Keratin hair straightening treatment + special promotion

by Sylvia

Keratin straightening treatment - brazilian blowout

I have rather frizzy hair, which is made worse by the very humid weather here in Singapore. So I regularly go for a keratin straightening treatment to rid my hair of the frizz. Style by Louis was kind enough to provide me with a complimentary treatment this time. so I could document it for this blog and tell you a little bit more about it.

What is a keratin straightening treatment or Brazilian Blowout as it is popularly known?

Keratin straighening is a special treatment that removes the frizz from your hair and makes it a lot straighter and softer. The straightening treatment is based on the hairs’ natural protein Keratin, and is not a permanent treatment. It will last for about 3-5 months.

I have found the keratin straightening treatment to be very effective for my frizzy and unmanageable hair. I hardly ever have to use an iron straightener now and can just blowdry my hair and go.

Although this treatment is commonly referred to as the brazilian blowout, this is actually a brand name. Not every hair salon uses the Brazilian Blowout products, (even though they may advertise it as Brazilian Bloowout™) but use other keratin products that achieve the same effect. The keratin treatment I received today was Kerastraight.

How does it work?

The process is quite straight forward.

1. Hair is washed with a special shampoo

2. Hair is then dried

3. Treatment is applied to the hair with a comb

4. The treatment is blowdryed into the hair

brazilian blowout keratin treatment blowdry

5. The treatment is then locked into the hair with a straightening iron

brazilian blowout keratin treatment iron

6. Some salons seem to wash the hair afterwards, but I was advised to keep it in for a couple of days

Here is a short video of the keratin treatment I received


  • This seems to be a safe treatment for the hair as no harsh chemicals are used. I have found my hair to be softer and in an overall better condition afterwards.
  • You will get straight, smooth and healthy looking hair in a short amount of time
  • As opposed to the Japanese Straightening Perm the brazilian blowoutdoes not need to kill any hair and instead of growing out, the Brazilian method ensures that the hair fades out and this encourages fresh growth of hair.
  • Feel like a star! It is claimed that celebrities like Halle Berry, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie are all using it.


  • It is not cheap. Expect to pay well over $300 (depending on the length of your hair)
  • There have been some reports (by Oregon) that the treatment can be toxic if it contains formaldehyde. Some people have reported some irritation to eyes, nose or throat. Brazilian Blowoutand Keratraight report on their website that their products are now formaldehyde free and tests have concluded that the products are safe to use. Other products may still contain formaldehyde so it is advisable to check with your salon if the keratin products they use are free of formaldehyde.
  • If you are advised to leave in the product, it will take a few days before you can wash your hair.

Length of treatment and after care products

The Brazilian blowout and Kerastraight anti-frizz hair straightening treatment takes about two and a half hours to complete.

It is recommended that you use aftercare shampoo and conditioner products at home to prolong the effect of the treatment. You can find the full range of the original Brazilian Blowout products by clicking on the products at the bottom of this article.

Special promotion for Singapore readers

If you live in Singapore, you can now take advantage of a fantastic promotion by Style by Louis. 40PlusStyle readers receive a massive $200 off your first treatment at their salon.

Total treatment cost is either $400 or $450, depending on the length of your hair, so with this discount, total cost will only be $200 or $250.

To take advantage os this offer, all you need to do fill out the form below and the voucher will be sent to you.

Brazilian Blowout keratin straightening products you can buy online

brazilian blowout products original

Wishing you success with getting the hair you desire!



1 Darlene

Thanks for walking me through this process. I watched the Good Hair documentary by Chris Rock so was glad to see that the formaldehyde issue is being addressed.

Are you one of those lucky women over 40 who doesn’t need to color your hair? I’d heard that straightening treatments weren’t recommended over hair coloring. Have you heard anything about this?

(P.S. If you decide you might want to embrace your curls, visit Devachan Salon here in NYC the next time you’re in the city . . . or read her book, The Curly Girl Handbook.)

