One dress two ways – dressing challenge results + new challenge

by Sylvia

How to wear a dress in different ways

Suzanne –

It’s been almost a month ago since I challenged you again to try something different. This time to wear one dress, two different ways. I realised this would be a tricky month as many of you have been busy organising or going to parties, but I’m pleased that some of you still took the time to submit your entries. Some of the ladies submitted 3 versions or more and I’ve include them all.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at your creativity!

Greetje – No Fear of Fashion


Alice – Happiness at Midlife

Tracey – Versatile Style by Tracey

Trina Grandinetti – Teatime Trina

Thank you ladies. You all look fabulous!

New dressing challenge!

So let’s get ready for the next challenge. I introduced you a while ago to Anne from Playing with Scarves, who created a fabulous cd with 50 ways to tie scarves. Scarves are a fantastic way to add colour to an outfit and I have many silk scarves in my drawer that I never wear. So I thought it would be a great idea to challenge you all (and myself) to wear a square silk or polyester scarf 2 different ways. You don’t have to wear the exact same scarf. Just show 2 outfits where you creatively use (preferably square) scarves as part of your indoor outfit. You can check out the photos or visit Anne’s blog for more ideas. I have also created a Pinterest board: How to wear scarves, to give you even more ideas.

Please note ladies that this challenge is not for outdoor scarves. It should preferably be a square scarf of silk, polyester or another (thin) material. If you don’t have any of those in your closet, then you can use a long scarf (no woollen, outdoor scarves allowed though).

I know that this may be a tough challenge for some of you (it will be for me!) but that is why it’s called a CHALLENGE. It’s aimed at getting us outside of our comfort zone and see if we can come up with creations that suit us. Scarves can be incredibly chic and stylish and can be a great addition to your wardrobe. I used to work for a scarf designer and manufacturer a long time ago and used to wear a scarf to work almost every day! I still have many scarves from that time (more than 20 years ago) that have survived all my overseas moves and that never get any wear. It’s time to get them out of the closet and into the light. Although they are old, some of the designs are timeless and they are bold and colourful, so I’m sure I can make it work.

Are you up for the challenge? Since we are doing the New Year Style Challenge soon (be sure to sign up!), I will again give you a whole month to come up with your creations. You can send in as many as you like, and depending on the total number of entries I will either post all of them or the 2 best ones.

As before you can submit your entries through either the forum or send them to me by email to sylvia at Photos need to be at least 300 pixels wide, but it is best to upload them in the forum at 500 pixels wide. If you are able to create the double picture collage as shown above, the image needs to be exactly 600 pixels wide with a white 2 pixel separator exactly in the middle. Deadline is 4 February 2013.

Thanks to you all for your fantastic creativity and submitting your entries. I hope to receive many as well for the next challenge line-up!

1 aileen

Wow what beautiful outfits from everyone. You all look gorgeous and have created lovely outfits. I am very impressed.

2 Sylvia

Yes, they did fantastically. Are you joining in next time Aileen?

3 Aileen

Yes, definitely I’ve already signed up, so I hope I did the right thing by registering my interest and I’m in too.
I’ve been searching around to find somewhere I can take my photo. I know I’ve said it before, but just wait till I get myself sorted out and started. They’ll be no holding me back 🙂
I am enjoying your site so much Sylvia, just like everyone else.
Thanks for all your efforts, they are much appreciated by us all.

4 traceyliz65

I am very impressed with Alice’s use of a printed dress! As for the scarf challenge I am an admitted scarf addict, but own no square scarves…. Perhaps I can challenge myself to tie mine in two ways I never have used before…

5 Sylvia

Yes, Alice is a very creative dresser and shows you how versatile a dress can really be! As far as the scarf challenge is concerned, yes that is a good idea…

6 Rita

All gorgeous!!

7 Sylvia

I agree 🙂

8 Suzanne

I have to say I’m most impressed by Alice’s version of her printed dress.

Thanks for hosting the challenge.


