Remixing my clothes

by Sylvia

camel and red outfit

After 2 weeks of challenging ourselves in the style challenge, it’s time for some style inspiration again. And just to prove to you that I practise what I preach, here are just some remixes of clothes I have worn before. Nothing too radical (to stay true to my minimalistic style and stay cool in the hot Singapore weather) but variations nonetheless. Read this article for some more tips on mixing and matching your clothes.

The top above is turning out to be  a real favorite. Ideal for indoor events here in Singapore and a colour that looks great on me. Seen before here and here.

This top with my black skirt was a real readers favorite. I also think it looks good with my draped silk skirt from Alldressedup as seen before here and here.

I’m combining black and blue again with my long wide sailor pants combined with my Donna Karan top.  As seen before here and here.

Here is my favorite top again, this time with my all time favorite basic white trousers.

My white pants doing double duty with my grey / green polkadot blouse, as seen before here.

What have you been wearing this weekend stylers? Still having fun mixing and matching your clothes?

1 Paula

Love all of these, sylvia!

2 Sylvia

Thanks Paula.

3 Suzanne

The first thing I want to say is that your haircut is fabulous! It is so flattering and looks great in each picture. I think you have found your style. 🙂
I love your pants that lace up the front and that leopard belt – especially with red – but I am surprised that my favorite outfit is the white pants with the green dotted blouse. It looks very fresh and pretty. It has the graphics that went down the runways but in a fun color combination. Well done!
We were hit with a terrible storm this weekend so I am mixing and matching alright – with the warmest clothes I can find! I dug out ski thermals and ski socks and fleece lined pants and shearling mittens and hooded parkas – and I am still freezing! When my hubby and I go out I look as big around as I do tall and we have an agreement that if I get too tired to walk in such heavy clothes he can just “roll” me home – LOL! The winds were up to 60 MPH overnight and many of our neighbors were out clearing limbs with chainsaws today. I am grateful we had no damage of that kind. We also have power but many do not. It is very dangerous as the temps are so low (wind chills below zero) that water pipes will burst. Now the snow is starting. Winter has arrived – and fashion has taken a break.

4 Sylvia

Haha Suzanne. Funny you mention my haircut. I was already thinking of changing it again. I’m not sure I’ll ever be happy with my hair…
Yes, I like that outfit too. A typical outfit where a belt can make a difference. I bought this belt in a sale a while ago really cheaply. I had no idea what I would wear it with but, with belts I always know that sooner or later it can make a difference to an outfit.
Funny to read that it’s so cold where you are when I’m steaming as usual. Good luck with that and keep warm!

5 Greetje

Long hair, long hair, long hair….. hahaha… Trying to wriggle my opinion here. LOL

6 Suzanne

Are you thinking of going shorter? Or of growing it out? The stylist who does my hair now has a different color or cut every 4 weeks! LOL! And she is starting to nudge me to change things up too. 🙂 I found a shorter, choppier cut I thought looked cute so I promised I would take the pictures (I have the same style done in a casual way and in a formal way) to get her opinion. She has told me things about my hair I have never heard before so I am intrigued. I trust her to be honest about what she thinks my hair can or can not do.

7 Sylvia

I’m not sure at the moment. I miss not being able to put my hair in a pony tail (I’m still a lazy girl after all when it comes to hair styling). I find my bob a bit to0 preppy and formal and I never seem to be able to maintain a more playful bob hairstyle. I’m attracted by even shorter hairstyles but know that they don’t really look that good on me. Since I’m being indecisive, I may not cut it this month and instead focus on a better colour 🙂

8 Greetje

long hair, long hair… Am I being pushy??? LOL

9 Sylvia

Haha Greetje. I’m getting the hint…

10 Lorraine

Dear Doctor Greetje
I need your advice. I am thinking of having my hair cut short. What do you think? Ha ha Only kidding!

11 Rita

I LOVE the blue skirt and yellow belt outfit!!! Just beautiful. The others are great, too, but for some reason the pretty cut of the blue skirt with that top and belt spoke to me. So nice!

Wow, Suzanne…I hope you guys make it through the storm without any damage or power loss. It’s going to be very cold here in D.C. Tuesday and Wednesday, but just into the teens at night, so not as bad as where you are. That means I can wear my fuzzy lined snow boots, though. 🙂 I didn’t do a lot of remixing this weekend, but have a few things in mind for this week, despite the cold.