2 Sylvia

Hi Darlene, Thanks for your comment. To answer your question: no I am NOT one of those lucky women. In fact, I would be completely grey if I didn’t color my hair. You can can actually see that the new ingrowth are all grey or rather white! (in the last picture). According to KeraStraight you can color your hair without any issues and that is also my experience. What you DO need to do, is do the keratin treatment first and then color your hair. Your hair color can look quite a bit off after the treatment. I’m actually not that curly (and by the way I LOVE curls). My hair is naturally quite straight. My problem is that it is thin and gets really frizzy. I find my hair a lot easier to manage after this treatment…

3 Suzanne

You look fabulous! Your hair is so shiny and polished looking. I keep the natural wave in mine but wish I could get this level of shine.

4 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne! I actually desperately need to recolor as grey is coming through, but my colorist is on holiday. Sigh… Will just have to wear more hats for the time being. More on that tomorrow!

5 Nithya

Your hair looks great! I so wanna try it out… Hope i can get a voucher! Thanks in advance Sylvia…. 🙂

6 Sylvia

Thanks Nithya! I have sent it to you.

7 Mufidah

hi mufidah here. i am not in facebook or twitter. i hope i can get the voucher,for the brazilian blowout. thank you.

8 Sylvia

No problem. I have just sent it to you!

9 Nanie

Hi Sylvia,

Was wondering if i could get a voucher for the brazilian blowout? I reallly wanna try it! 🙂


10 Sylvia

Sure! I have just sent it to you.

11 Sabine Fink

Hi Sylvia,
thanks for the information about the brazilian blowout, want to try it out. Can you pls. send me a vouche? thx

12 Sylvia

Thanks Sabine. I have just sent it to you. Let me know how it went!

13 drjk

hi there & thankyou for your informative post. as soneone who has coloured, curly AND frizzy hair, i’d love to give this a try. i hear that crly hair with become just a tad straighter after this treatment? i’d really appreciate a voucher if it’s possible? many thanks again, drjk

14 Sylvia

Just emailed the coupon to you. Let me know how it was for you.

15 Aryl

Hi Sylvia!
Thank you for replying. Thank you in advance for the voucher! All the Best!

Aryl 🙂

16 Sylvia

It’s been sent to you. Good luck with your treatment!

17 adella

Hi Sylvia,

I have that kind of frizzy hair and really want to try this out! Can I get the voucher as well? Thank you :))

18 Sylvia

Just sent it to you. Good luck!

19 kathy

Hi Sylvia,

Please many I have a voucher for the Keratin treatment .
Thank you

20 Sylvia

Sure. It’s in your mailbox!

21 Liza

Hey there, would love one of those vouchers to sort out my unruly hair.

22 Sylvia

Sent. Hope it works well for you!

23 Jacki

Hi Sylvia,
Thanks for effective info on kera straight. Loved how you looked.could you kindly send a voucher to me,can’t wait to have my hair look as good as yours.

24 Sylvia

Thanks Jacki. I’ve sent the coupon to you. Hope you end up looking just as good!

25 Jusleen

Hi! Could you please send the voucher my way as well?

Many thanks

26 Sylvia

Good luck with this. Let me know how it was!

27 Imane

Hi Sylvia,

I desesperately need a voucher to try this magic treatment.
Could you send it to me please?


28 Sylvia

Sent to you Imane. Hope it will work its magic on you….

29 Lk

Please send me a voucher. 🙂 is this treatment formaldehyde free?

30 Sylvia

I’ve sent it to you. I can’t say that with 100% certainty. The Kerastraight website says it is, but I don’t know if that information can be fully trusted. There are still reports circulating around the web that formaldehyde has been found in some of these treatments. You may also want to check with Style by Louis, and check that he is using the latest version of the product or a fomaldehyde free version.

31 Zam

thanks for the information about the brazilian blowout, want to try it out. Can you pls. send me a coupon? Thanks

32 Sylvia

Sent it to you. Good luck!

33 Rochell Sintinta

Hi Sylvia,

I’m dying to have that kind of hair. Could you please send me a voucher too? Thanks.

34 Sylvia

Sent it to you! Hope you get the hair you want!

35 Ming

Hi Sylvia

Been trying all kinds of hair straightening treatments, this sounds and looks good! Can you send me a voucher please?


36 Sylvia

Sent to you. Good luck.