9 Sylvia

Yes, she did an amazing job remixing her dresses!

10 Alice

Thank you for sharing my pictures Sylvia! Love how all these ladies made the dress look so different with each look. This will give me more ideas to use my dresses.


11 Sylvia

Thanks for your participation again Alice. As you see from the comments, readers are very impressed by your creativity! Hope you join in again for the next challenge.

12 Silvergirl

What a great challenge
It is really hard sometimes to wear a square silk scarf, but I can’t wait to get inspired by the entrants

13 Sylvia

Hope you join in as well Brett!

14 Nanne

Wow, impressive creativity! Square silk/polyester scarves are not something I usually wear, although I do own one or two, bought a long time ago. I’d love to participate in the challenge, though!

15 Sylvia

Neither do I but I want to give it a go. Plus, scarves were quite prominent on the latest catwalks.

16 Marla

All these women did a fabulous job with the challenge. They all look amazing.

17 Sylvia

Hope you join in next time too Marla!

18 Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

Suzanne will always be my idol for creating fun, quirky & chic looks!!!


19 Suzanne

Awww…thanks Rebecca : )

20 Anne Touraine / Playing with Scarves

Hi dear Sylvia,
Happy New Year to you and to the ones you love 🙂
Back to the blog world (company at home for almost 3 weeks!) to discover your lovely post. Thanks a lot for mentioning the scarf CD. I like very much your idea of dressing challenges and of course I love love the scarf challenge. This will be so fun. Can’t wait to see the results. Your readers are so creative….
Wishing you the best for 2013.

21 Sylvia

Thanks Anne. Hope you participate as well!

22 Playing with Scarves

Thanks ! I will with great pleasure 🙂 Can’t wait to see what your other readers propose; there are so many ways to wear a scarf…This will be really fun.
Keep well.

23 Greetje

Well… Sylvia, another challenge. And a good one because I too love scarf and have a lot, but don’t know how to wear them. So nice challenge.

As for the dress challenge, I get a bit ashamed when I look at the other ladies. I could have done better. Lack of time I am afraid (this is a remark to cover up lack of creativity hahaha.)

24 Rita

Greetje…your combinations were my favorite…simple and elegant! 🙂

25 Greetje

Oh… that is the downside of internet… I cannot hug you for such a compliment. Thank you so much.
Just today I admitted to myself that most of my really good outfits have come together either by pure chance or because of the help of others. Not because I have a good insight. On the other hand, I could praise myself for my perseverance, couldn’t I?

26 Rita

Awe…you’re welcome, Greetje! I think having an outfit come together by chance is a sign of good insight…you don’t over think things. Perseverance is good, too! 🙂

27 Sylvia

Like Rita I love your creations Greetje. And you should give yourself of pat on the back instead. At least you DID it!
The scarf challenge should be a good one. I have no idea yet how I’m going to wear mine 🙂

28 Trina Grandinetti

Greetje, I agree with Sylvia, definitely give yourself a pat on the back! You are way too critical on yourself. The way you assemble your outfits are always elegantly put together with an added bonus of personality. Keep it up!

29 Jenny

WOW, all the remixes are amazing and so inspiring! Great post, what an amazing group of lovely and super creative bloggers! Keep up the great work!

30 Sylvia

Join us next time Jenny!

31 Greetje

I have photographed my first square scarf in two diffent ways of wearing. On to the next one. I am thinking of that pink/yellow one with the brown tassels. The difficult one.

32 Sylvia

Great Greetje. You’re way ahead of me!

33 Seeker

What can I say that hasn’t already been said?????!!!!
Amazing looks from fabulous ladies.
And the new challenge…. wow…. for a scarf’s lover like me a good one. I just hope I can enter it.

34 Sylvia

Definitely join Seeker. I look forward to seeing your entries!

35 Ursula

I may be on the right track here – the pieces featured are great – and the use of accessories were spot on! I make statement jewelry so I loved the use of the colorful necklaces, scarfs and boots.

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