12 Sylvia

Thanks Rita. Yes a lot to choose from today in terms of outfit, but glad you like that blue skirt. It’s one I can keep for years I’m sure. Happy mixing this week Rita!

13 Suzanne

Rita – I am envious that you are in DC! Did you get to take part in any of the Inaugural events? In 2009 my son was a Presidential Scholar and participated in so many amazing dinners and meetings, had an up-close seat at the swearing in ceremony, and even attended an official black tie Inaugural Ball. It forever changed the way I look at politics and democracy.
DC had sunshine and 46F temps today – I had 11F with a windchill below zero. LOL! But as long as the winds stay at 25 MPH or below I am okay. 🙂 I talked my hubby into letting me hand shovel the driveway and walks of the first batch of snow. Now I do not have to walk (which is not easy in boots!) as I have my exercise. Flakes are piling up again as I write this and the next two days we are to have lower temps than in the last 2 or 3 years.

14 Rita

Shovelling is great exercise…I’d say that’s 2 days worth of walking!

What an amazing experience for your son!! That’s wonderful, and he will treasure those memories forever! A friend and I went to President Reagan’s first inauguration when we were high school seniors. It was very exciting! We didn’t get to go to a ball, but got to stand pretty close to where he was sworn in which was pretty neat. Sadly, I had to work today…a big project for the next 2 months started today. So, I’ve been looking at stories online since I got home. Can’t wait to see what Mrs. Obama wears tonight!

Yes, it was pretty nice today…only a high of 22 tomorrow and in the teens the next couple of nights. Still balmy compared to your neck of the woods, though. Stay warm!!

15 Suzanne

Girl Math!!! One day of shoveling equals two days of walking! I can use that. 🙂 It is kind of like Shoe Math – “But dear, I returned the $200 pair of shoes so buying this $300 pair is almost like getting them for free.”! BOL Rita.

16 Rita

BOL!!! I did just that shoe math a couple of weeks ago! Girl Math…hahaha! 🙂

17 Sylvia

That must have been an amazing experience for your son. Your shovelling sounds like a tough but great exercize!

18 Ofelia

You always look so sleek, feminine and elegant no matter what your mix!
Mixing our clothes is something that I think we all do, however I do have friends that don’t ever wear the same thing more than once.
I do mix and repeat my skirts, shirts and shoes often.

19 Sylvia

I try to mix as much as I can, but in a very hot climate you don’t have a whole lot of options. Layering is not really an option. So it’s mainly switching tops and bottoms here and playing with shoes, jewellery and belt…

20 Laurie

I haven’t worn a skirt for a while, so I wore a black A-line, slightly flared skirt, a patterned blouse with a light pink, white, gray, black, and white floral print, 3/4 length blouse, gray tights, and black flats. I haven’t worn the gray tights before; this was a stretch. By the end of the afternoon I was enjoying my gray tights.

I need to wear flats or shoes like DANSKO because of my feet.

21 Sylvia

Sounds good Laurie and I’m sure you’re looking good with your Dansko shoes as well!

22 Trina Grandinetti

Every outfit is so well put together. I absolutely love the crisp, white trousers with your red shirt, so classy. And, adding that leapord print belt just pulled it all together so well, it definitely looks like a Sylvia outift (top notch).
This weekend I mixed a mustard pok-a-dot blouse (older one I’ve had) with a new cardigan I received for Christmas which has an argyle pattern, worn over a pair of navy minnie (skinny pants). I will share it sometime this week.
Today I tried to pay close attention to the small details while mixing and matching. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for the inspiration.

23 Sylvia

Thanks for the kind words Trina.
Sounds like you are having fun with patterns. I shall keep an eye out for it!

24 Lorraine

You always look so cool, Sylvia, and your shoes are great as they always tie in with your outfit so well. I am really looking forward to your piece on shoes, as finding summer shoes that look good and are comfortable is a nightmare. Autumn, winter and spring are ok but once my boots are cut off my feet at the beginning of summer I am at a loss! As for white trousers, I never owned any until 2 years ago, as I was always led to believe they piled on the pounds. I am embracing them now, although I am braver on holiday and still feel a bit conspicuous in the UK.