37 Julie Lane

Can I please have a voucher? This looks like a great treatment and so much better on your hair then the others…….

Thank you so much in advance.

38 Sylvia

Sent to you. Let me know how it worked for you.

39 Nimisha

Hi Sylvia,

LOVE this article! Please can I have the voucher? I sooo need it 🙂



40 Sylvia

It’s been sent. Good luck!

41 canny

Hi Sylvia,

Could you please send me the voucher?

42 Sylvia

Sent to you. Good luck!

43 yvonne

Hi there, would u mind sending me a voucher too? Desperately need a hairchange 🙂 thx!

44 Sylvia

It’s been sent to you. Hope you will get the change you need.

45 Lati

Hi Sylvia,
I’ve had two such treatments done this year. Loved the first one that was done by a small unknown hair salon but decided not to go back there since I figured they used a product with formaldehyde. After some research, I went to Toni and Guy just a month back. The effect is not so good. I reckon it was an inexperienced technician who clipped my hair during the treatment that caused kinks| bumps in my hair. Are there some things one should look out for when the treatment is going on? What product does your salon use?
Am quite eager to try out your salon however will go there after a month. Hope the voucher will still be valid. Do send me one.

Thanks for the wonderful writeup.

46 Sylvia

Hi Lati, Wow, I have never heard you could get kinks in your hair from this treatment. I never experience anything like that before. This salon is using Kerastraight. I guess you would need to make sure that the product is applied to all of your hair, but I have never had any averse effects. For me it usually lasts about 4-5 months before I feel I need to go for another treatment, but that would vary depending on the kind of hair you have. Currently, the voucher is valid for 3 months after you receive it. Hope the treatment in this salon works for you!

47 Kavitha

Ive heard about Kerastraight and Im really thinking of getting it done. My hair is very frizzy and damaged and having managable hair would definitely boost my confidence. I hope I can get the vouchers to get my hair done.

48 Sylvia

I’m sure this can help!

49 Rebecca Fortune

Hi Sylvia

I’ve been struggling with frizzy hair all my life! Especially badly since moving to Singapore so I’m keen to try this treatment and it would be great to get a voucher to help the bank balance…

Thanks in advance!


50 Sylvia

Sent to you. Hope it works for you!

51 Kalpana

Hi Sylvia!
Your hair looks great. Now here’s to hoping they can help my frizzy (but I still love it and so am a bit nervous about this) subcontinental hair! Would be great if I could get a voucher please. Thanks!

52 Sylvia

Sent to you. Your hair will definitely get straighter, so if that is not what you want you may reconsider. My experience has been that my hair is of better quality afterwards. Also the treatment generally eases out, so it’s not permanent. Good luck!

53 Lati

Thanks Sylvia. Looking forward to getting the voucher.

54 Sylvia

Hi Lati, I had already sent it to you. Have sent it again now. Please check your spam folder if you can’t see it.

55 Putri

Hey sylvia,
Firstly you look great. 🙂 I’m currently a student in NTU and have very very curly hair (mum has maggi curly hair too). All my life ever since I was a child I would dream of having straight hair just like most of my friends do. Not only was my hair frizzy it was hard to manage. So as i grew up I began to know about rebonding. And ever since I was 16 and till now I’m 22 I have rebonded my hair. And from this you might be able to guess how damaged my hair is right now! Haha. So one of my friends recommended me this treatment. But its price is really out of my reach. I don’t come from a well to do family and sometimes i would save up so much and skip meals just so I can rebond my hair as I really hate the growing out part. My 22nd birthday is coming and I really really want to look my best for my party. So I really hope to receive this voucher. Or a special promotion. Because I might have to go back to rebonding if I don’t have this. I don’t hate my hair. But it’s so frizzy and unmanageable when I really want it to be wavy and flowy. Im so sory for this long comment. Thank u sylvia. 🙂

56 Sylvia

Hi Putri, Sorry to read about your troubles with your hair. I think this may be a good treatment for you even though it is not as strong as it used to be (with the formaldehyde). I have sent the discount voucher to you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and that the treatment works for you!

