And my hair keeps getting shorter and shorter….

by Sylvia

shorter haircut

As faitfhful readers will know, getting a haircut that I’m happy with, that is manageable and stylish, is always a challenge for me. My hair is thin and frizzes easily, certainly here in humid Singapore. Add to that my complete impatience with hairstyling (I like to get it ready in 5 minutes) and you can understand my challenge!

haircut inspiration

So in many ways my longer haircut from before suited me quite well. I could straighten it, give it a keratin treatment every so often and put it in a pony tail whenever I really ran out of time or just wanted the hair away from my face. But… I get bored. And I also did not feel that my hair was really nice enough to keep long. So it’s been getting shorter and shorter and now it’s the shortest it has been in a long time. I decided it was time for a change. I lifted the requirement that my hair needed to be put in a ponytail and went to the hairdresser with a picture of the style below, which I got from my own Pinterest board with hairstyles for women over 40. I can’t stand hairs covering my eyes, so the fringe is kept shorter and I probably will keep the hair more away from my face. A picture of the haircut just after I cut it (and styled more into the face) can be seen on my facebook page.

shorter haircut bob from all sides

Sofar I’m pleased with it, but only time can tell as I don’t yet know how easy it is to manage. But the good thing about this hairstyle is that it actually looks quite decent, even when it is messy. Frizz is going to be the main issue as it is more difficult to iron the hair, with this hairstyle. I guess that’s a good thing as it’s not particularly good for my hair anyway! I’m going to have to rely more on anti-frizz products, conditioners and hair masques.  I’m very happy with the colouring too, which I wanted to have more textured.

laced pants now and then

On the pictures at the top you can see how the hair looked just a day after the hairdresser. Below are some pictures of me doing the styling after it had been washed. Overall not too bad I would say.

My clothes for today feature my laced pants that I showed you before. I actually wore it with brown wedges above and my yellow/tan shoes below.

laced pants with yellow shoes

And here is an attempt at photographing me wearing my Linnie McLarty ring again. It gives you a glimpse on how I take all my self portraits (with a remote).

2 finger ring

Top: Alldressedup (similar)
Pants: Claudia Strater
Wedges: Somewhere in Holland
Yellow/tan shoes: Max & Co
Ring: Linnie McLarty
Watch: Claudia schaeffer

How do you feel about your hair right now? Will you be up for a change as well?

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Oh. My. Gosh! This haircut is fabulous! You look so young. And cute. And fresh. And YOUNG! I really liked your last haircut (like Heidi Klum, right?) but this one is amazing. It is very flattering. VERY! It shows off your profile perfectly. I think it will fit better with your whole style too – you are not a traditional dresser so why should you have a traditional hair cut?
This post could not come at a more important time for me. The girl who has done my hair for the past 20 years (I have followed her to 3 different salons) had surgery July 23rd and will not be returning to work. I have to find someone new to do my hair – and I am terrified! I have an appointment for Tuesday the 28th but am feeling so anxious. Now I am thinking I should keep an open mind and maybe I will end up with a whole new look like you. If it compliments me even half as much as your “do” does you I will be thrilled!
PS – I LOVE your outfit too! I have a leopard belt and you have inspired me to wear it over a colorful top with white jeans before August is over. 🙂


Thanks Suzanne. Wow you’ve had your stylist for a long time! As you say, keep an open mind. Perhaps start with something simple? When that works out then see if she has any ideas? I’ve changed stylists several time. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. But at least the hair will grow back, and you can try something new. I find that it works best if you do your own homework and come to the salon with a good idea about your hairstyle and a picture. My current stylist is not very good with new ideas, but when I have a clear idea of what I want, she is good. Good luck!


I really like the new style too Sylvia! It’s playful like you are. It’s youthful and I think it hits you in just the right length.

There’s those amazing pants again!!!


thanks Joni. I think you are right. The playfulness suits me…

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Wow, it’s just perfect for your face and your youthful style, Sylvia! I think you styled it beautifully on your own. You are inspiring me to go shorter too! Love your outfit, those trousers are so cool. Thanks for sharing your fab new look with Visible Monday. xoxoxox


I would say go for it Patti. You have such beautiful curly hair. I think a shorter cut would look great on you as well! I just met a lady with similar hair to yours and she had an asymmetric bob. Looked great!