25 Sylvia

I am a strong believer in white trousers. It’s such a nice clean look and so easy to combine with so many tops. I believe everyone can wear them. Will write about that soon as well!

26 Lorraine

Funnily enough, the same thing was going through my head while I was having my massive clear out this weekend (being snowed in had some advantages). Can I take this opportunity to ask you to do something on skirts for summer? I have just thrown at least 6 out as they just looked really frumpy and I am finding it hard to identify a style that looks up to date ands suits me. Last year I stuck to jeans/capri pants etc. as we didn’t have the weather.

27 Sylvia

Sure! I will add it to my to do list…

28 aileen

A feel the same about skirts Lorraine, and could do with some advice from Sylvia. I think the problem with skirts for me is that they sit right in the centre of the body and it’s difficult to work out how to fit an outfit around them. If you are trying to follow the proportion rule of thirds, i.e. either 3/1 or 1/3 how do you fit a skirt into either or those proportions.
In the photo above with the blue skirt Sylvia has put a yellow belt over the top, which splits the top up. Without the belt the top and skirt look to me as if they are approximately the same proportions.

29 Lorraine

Aileen – I thought my problem with summer skirts was because I didn’t have the right shoes (flat shoes look frumpy on me and I can’t find comfortable summer heels) but you might be right about the proportions. I am sure Sylvia will have the answer!

30 Heather

I don’t have luck with skirts often either, unless I buy the printed calf-length ones that really look very frumpy. I do like straight/pencil office skirts that end just below the knee. I need some advice about other shapes and what kind of shoes as well – I agree with Lorraine about nice summer shoes. Hard to find elegant comfortable ones for my small but wide feet !

31 aileen

I have the same problem with flat shoes looking frumpy and I think skirts make me look dumpy too.
I think the lengh is critical and has to be quite specific, like right on the bend of the knee. I also think the width of the skirt has a great deal to do with proportion as well, but as you say, Sylvia will know the answer.

32 Sylvia

Will definitely work on an article about this and will talk about shoes more the coming weeks. I don’t think flat shoes need to be frumpy. It’s about finding arty, modern designs. More on that tomorrow!

33 Rita

For summer, I have pretty good luck with lighter-colored (cream, floral print) skirts that are straighter (pencil or slightly A_line) and that hit at or just a bit above the knee. The couple I have are a stiffer fabric, so not a soft drape. I wear lighter-colored shoes (generally flats or low heels) and no hosiery/tights so I think all the light colors together make my bottom half flow together. I haven’t explored belts in ages, though. That’s on my “to buy” list. I usually have an untucked blouse or skirt, which I think helps conceal my shorter upper half. I think it works well, but I should probably take photos to see! For flats, I agree they can look frumpy. I try to get ones that are well constructed so they don’t look skimpy on my foot, and mine all have a slight heel (about 1cm). Some of the ballet flats are way too flat for me. If you can find ones with good arch support, they will usually look nice.

34 Lorraine

The subject of skirts is a mine field! I have realised recently (and now I am back to my normal weight) that knee length, straight/draped ‘office’ skirts are best on me so I have bought some to wear with my boots and thick tights in winter although I have not really worn them – but that is going to change! (I have just bought a turquoise winter skirt that I am just looking at now but trying to have the courage to post on this site – if I can find something to wear with it!).

I think my problem is specifically summer skirts. The same style exposes too much leg and longer ones are frumpy. Dirndle or skater skirts make me look fat.

Rita, I can’t get on with ballet flats at all. I love loafers but some are too clumpy and most are too pricey.

35 Rita

Have you thought of Oxfords for flats? I think it’s a cute look and seems to be in right now. I have a pair that are brown suede with magenta soles and shoelaces.

Turquoise…pretty! Cream and white tops go with anything, or maybe coral (kind of a Southwest U.S. color scheme). That would pop! 🙂

36 Lorraine

Hi Rita – January 22 – happy birthday to me! Currently wearing a tiara designed for a six year old!!!!
Turquoise and coral are my 2 fave colours – not brave enough to wear together….yet! Love the skirt and can’t wait to wear it though.

