic.

My sleeveless harem jumpsuit

For my jumpsuit from Y-3 (here is a fall jumpsuit from the brand) I went for a very comfortable fit with a harem crotch in a jersey fabric. It truly is the most comfortable garment to wear and it was a favorite item on my trip. This jumpsuit looks good on its own or with a short jacket, like the short leather jacket pictured above.

I loved to combine it with my In Good Company necklace which I have in 2 color combinations and it looks good with both my edgier Lisa Tucci shoes, super comfortable Fly London wedges (see above) or my flat CK Calvin Klein flat shoes.


Sleeveless jumpsuits

Since I live in a warm climate I like a jumpsuit without sleeves. I also find these easy to combine with cardigans and jackets.

Silk & flowy jumpsuits

I love the elegance and sophistication of a flowy jumpsuit. Look out for jumpsuits in a silk fabric. They come in various silhouettes this season.

Long sleeve jumpsuits

These are super handy if you don’t like to bare your arms and don’t always want to wear your jumpsuit with a jacket, jumper or cardigan if you are living in a cooler climate.

Printed jumpsuits


Suzanne Carillo wears a very bold summer print here, but a printed jumpsuit can also be great for fall like one of the options below. Combine with a fabulous leather or jean jacket!

Wide leg jumpsuits

Super glamorous and fitting well within the 70s trend that is still going strong this is a very glamorous option. Combine with pointy high heels, a flowing long cardigan or a short jacket.

Will you be wearing a jumpsuit this season? Which of the above is your favorite?


Photography by Misja B, GreetjeMelanie and Saskia)

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