57 Sue

Hi! I’ve been reading about Keratin treatment for months, I really hope it can help with my super frizzy hair! Is the voucher still available? 🙂 Thanks in advance! Have a nice day! 🙂

58 Sylvia

sent to you. Hope it works for you and your hair gets more manageable!

59 Amy

Hi I’d really love the voucher, I’m desperate to try this treatment.

Thank you so much.

60 Sylvia

It’s in your mailbox. Good luck!

61 Jasmine

Hi! I filled out the subscription form but I didnt receive the coupon for the treatment. Is it still available? I would love to try this treatment!

Just a question thought… does it make your hair incredibly straight but flat?


62 Sylvia

Hi Jamine. Your email confirmation contains a link to the voucher, but I have now also sent it to you. Your hair will definitely get straighter and therefore flatter. However, it depends on your hair. My hair is pretty thin and therefore will be flatter but I would not suspect this happening with thicker hair. Also the treatment is less strong now that it contains no formaldehyde so the results are not that extreme.

63 Jasmine

Thanks Sylvia!

64 Sylvia

Welcome 🙂

65 Shirin

Hi Sylvia! I’ve subscribed to your mailing list hoping to get the coupon for the treatment but I cant find it. 🙁

66 Sylvia

Hi Shirin, The link to the coupon is in your confirmation email in the text. Please check. If you still can’t find it, let me know.

67 Daphne Tan

Hi Sylvia,

I’ve been battling with frizzy hair due to the excessive blow drying when I had a bob. I have been researching on the Brazilian blowout and am very keen to give it a shot, could you spare me a voucher please? Would be greatly appreciated!!


68 Sylvia

I noticed that you found your way to get it. Indeed by filling in the subscribe form!. Good luck.

69 Kalpana

Hi Sylvia,

I’ve had the treatment but after washing (with new appropriate shampoo) after the 2 days I was told to wait, it’s pretty much the way it used to be. Lots of curls, with slightly less frizz. Not sure it was worth the $250 for me. 🙁


70 Sylvia

Sorry to read that the effect was not great for you. The treatment seems to be different each time these days, which may have to do with the formaldehyde issues. The treatment used to be very long-lasting and I didn’t even have to blowdry my hair to have it straight. But the formaldehyde free options seem to lessen the effect. I do not know how the treatment works for extremely frizzy or curly hair. My hair is not that curly and I mainly use it to get rid of the frizz…

71 Shirin

hi Sylvia. Sorry to trouble you but I’m still unable to find it. 🙁

72 Sylvia

Ok I have sent it to you now.

73 Daphne Tan

Hi Sylvia,
Got an email but I’m still unable to get the voucher. Could I trouble you to email it to me instead? Thanks!

74 Sylvia

I’ve sent it to you.

75 Daphne Tan

Hi Sylvia,
I’m afraid I’ve not received anything, may be missing something

76 Sylvia

It’s definitely been sent to you. Maybe it went to the spam folder?

77 Daphne Tan

Got it, Thanks Sylvia!

78 Sylvia


79 AK

Hello! Would be most grateful for a voucher please! Away with the fizzies!

80 Sylvia

Hi AK, you will need to fill in the subscribe form at right of the page. Once you have completed the subscription process you will find a link to the coupon in your final welcome email.

81 hasina

Hi Sylvia, I can’t wait to try the Brazilian straightening! I didn’t receive the coupon in my confirmation email though. Could you send it to me?
Thank you

82 Sylvia

Hi Hasina, You will need to click on the “here” link in your confirmation email to download the coupon.

83 Crystal

Tks for the gr8 info 😉 I wana look and feel gd with nice manageable hair too. Sick of my lion’s mane. Pls send me any disc coupon for keratin treatment. Can’t wait to get my hair done.


84 Sylvia

Hi Crystal. Just sign up for my newsletter (at right). Then click on the ‘here’ link on your final welcome email, when you’ve completed the subscription.

85 debbie

I have bad hair:) Can I get a voucher?

86 Sylvia

Sure. There is a link to the voucher in your final welcome email after you have completed the subscription process.

87 Aveline

I dislike rebonding treatment totally! Would love to try this treatment to make my hair look straightened and natural which is very important. I love straight and manageable hair!

88 Sylvia

I hope it works well for you Aveline!