37 Rita

Hey! Happy Birthday! 🙂 I’m sure you are rocking that tiara!! I noticed a lot of coral and soft pumpkin in the mall last week…I loves those colors. Maybe start with a bracelet with those beads and ease into them. 🙂

38 Lorraine

Thank-you. I hope so! Some people grow old but they don’t grow up!

Went to M&S recently and there was a lot of (what I call) apricot but may be your pumpkin (LOL at the cultural differences on this site!) so I was a happy bunny, as I love the peaches, salmon etc. Why is this colour associated with food???!!

39 Sylvia

Happy birthday Lorraine! Do post pictures if you have a chance.

40 Lorraine

Sylvia, I refuse to publish a photo on the grounds that I have already given away far too much information about myself on your site already! Ha Ha!
Hoping to publish Tunic number 2 at weekend (may wear tiara again then!) . Just off to see seamstress to get a few items altered. A few inches off the hem seams to be the difference between frumpy and flattering, and happily I am taking in a dress that is too big. Also, have seen potential trousers for under tunics in M&S. Have not tried them on yet though.

41 aileen

I can’t choose a favourite from them all because I think they are all great looks. There is no doubt about it, getting everything out and trying them on with their neighbours is the way to go.
I tend to keep my clothes in separate sections of the wardrobe,long items like skirts and trousers together, all tops together etc., that way I don’t feel compelled to wear things in the same way.
I’ve learned so much from the past two weeks and am sure I’ll continued to learn.
I think we are all looking forward to wearing some nice spring clothes once we get out of winter in the cold northern countries.

42 Sylvia

Thanks Aileen. Yes, I store my clothes the same way. Arranged by colour for a nice quick overview.

43 Marla

I love all these outfits Sylvia, but I particularly love the top one. The red and beige top with that leopard belt is stunning.

44 Sylvia

Thanks Marla!

45 Marianne

My favourite is the blue draped skirt and yellow belt, and I agree with Susanne I want to say as well that I still like your haircut very much. I was hoping you are going to the dutch reception Queen Beatrice is giving in Singapore at the end of the week. You can show off with one of your wonderfull outfits and be a rival for Princess Maxima.

46 Sylvia

Oh yes forgot about that. Unfortunately I did not register for that event, so will not be there. Perhaps I should try and get some photographs of attendants…

47 Greetje

I cannot make a choice either. They are all nice. Well done.
As you know I am making progress on mixing and matching. This weekend was cold en snowy, so I was trying new combinations as well. Although I have to admit that I managed to buy a yellow tunic dress online from LaDress in the sale and on Saturday, coming from the hairdressers, it took me 15 minutes to buy a really tight pair of skinny jeans (no worries, just for under longer tunics) and a lovely yellow belt.
The skinnies were on my list of gaps. The belt was not, but I also own it in black and it is so lovely. I can create a whole lot of new combinations with them (is this a good excuse?).
And the yellow dress/tunic?? Love the colour, the price, the shape (very A=line like a maternity dress haha) .. no excuse. But… several combinations possible. I already found three.

48 Sylvia

I look forward to seeing it all Greetje!

49 Greetje Kamminga

Looking at these outfits again, I think the one with the blue trousers is my favourite. Very chic, yet contemporary.

50 Heather

I love the asymmetric blue skirt with the narrow belt, so pretty and fresh. And I love your classic white pants, something I have not had the courage to wear but am rethinking ! They look great with the polka dot shirt.
Thanks for the challenge Sylvia, it was wonderful and I adored the drawings !

51 Lorraine

Heather – I am a recent convert to white trousers. Do try them!

52 Rita

You could also try cream or a very light tan/khaki. I’m always splashing tea on myself and the slightly off-white doesn’t show the stains as much. 🙂

53 Lorraine

I have a tea habit too Rita, but I usually throw it down my throat! Seriously, you are right. One of the reasons I have never really got into white until recent years is that I am far too grubby to wear it! And, like driving, it’s not always you who is at fault. I went to a party in white linen trousers and some idiot spilled red wine on me. Although I put stain remover on as soon as I got home and then had them dry cleaned the stain has never come out. Fortunately they are in the ‘too big’ pile now so I am not too upset.

54 Greetje

I hate red wine. Whenever I see somebody with a glass of red wine at a party I try to stay away as far as possible. So many lovely clothes were spoiled by somebody spilling red wine over me…. My husband was the worst, but at least he bought me another jacket as it could not be saved.

