Trends and themes for Fall 2012 as seen on the recent shows

by Sylvia

Trends for fall / winter 2012 - first impressions

Colours, prints, great silhouettes and lots of beautiful clothes for women over 40 is coming your way in Fall and Winter of 2012. While looking at the collections I was wondering what the new trends for Fall 2012 are going to be. Here are some of my first impressions and my predictions of what we will see more of next season.

Prints and Colours galore

If you thought we had seen the most of prints already, think again. Prints were everywhere in the collections. I did not pin a lot of them on my pinboard as favorites because I believe that some of these would not look good on women over  40. However, I do expect to see many prints and colours in the collections for next season. Still, I would to wear the prints I pictured above.

Trends for fall 2012 wearing dresses over pants

Everyone that has been reading my articles for a while already knows that I love to wear tunics and dresses over pants. And it looks like this is becoming a huge trend in Fall 2012. Anything goes: short dresses, skirts, dresses with accent on waist, empire waist, dresses prints and colours. Pick a nice cropped pair of pants and combine the 2. Comfortable and warm for winter. This is a trend I’m sure going to embrace!

Fall 2012 trends leather

Leather seemed to be everywhere. It was worn in all kinds of ways. Skirts, dresses, in combination with velvet, coats and suits. Velvet was also quite prominent and I expect to see that coming back next season as well. I especially loved it when leather was combined with other fabrics .

trends for fall 2012 cropped pants

If you were hoping that the cropped pants trend was going to go away, then you are out of luck. They were everywhere on the runways for Fall 2012. The good news it that often these pants were worn under dresses and tunics which elongate your silhouette. Therefore minimising the effect of shortening the legs through the cropped pants. The other extreme for tight cropped pants, were large wide oversized pants which were worn with tighter tops and blouses.

Fall 2012 trends and themese nautical

The nautical trend is still in favour with a number of designers. I loved the nautical feel of Dries van Noten’s collection, and the jackets at Burberry Prossum.

trends for fall and winter 2012 - accent on the waist

Although there were all kinds of dresses, I felt the accent on the waist was the most prominent. This was seen especially true at Dior’s collection. The belt was seen a lot to accentuate the waist even further. Sometimes the waist was a bit higher as seen in Prada’s and Louis Vuitton collections.

Other themes

Other than the themes mentioned above I also saw a lot of oversized tops. Not a big of that for us women over 40, as a fitted top or jacket just seems so much nicer. I did like the oversized pants though. There is quite a lot of black as well, but as you all know I think you should stay away from black as much as possible, or make sure to wear it in combination with a bright or contrasting colour. The ladylike dresses were out in full force as well, so be sure to check out all my favorites on my Fall / Winter 2012 fashion trends board. And be sure to follow me there as well 🙂 If you want to know what I would like to buy right now, you can check out all my favorites here.

Have you been following the Fall / Winter 2012 fashion shows? What were your favorites?

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The Style Crone

So much fun! Thanks for the review. Happy to see that cropped pants and tunics are favorites.


It’s going to be fun indeed!


I liked all of the F/W12 shows – there was at least one “look” in each collection that I loved! Dress and skirt hems are getting longer and pants are getting shorter. I wear cropped pants in warm weather but am not sure if I can rock them in cold weather. I was attracted to Prada’s silhouettes and I want a Burberry owl tee. I think we will see a lot of leather and velvet and fur – so much fur. I do not know if that will be embraced in America as PETA rages against it. I adore belts and am already collecting them. I want to get some longer ones to wear over wool coats. I like that look. And Elie Saab had gowns in the most perfect shade of teal. They weren’t all sparkly either. My favorite thing of all is the ankle strap shoes. Prada has a burgandy snake pump with a beaded strap that is a piece of art! And hats are going to be big – literally according to Marc Jacobs. LOL! The “hot” boot is the flat riding boot. I am crazy about them and they are so easy to wear – maybe even with cropped pants. 🙂


Very happy that hats are still hot. Wish I had a need to wear them more. It’s just too hot in Singapore. I’m loving a good belt and getting one for your woolen coats is a great idea. I’m going to embrace tunics and dresses over pants even more!


I wear boots over cropped trousers when I find it too cold for shoes. Works as well.
Fur…. No way in The Netherlands. Lots of comments and danger of paint spray.
Leather… I still have a long black leather skirt. Narrow at the bottom (ankles), sort of long pencil skirt. Can I reintroduce them? And what should I wear on top of that?
Dresses over trousers. I know you are a ig fan Sylvia, but they don’t seem to suit me. When you look at my attempt on your forum (orange trousers with 3 necklaces) …. Everybody choose the tunic version (and added: “by far the best”). And I prefer it as well. So it just doesn’t seem to be for me. I will just shorten the hem of the dresses and wear them on skinny trousers. That will do me fine.
I am quite curious to see what will be in the shops in the price range I can afford.


Hi Greetje. I left my comments on your forum thread regarding the leather skirt.
As for dresses over trousers, I don’t think this one example means that you can’t wear that look. It all depends on the shape of the dress and its combination with the trousers. Why not experiment some more?


I love several of these looks, and I’m totally in love with that skirt from Burberry Prorsum! Hopefully I’d be able to find a more affordable version of this later on:) I have to bookmark this post for inspiration for my autumn wardrobe additions. Thanks!


thanks Nanne. Will come back to all the trends of Fall / Winter 2012 in half a year’s time when new clothes hit the stores and trends are even clear. But it’s indeed good to bookmark this post as it’s always good to know about future trends.

Jean at Dross into Gold

Hi Sylvia!
I almost fell off my chair when I saw this fabulous post. I love all the looks you selected and you’ve done a lot of the homework for me. I’m especially loving the dress/skirt over pants look. I’ll be utilizing that look very, very shortly!
Love, Jean


Thank you Jean! These kind of posts take quite a bit of time but they are great articles to refer back to and use as reference. Closer to Fall I will do an even more thorough trend analysis like the one I did for Spring:

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