89 Priyanka

Hi could you please give me voucher ?? I really wanna have hair like those !! Please !! Waiting for your mail 🙂

90 Sylvia

Hi Priyanka. Please fill in the subscribe form at the right. The link to the voucher will be in your final welcome email when you complete the subscription process.

91 Priyanka

Hey I have already subscribed it..lemme check it 🙂

92 Sylvia

It’s the “here” link in your final welcome email.

93 Evelyn

Hi , May i know how do i get the vocher? Thanks !

94 Sylvia

Hi Evelyn. Just sign up for my newsletter at the right. The link to the voucher will be in the text of you final welcome email once you complete the subscription process.

95 Sue

I have been enduring and is very eager to try out the keratin treatment soon. Wish to receive the promotion voucher to kick start my wish to get my hands on the experience to smooth straight hair again.

96 Sylvia

Hi Sue, be sure to fill in the subscribe form at the right of the page. The link to your voucher will be in your final welcome email. Good luck!

97 yanling

hi, would love to have the discount coupon for the brazilian blowout! thanks!

98 Sylvia

Hi Yanling, you can fill in the subscribe form at the right. A link to the discount voucher will be in your final welcome email.

99 Preeti

Hey there,
Looking forward for the promotion voucher for the treatment from your end.
Thank you and Regards

100 Sylvia

Hi Preeti. Please subscribe to the newsletter (subscribe box is at the right). The link to your voucher will be in your final welcome email.

101 tracy

Hi there, I would love to try this, this rainy weather is playing havoc with my hair! Many thanks, Tracy

102 Sylvia

Hi Tracy the link to the voucher was in your final welcome email. Good luck!

103 Priya Patel

Is this voucher still valid. The treatment looks great on you, I would love to try it too.

104 Sylvia

Hi Priya, Yes, it’s still valid. Just subscribe with the subscribe form at top right and the link to the voucher will be in your welcome email.

105 Deepti

Hi Sylvia, I have sucessfully subscribed to ur website and am eager to try out the Brazilian blowout treatment. However when I click for the voucher in the email link it opens up a blank email. Is it possible to resend the email to me?
Thanks a lot!!

106 Deepti

Received the coupon Sylvia, thanks so much. Looking forward to getting the treatment done.

107 anita porwal

Hi sylvia,
Can I also have the vocher for Brazilian blowout?I also want to have a beautiful hair like you.
Looking forward to your mail.

108 Sylvia

Sure Anita. Just follow the instructions as described in the article above.

109 NT

Hi! My hair hates Singapore weather! Please help me to have my first “good hair day” in over a year with a coupon for a Brazilian Blowout!


110 Sylvia

No problem! Just follow the instructions as described in the article and it will be on your way.

111 Reena Kaur

Wow great article. Would it be possible for me to get a voucher too? I have wavy hair and spend hours doing my hair every morning (it can get tiring!) It would be so awesome if I could get a voucher to try this out. Many thanks in advance 🙂

112 Sylvia

Sure Reena, just follow the instructions in the article and it will be on your way in no time.

113 Irene

Hi Sylvia,

It was really nice of you to share the voucher. i hope you can extend it also to me.. thinking of getting this treatment anytime soon as my hair is already getting unruly.

Thank you in advance and all the best to you! By the way you look fab in your hair.



114 Sylvia

Hi Irene, Just follow the instructions as listed above and you will have the voucher in no time.

115 Diya

Hi Sylvia,

Thank you for the post! I have naturally curly hair and while I do want my hair to look less frizzy, I would still like it to retain it’s original texture. Do you have any idea if I will lose my curls upon getting the treatment, or will they just become more manageable?

Thank you,

116 Sylvia

The treatment is not as strong as it once was, so I would think that you will not lose your curls and they will become more manageable. However, since I’m not a curly girl myself, I’m no expert with this. Best to talk to the salon directly and ask them for their opinion.

117 anne

Hi, interested in doing the Brazilian Blowout. Are you extending vouchers? If yes, would love to have one. Many thanks. Anne

118 Sylvia

Hi Anne, Just follow the instructions as outlined above and you will get the voucher through email.

119 SD

Hi Sylvia,

Would like to try it. Is the voucher still available? Thanks!

