First of all congratulations on your date! Whatever the circumstances, it’s wonderful to date at any age, but I can imagine that it is really interesting when you are 40+. By that time you already have so much life experience and you know what you want (I hope). You can potentially have amazingly interesting conversations.

Dressing for confidence, 5 key things to remember!

Let’s assume that you are meeting someone for a date for the very first time. Your objective will be to get to know this person and also to make a good first impression. Here are some of my tips:

1. You will want to show this person the real you. So dress to express who you are. Showing and feeling confidence will make you the most attractive. You will feel far more confident, if you dress in something that makes you feel comfortable but that also makes you feel sexy. It you know your style statement, then that can help you in making sure that the outfit expresses the real you.

2. Don’t go too sexy! I’m a firm believer that you look far more appealing and sexy if you show less. You also don’t want o look to ‘willing’ on a first date. Better to keep things a bit mysterious.

3. Go for something comfortable. Something you will feel totally relaxed in. Comfortable does not mean ill fitting or unflattering. Make sure your outfit fits you well, but stays in place. Nothing is more unsettling that having to fiddle with your bra straps, or making sure that your skirt stays in place.

4. Opt for something you have worn before and that you know you feel great in. As mentioned, you want to show confidence and concentrate on getting a great conversation. You do not want to worry about a new outfit that just doesn’t feel right.

5. Choose your underwear wisely. If you followed the tips above, you will probably not wear anything too tight or uncomfortable, so choose some nice looking underwear (no need for shape wear!) that matches. Knowing that you are wearing some wonderful underwear, may just give you that extra glow and confidence.

Some of the outfits I would recommend

1. Well fitted black or cobalt blue pants with a well fitted skirt that you have buttoned all the way up. Decorate with a nice collar.

2. Lose fitting jersey dress with great draping. Comfortable and it covers all of your ‘problem’ areas if you have them.

3. Tight jeggings or snug pants and a tunic. Combine with a hat for that extra touch!

I hope these tips help. If you are having a date coming up, I hope it goes really well.

Which outfits would you recommend for women having a first date after 40?

Feature image by Sydney

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