55 Lorraine

I avoid them too now!!!

56 Rita

Oh yes, I agree with you all. Red wine is a bear to get out! And I always find myself near tomato sauce when I’m wearing light colors. It’s like Murphy’s Law of Clothing! But hey, we have fun, right! 🙂

57 Lorraine

Ha ha! I agree. As I said before, I am far too grubby to wear white!

It sounds like Greetje is a real party animal! Just how many glasses of red wine have you had spilled on you, Greetje???!!

58 Greetje

Oh at least 6 pieces of clothing were completely spoiled. All done by others. And no, I am not a party animal. Those were the old days when I was young and still went to bars. Or when I attended a conference for work and went to “drinks after”. The time with my husband and the red wine was a tricky evening. I will not tell tale.. And it never happened again.

59 Heather

Thanks Lorraine ! I live here in FL but am always thinking of the old view that white pants do not do anyone any favors !! White linen would be lovely and I am thinking about spanx maybe to smooth things over.
By the way I loved your pictures of the tunic and those of your reversible dress, looked great !

60 Sylvia

It’s all about finding the right fit Heather. It’s not easy to find the right ones, but you will know it when you do!

61 Lorraine

Heather, you obviously saw my previous comment about white trousers (sorry I just can’t say pants because they are underwear here!) piling on the pounds. I think it’s a question of keep trying them on until you find a flattering pair. If they have pockets then sew up the opening. And they say nude pants (!) / spanx rather than white look better.
Thanks for your comments regarding my posts. It’s a lot of effort to post pics and not always fun when your husband is the photographer, but it’s exciting hearing what everybody says!

62 Heather

Lorraine, that is so funny – I am originally from London and I suppose it’s an English thing about white trousers. I have been here so long that I have no trouble with American words now. I like your suggestion about sewing up the pockets, and I will bear in mind “nude” spanx.
I like your photos and understand about the spouse-photographer, I am not sure I’m brave enough for that yet !

63 Sylvia

When you are going to do it more regularly it’s good to invest in a tripod and a remote. Not expensive but super handy if you just want to take your own pictures (as I mostly do).

64 Lorraine

Good tip. I know we have 2 tripods as one was my father’s but not sure about remote. Will ask hubby when he comes home.

65 Greetje

I have the same thing with pants and trousers. Cannot bring myself to say pants. Although I am a Dutch girl and have always lived in The Netherlands I spoke Queen’s English for 3 years when I was working at an English company here. Nobody in the company spoke a word of Dutch which was great for my English. Learned some funny expressions too haha. Made them explain everything to me, even when it made them blush.

66 Lorraine

Oh do tell! Don’t tease us…..

67 Greetje Kamminga

Well… I want to keep this site clean…. Let us say that I know the whole sentence of “brass monkey’s weather”. And that it caused quite some embarrassment when I asked them to explain the different meanings of the word “tight” in the expression ” he is so tight it makes…. etc.” . The British amongst us surely know how to fill in the blancs. LOL

68 Lorraine

Respect to all of you with English as a second language. It must be a nightmare to learn. Even I can’t get to grips with the word ‘pants’ now meaning ‘rubbish’!

69 Greetje Kamminga

No English is real easy. Chinese… Now there is a challenge.
Besides the Dutch have always been trades(wo)men, so speaking other languages comes natural. Take Sylvia, you would not think she is Dutch, would you.

70 Lorraine

I know that everywhere we go in the world (most recently Sri Lanka) that the Dutch have been there! Closely followed by the Brits…. Unfortunately we never seemed to get to grips with other languages like you!

71 Sylvia

The dutch were among the world’s first conquerers and we were in America and Australia before the brits. Unfortunately, the dutch never stayed whereas the english did, otherwise the whole world would be speaking dutch instead of english now. We could have been the lazy ones haha…

72 Petra

Oh I just love the outfit with the black/white top and the draped dark blue skirt with yellow belt, and the gorgeous dark blue shoes – that is sooo you! I just love drapes – they are so flattering, comfy, practical and a bit feminine! 🙂 Good to “see” you again!

73 Sylvia

Thanks Petra. I actually saw that this skirt is on sale for a super low price below $50 (it’s already a few seasons old). It’s at Alldressedup Paragon, for those in Singapore….

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