120 Sylvia

Hi SD, yes it is. Just follow the instructions as described in the article and you will be able to download it.

121 catie

I’m SOOOO thankful that I stumbled across your website! Am relocating to Singapore and was panicking that I would have to use the formaldehyde product (now use Coppola brand of Keratin smoothing treatment and love it)!


122 Sylvia

Hi Catie, you are very welcome!

123 Anusyia

I’ve been reading around about brazillian blowout treatments, been doing the usual rebonding all this while n have no choice but to give in to the setbacks of losing all the curls. Looks like with the blowout i can keep some of my waves?? Tht gets me really excited! Thanks for your review .. Gonna check style by louis out.. Can i get the voucher?

124 Sylvia

Good luck Anusyia! To get your voucher just follow the instructions as described in the article above.

125 cicilia

can u sent me a coupon?

126 Sylvia

Hi cicilia. Just follow the instructions as described in article.

127 Chris Tweedie

A colleague has recommended the Keratin hair straightening treatment so I am very interested in the special promotion! I am 40+ and have the same issues with frizziness that your model above does. Oh for that to be a thing of the past!
Can’t wait for details on how to try it!
Chris 🙂

128 Sylvia

Good luck Chris. The treatment is not as strong as it used to be so completely getting rid of the frizz may be hard, but it certainly helps. Just try it out and see if it works for you!

129 Shaza

Hi, i have been reading alot on brazillian blowout treatments, and was finding a where could i try this out in Singapore. glad that i found this website. i really want to try it out. i have subscribed to be part of the mailing list. wondering, am i still entitled for the $200 first time try for the brazillian blowout treatment? or is the promotion over?

130 Sylvia

No it’s not over so good luck with your treatment!

131 priya

Hi I got your discount coupon but unfortunately have deleted the email confirmation accidentally 🙁

132 Sylvia

Hi Priya. The easiest way to get the email again is to subscribe again with a different email address.

133 Bharti

Hi Sylvia,

I am so keen on trying this Brazilian Blowout treatment. A voucher will be the perfect thing right now 🙂


134 Sylvia

Great Bharti. Just follow the instructions in the article to get your voucher!

135 Chitra

Pls send me the voucher the Brazilian Blowout as would like my daughter who has frizzy hair to do it. thanks!

136 souriya dahmane

May be is too late for me?
Can i have a voucher pleaseeeeeeee i am a deseperate french mummy whith hair dammaged.
Thank you very muchhhhhhhhh

137 Sylvia

It’s not too late but just follow instructions as outlined in the article.

138 Denise


I’ve tried all sorts of treatments and blew hundreds of dollars on my wild frizzy hair. The brazilian blowout looks perfect for me! I do hope you can share the voucher and that it’s not too late! (:


139 Sylvia

Hi Denise, Just follow the instructions as outlined in the article 🙂

140 Meme

Hey, this looks great – style by louis’ just been recommended by a friend. She really rated your blog and the results of the blow dry. I’m looking forward to trying it for myself.

141 Sylvia

Good luck Meme. Be sure to follow the instructions to get your coupon!

142 nova

This article is great! Will try the treatment this month!

143 Sunitha

Dear Sylvia,

I have been wanting to try this out on my hair for so long! Thank you for your entry and I hope im not too late with the coupon?

you take care!


144 Sylvia

No it’s still valid. Hope it works well for you!

145 Jenn

Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for this article and great offer! I’d love a voucher if this deal is still running.


146 Marj

Hi Sylvia

Your write-up seems great. Would love to try this treatment. Can you please send me a voucher.

147 Sylvia

Hi Marj, The link to your voucher is in your final welcome email. Please check the spam folder if you did not receive it. Good luck!

148 Aida Salleh

I need sleek and easy to manage hair!
*Thanks of the discount voucher* Your photo looks good~
I am lazy and not so good with smoothening my hair out with the hairdryer every morning. Although I love my curls (more wavy than very curly though), my curls stopped being cute when I started getting a little older (and the curls/waves just seemed to grow too wild).
My hair is frizzy so I always end up tying my hair in a boring ponytail. I recently colored my hair and I know that rebonding (even soft rebonding) seem to dry my hair out quite badly!
Brazilian Blowout please~

149 Sylvia

Hi Alda, Just subscribe as per instructions in article to get your voucher. Good luck!