I like your hair short and you look great in this mustard color blouse. ^_^



Thanks Kim!


Your hair sounds just like mine, and I don’t want to spend time styling, either! I haven’t been able to have it long in a while because the ends get too…well, ick! So I keep it just slightly longer than your new ‘do, just cut straight all the way around and parted on the side, trained back away from my face. I’ve decided not to color as my hair is going white vs. gray and right now it looks like I pay for blonde highlights…LOL! I keep thinking about a few layers but I’m worried I’ll have to fuss with it. Maybe I’ll be brave and try it as well. Yours looks great…so chic!


Thanks Rita. How great that you have white grey highlights. That silver grey is a very hip colour for hair anyway. I’m still not ready to go grey and my grey hairs are certainly not silvery white. I let you know how I go with my hair and how easy it is to manage…


Thanks…looking forward to hearing how you like styling your new ‘do. (Oh, and thanks for fixing my typo!!). 🙂


Hey Sylvia
I have fine hair like yours, but I’m really too scared to get it cut short, because the thought of not being able to pull it back in a pony-tail makes me fearful (those mornings, like today, when I just don’t have time to style!)
I’m off to Bali soon so I’ll see how it goes; similar humidity to Singapore.

But I love your pants…where did you purchase them from? Were they expensive (they look expensive even if they weren’t!)


Hi Joy, It took me a while to take the step again as I’m also very used to being to put my hair in a pony tail. An alternative for lazy days now is hats. You may consider that as well.
My pants wer a very lucky buy in Holland 2 years ago. I got them very cheap at 70% off at Claudia Strater, a high street store in Holland.
Have fun in Bali! It’s such a magical place….


I LOVE your new hairstyle! Your hair looks bouncier and thicker, and it frames your face nicely.
I hear you about the battle with frizz in humid climates, because I have to battle with mine, too. Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that the solution is a generous amount of styling product. I’m currently trying Bumble and Bumble Straight, and Grooming Cream, with good results so far.

Love your outfit, too. The leopard belt is a great finishing touch for the drapey top.


Hi Marcy, Thank you for your kind words and your recommendations. I’m always looking for styling products that just work! I will look out for them.

Rachel @

Sylvia, this is a GREAT haircut! I like it very much. In fact, I would buy a hair hat in this style for sure. You look awesome. 🙂


thanks Rachel!






I like it!
I get the occasional keratin treatment now — scheduled for one next week. Other than that I use a flat iron. I live in NYC. If I were in Singapore, I’d have keratin nonstop! That’s tooooo much humidity to deal with! I feel for ya.


Thanks Wendy. Yes, the humidity can be a challenge here, for sure… Must be so exciting to live in New York!

Greetje Kamminga

I am going to be the one to rain on your parade. Sorry.
Yes I like your hair style and yes it suits you. Still, I like your style from before a lot more. Matter of taste?
Your top and trousers are very beautiful. And that belt… I am trying to copy your belt but have not found it yet.


No worries Greetje. I know you advised me before not to change too much of my style… Good luck on finding a nice belt!

Jean at Dross into Gold

Sylvia-love your new cut! It looks great on you and even more stylish. I love everything about this outfit too. It’s tremendously sophisticated and the details are outstanding. Also, about the pictures on my blog. I’m currently trapped by the way it’s been set up on Wordpress, or so I’ve been told. But if you click on the photo once, and then again, you can enlarge it. Usually I’ll indicate this on each post. I’d appreciate any feedback!!


Thanks Jean for your kind words. As to your blog, will do!

Anne @ the Frump Factor

The hair looks great, but I almost couldn’t focus on it because I was too distracted by the fabulous animal print belt. I am swooning!


Thanks Anne!

Buckle Button Zip

Haircuts are the equivalent of a good playlist. They rev you up and prime you for the future. You look lovely!
x Laura


Thanks Laura!

Kathleen Lisson

I just cut all my hair off in Paris and I love my new short bob!


Yes, I noticed that you cut your hair. Love it!


