Dandy black and white chic with prints and colour!

by Sylvia

Dandy chic in black and white

I love good photography. I think it’s important that I offer you high qaulity photographs on this site, which is something I always endouvour to do. I’m continuously working on my own (self portrait) photography skills to show you my outfits, but nothing beats working with a good photographer. So I was very pleased that Juha Sompinmäki agreed to work with me on a photoshoot for this blog.

We chose Singapore’s Arab quarter as the location and I packed 2 outfits with a couple of accessories for the shoot. Today I will show you one of the outfits, featuring some new clothes I acquired at the massive Club 21 sale that I attended last month. This is the least colourful of the 2 outfits I chose, but my other outfit had a few styling errors so that’s why I’m showing you this outfit first. I will feature my other outfit next week. It was a super hot day with bright sun, so let me tell you, getting any decent photographs was quite a challenge. I’m very pleased with the results, however, and it was a delight to work with Juha.

Keen observers of this blog will have noted that this outfit was inspired by my own dressing challenge to wear 3 colours and 1 print. Or 2 colours and 2 prints. You will find that all back in the various combinations of this outfit. Black and white is of course one of the easiest colour combinations to add a colour or pattern to!

Another theme for this shoot was dandy chic. I chose this theme because I love masculine style with a feminine twist and I wanted to show you all some outfits with blazers that could work in colder climates. I don’t get to wear these very often in Singapore as it’s just too hot, but I love the particular dandy vibe worn in an elegant feminine way. I even painted my nails with cracked black and white nail polish for the occasion!

Although you may not want to wear white in winter, you could easily replace the white pants with black ones and then add a colourful blazer instead. There are just so many ways to add colour to a black and white  outfit. A hat, scarf, cardigan, sunglasses, coloured belt, shoes or a colourful necklace like this one.

Here I added another colour into the mix with my versatile Heleen van der Meer bag.

Other clothing details: Blouse: Donna Karen, Pants: Houssein Chalayan, Jacket: CK Calvin Klein, Necklace: Alldressedup, Ring: Lindy McLarty, Shoes: Kenneth Cole, Belt: Anne Fontaine, Sunglasses: Burberry

Please note that although some items are new for me, all these items are from old collections (as they were bought in warehouse sales), so will probably not be in stores anymore.

I have been so pleased with the response to my dressing challenge! Many women have been participating and sending me their pictures either through email or the style forum. Yesterday, I met some readers at a fashion event, who incorporated the dressing challenge into their outfit. And some of you have been experimenting at home and are having fun with it and discovering new outfits in your wardrobe. I’m going to show off all your fabulous creations on Wednesday and if you like to be included, you can still send me your outfits today.

Have you had a lot fun with fashion this weekend?

A big thank you to Juha for the photographs! Juha Sompinmäki is a professional photographer specialising in portraiture, weddings as well as corporate and commercial photoshoots. He is originally from Finland (no polar bears, yes Santa Claus) but speaks English like a super chinaman.

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1 Raquel

Sylvia, this was a beautiful choice of backgrounds for this shoot. I always admire the way you choose your color accents for outfits. Lovely!

2 Sylvia

Thank you Raquel!

3 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Wonderful photography, Sylvia, and a great look as well. Yes, it’s fun to add bright to black and white, like you did here. Including the pretty red lipstick! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

4 Sylvia

Thanks Patti. Good photos will always help to make an outfit look better!

5 MonicaP

Love the nails! I’ve wanted to try these .. but have yet to get to it.


6 Sylvia

This is pretty simple: a white based with black cracked nail polish on top…

7 Nanne

Great photos, and black & white is always chic! With sub-zero temperatures (celsius) I’m mostly concerned with bundling up in a somewhat stylish way these days:)

8 Sylvia

Yes, you’re in the other extreme Nanne. Let’s meet in the middle somewhere….

9 Greetje

This is terrific. So completely up my alley. Black and white and other colours. Really really good photos. Oh how I envy you and the light there.
And your nails! Going from “I never do my nails” to this, is a big step. When you concentrate on something you really go for it, don’t you? Whether it is nails or photography. I would like te receive everything you wear. You can keep the jacket because that it too short for my figure. The rest would suit me fine. LOL

10 Sylvia

the light is actually far too bright here for really good flattering photos. It comes from right above. And believe me it’s HOT! As for the nails, yes I wanted to add a bit more texture and thought it would be fun for the shoot! I may try nail art next time… Will keep you in mind when I come to Holland Greetje and see if there is anything I want to give away…

11 aileen

Great outfit and lovely photos Sylvia. It does make a difference having a good creative photographer working with you and in such a super location too. Can’t wait to see more from you both.

12 Marianne

I think you make good photo’s yourself too, but I must say these photo’s can be an editorial for a magazine. I love your outfits, and your necklace is a ,want to have’, for me. I am really starting to like your colourful pieces of jewellery. Kinky nails.

13 Jan Graham-McMillen

Photos … my bete noire! You look lovely, as always. All variations are wonderful, and all the elements, but I LOVE your sunnies. So pretty.

14 Suzanne

This outfit is one of your best ever! The accessories are fab – including your nails. 🙂

15 The Style Crone

The photos and you in them are fabulous. I’m loving the dandy touch and your nails.

16 denton

I love good photography in this era of cameraphone photos.

17 Heather Fonseca

Gorgeous photos! It looks like you used natural light, just wait until you start doing the flash thing. It changes everything.
Love your outfit!

18 Jeannie@gracefully50

Terrific photos!
I’m a big black & white fan so this is outfit is right up my alley! LOVE it!!!!!!

19 Gina

Hi Sylvia!

I think you have nailed it! You look amazing in this outfit. To me, this is the best looking outfit I have seen you wear. This seems to suit you more than some of the other fashions you have shown. This has a more youthful look and is you! Keep choosing fashion similar to this outfit. 🙂

20 Ann

Love these photos Sylvia, especially 1 and 3. I think black and white is so fresh and wearable.

blue hue wonderland

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