150 freda

can i also have a voucher i like the sound of this treatment..?!

151 Sylvia

Hi Freda, Just follow the instructions as outlined in the article and you will receive the link to the voucher.

152 carole kwang

please send a voucher for Louis. Thanks!

153 Sylvia

Hi Carole. Just follow the instructions from the article please

154 Michele

Hi, i would like to leave the treatment on for as long as possible. Is there a time frame for washing it out i.e 1 week max

155 Sylvia

I’m not sure Michele. The longest I have left it was 3 days, but after that you really want to wash it out. You should check with the salon what’s possible.

156 Sha

Hi Sylvia,
I just received a voucher. However, is the promotion still valid?

157 Sylvia

Yes, it is!

158 Jessica

I went to have my treatment done about 1 month ago at Style by louis with the stylist Yoko. It’s been nearly 1 month and I can already tell the treatment is fading out.

This will not give you stick straight results (which isn’t what I wanted) but it will get rid of frizz and make your hair look healthier. There WILL be fumes as well, but it didn’t smell terrible. I just wish it would last a little longer because if it did cost $400 it would be CRAZY for it to only last 1 month.

I’m a little suspicious as to whether or not they used the actual product, since I never saw the bottle. He kept going to the room to get more product. I also noticed that on the Kerastraight website they are not listed as an OFFICIAL salon.

Overall the staff were ok. Not very talkative and didn’t really seem interested in bringing in new clients. They talked among themselves but not in English so I couldn’t understand. Maybe they treat you differently if you go in with a coupon 🙁

How long did your treatment actually last?

159 Sylvia

The treatments are not as strong as they once were and I also find them less effective now. Can’t really remember how long exactly the whole treatment lasts. Perhaps 2 hours?

160 vanessa

I’m thinking of making an appointment to get this done. Were you almost 100 percent frizz free after the treatment?

161 Sylvia

It’s not as strong as it used to be so 100% frizz free only lasts a short time.

162 Aditi

GAH you’re so cute omg. why are u so pretty *sobs miserably*
I’m only 15 and you look so beautiful oh god whyyyy…
haha any who, i had a question that I actually wanted to ask:
I want to get the treatment done, my hair is a little bit longer than shoulder length and it is quite wavy and incredibly frizzy (except a few mercifully good days haha).
did you experience any sort of hair fall with the treatment? like I had my hair rebonded two years ago (no regrets) and I adored my hair in all it’s pin-straight perfection but I had a horrible time with the hair fall… :(( Was hoping if this could get me the hair without making me half a head of hair lighter 😛 🙂 😀
your blog is awesome <3

163 Sylvia

I have never had an issue with hair falling out. However, the treatment is not so strong anymore that you will get very straight hair, although this differs for every person. You may want to give it a try and see how it goes.

164 vanessa

Is it possible to still get the voucher? I would like to add that this keratin treatment service offered by louis and co is not the Brazilian Blowout. The Brazilian blowout is a specific brand of keratin treatment.

165 Nush

I am keen to try this treatment? Is the voucher still valid?

166 Sylvia

yes it is.

167 Helen Nolan

Is the coupon still available I am new to Singapore?

168 Sylvia


169 Kate

I want treatment for my hair.I can’t find contact number. Pls send to message. Where I can find and mobile number..thanks

170 Sylvia

It’s 6884 5335

171 Misha

Hi, I’d really love to have this voucher, my hair is absolutely horrendous because of this weather. Is the voucher still valid?

172 Sylvia

Yes it is.

173 Ekynn

Hi there! I really wish i have those healthy hair 🙂 as my hair is not growing really slow. I wish i could have my long hair again. Hope to hear from u soon through email!!:)

174 Mamta Singh

Hi ,
Please advice what would be the charges for keratin treatment and it it available tomorrow or coming Saturday??
Thank you

175 Sylvia

Please contact Style by Louis directly for that info.

176 Shandee

Is the promo is ongoing?

177 Sylvia

Yes, still valid.

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