OMG you look so beautiful!!!
Well maybe I’m bias because I love short hairstyles. But I really think that this new style makes you look younger and gives you a lighter look.
And goes better with your fashion style.
Also love your outfit, perfect on you!!!!
You’re such an inspiration Sylvia!


Thanks so much for your kind words seeker!

Heather Fonseca

So cute! A layered bob is a very easy way to wear your hair. I know! I’ve had it for a while. But now I’m bored, so I’m letting it grow. I want to put it up again!


Yes, that is how it goes. I grow it, I cut it, grow it again, then cut it. I guess that keeps it interesting…


Wow! I really really love this shorter style on you Sylvia. You look amazing, young and vibrant. Not that you didn’t look great before, but this style suits you so much better (in my opinion).
The clothes are wonderful too (as usual) and the whole look is brilliant!
What a classy lady!


Glad you like it Aileen. Thanks for your kind comments!

The Style Crone

I think your new hair style is flattering and chic, as is the ensemble that you chose for Visible Monday. Mustard with leopard print has always been a favorite of mine.


Thanks Judith. Yes, it’s a great colour combination!


I love your new do! You look fab!
Loving the mustard shirt….what a great transition color into fall!


thanks Jeannie. You are right. I think it’s a great colour for fall


Love your haircut, it makes you younger like everybody says. I hope that the musterd colour will run through into the wintercollections because I think it is a very nice colour to make combinations with.


Thanks Marianne. I saw it quite a few times in the fall collections, so hopefully you will be able to find something in the same colour!

Suburban Style Challenge

I LOVE your new hair style! It’s so fun and youthful, and still seems so very you. The color is beautiful and the cut looks great with your hair texture (which I’m totally jealous of, by the way).

Also, I love those pants!!




Yep, you look so much younger. I find this length in a bob is best on me too, even a couple of inches longer and it doesn’t seem to have the same “bounce”. Keep it up; very youthful and “flicky”!


thanks Petra!

Practical Paralegalism

I love your new haircut. I had long hair for years. It wasn’t until after I started style blogging and taking daily outfit pictures last year that I realized my longer hair wasn’t flattering any more. I miss it, but doubt I’ll ever grow it out again.


Thanks! I am a yoyo, short – long – short- long. We will see if I will keep it short. For the moment I am happy with it!

Sophie Davis

I love it! I am an advocate for short hair, but this has not always been the case. For years I spent hours and hours trying to entice my poker-straight, very fine hair into all sorts of wonderful styles sported by the rich and famous, only to end up with – well, poker-straight, very fine hair. Then, one day, I said, “Enough is enough” and had it all cut off, and I mean all cut off! I went for a pixie crop. The reaction was very interesting. My boss wouldn’t talk to me, one woman told me I should sue, but everyone else loved it, including me!

For years now I have stayed with short hair. I have it lightened to give it extra texture, but because it is cut so regularly, this is not as detrimental to the hair as it might sound. I also use loads of products – I have been a user of the John Frieda “Blonde” range for years. The range I use is coloured purple to counteract brassy tones. I never condition my hair as it leaves it too soft. I use volumising mousse to dry it with and then tame and define the “fluffy” look I’m inevitably left with using “Spun Gold” hair wax (this product is also fabulous for defining eyebrows, but a little goes a long way, so easy does it!). To finish it off, I use a firm hairspray.

Without this regime, it is no exaggeration to say that I have baby-fluff instead of hair.

With this regime and a short, textured style I have had comments from strangers admiring my hairstyle (something I still find incredible as I know what it is really like without the products and good cut).

The style is so quick to wash and dry that I can have it done from beginning to end in 10 minutes.

I have noticed that there are very few women under 60 who brave a short cut and even fewer who stick with it, but what’s the worst that can happen? If you don’t like it, it will grow back so my advice would be “be different, give it go”!


Good advice Sophie! I can’t believe some of the reactions you received on your haircut! Luckily you loved it. I’m actually a big fan of really short haircuts. I know some women that are absolutely rocking this style and would love to go for it myself for its ease. The thing is I’ve had it before and did not like it. I think you really need to have the right face for a style like that. Also thanks for your haircare tips. I actually opened a special thread in my style forum just to learn from each others hair care regimens. You may want to contribute to that as well:

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