As faitfhful readers will know, getting a haircut that I’m happy with, that is manageable and stylish, is always a challenge for me. My hair is thin and frizzes easily, certainly here in humid Singapore. Add to that my complete impatience with hairstyling (I like to get it ready in 5 minutes) and you can understand my challenge!

haircut inspiration

So in many ways my longer haircut from before suited me quite well. I could straighten it, give it a keratin treatment every so often and put it in a pony tail whenever I really ran out of time or just wanted the hair away from my face. But… I get bored. And I also did not feel that my hair was really nice enough to keep long. So it’s been getting shorter and shorter and now it’s the shortest it has been in a long time. I decided it was time for a change. I lifted the requirement that my hair needed to be put in a ponytail and went to the hairdresser with a picture of the style below, which I got from my own Pinterest board with hairstyles for women over 40. I can’t stand hairs covering my eyes, so the fringe is kept shorter and I probably will keep the hair more away from my face. A picture of the haircut just after I cut it (and styled more into the face) can be seen on my facebook page.

shorter haircut bob from all sides

Sofar I’m pleased with it, but only time can tell as I don’t yet know how easy it is to manage. But the good thing about this hairstyle is that it actually looks quite decent, even when it is messy. Frizz is going to be the main issue as it is more difficult to iron the hair, with this hairstyle. I guess that’s a good thing as it’s not particularly good for my hair anyway! I’m going to have to rely more on anti-frizz products, conditioners and hair masques.  I’m very happy with the colouring too, which I wanted to have more textured.

laced pants now and then

On the pictures at the top you can see how the hair looked just a day after the hairdresser. Below are some pictures of me doing the styling after it had been washed. Overall not too bad I would say.

My clothes for today feature my laced pants that I showed you before. I actually wore it with brown wedges above and my yellow/tan shoes below.

laced pants with yellow shoes

And here is an attempt at photographing me wearing my Linnie McLarty ring again. It gives you a glimpse on how I take all my self portraits (with a remote).

2 finger ring

Top: Alldressedup (similar)
Pants: Claudia Strater
Wedges: Somewhere in Holland
Yellow/tan shoes: Max & Co
Ring: Linnie McLarty
Watch: Claudia schaeffer

How do you feel about your hair right now? Will you be up for a change as well?

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