Dressing challenge: combine at least 3 colours and 1 pattern

by Sylvia

dressing challenge

For more than a year now I have been writing about how to dress better, more creatively and with more colour. So I thought it was time to put some of what we have learned to the test and practise our creative dressing skills.

So I’m introducing the 40+Style dressing challenge.

I will give you a particular challenge for an outfit and hopefully you will all participate and show me what you have come up with.

The 1st challenge

The challenge for the first one is to create 2 outfits that combine 3 colours and 1 pattern. That should not be too hard as both colours and prints are still very popular even in summer. Be creative and incorporate either your pattern / print and colours in belts, scarves, shoes, or other accessories. Or just with your clothes to create the mix of colours and print. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to 3 colours or 1 pattern. Feel free to use more colours and more patterns. However, your outfit does not qualify if you wear a printed dress with a mulitcolored pattern. It should really be a minimum of 3 solid colours (in either clothes or accessories) and 1 pattern.

Use the style lessons of Melanie (how to be more creative) and Catherine (how to use more colour) to give you even more inspiration.

dressing challenge

How to submit your creation

You can upload your creations to the style forum. Just label them with 40+Style dressing challenge. You can send in as many as you like, but a minimum of 2 is required to be listed in the roundup article for this challenge. You are welcome to select outfits you have previously created. If you upload more outfits to the forum, I will just select my 2 favorites. You can also send the pictures to my email address sylvia at 40plusstyle.com. Of course, if you have a blog, you can also blog about the challenge and upload the outfits there. Just be sure to send them to me as well to be listed in the challenge roundup.

I’m going to list the pictures in the format shown above, so if you can send the pictures to me as one picture in that format, then that would be perfect, although it is not required. If the following gets too technical for you, then just send the pictures as you have them and I will create the composite picture for you.

combining colours and pattern

However, if you are able to, then the width of the picture should be 600 pixels. There should be a white border in the middle separating the 2 pictures, which is 2 pixels wide. Place it exactly in the middle at x 299 pixels. Resolution should be no more than 100 and total kb of your picture should not exceed 200 kb.

You have until 2 December to submit your entries.

So hopefully, you will have fun with this challenge and I will see many of you participate! Of course I will post my own outfits too!

1 Heather Fonseca

Sounds like fun! Ill have to look through my outfits to see what I have that combines 3 colors with one print!

2 Sylvia

Hi Heather, Would be fun if you could join. I’m sure sure you will have plenty outfits already, but otherwise you will just have to create one 🙂

3 Heather Fonseca

I’ve looked through all my outfits and I rarely combine more than two colors with a pattern, though often I will add black or white to said combination. I’ll have to think about this! I’m submitting the outfit I wore a couple weeks ago with the pink paisley dress, green jacket, orange shoes and navy purse. I think that fits the bill!

4 Sylvia

Have fun Heather. I look forward to receiving your second outfit!

5 traceyliz65

Wow, this was really thought provoking for me. I scanned through the photos from my blog , which is just in it’s 3rd month and discovered that I am really good at two colors and patterns. I do have one that I haven’t posted that qualifies, so now off the closet with a new goal in mind. I never thought of 3 colors and a pattern before. I love a new fashion adventure!

6 Sylvia

As you can see from the photos above, it can be quite subtle. A belt, shoe, 2 solid colours in your top… Have fun. I look forward to seeing your outfits!

7 traceyliz65

I posted my looks on the forum, is there anything else I need to do, since I am not good at the formatting?

8 Sylvia

No I will take it from here. Thanks for participating Tracey!

9 Tracey Jennings

Thank you, Sylvia.

10 lawyerdoll

OK, I’m in! I will probably have to email the pics to you so you can format them as you like 🙂

11 Sylvia

No problem. I look forward to see what you come up with!

12 Greetje

You know I am game… I will go through everything I have. And if necessary, I will create it. Not an easy task as this is exactly something I am not good at. But after nearly a year of your lessons, I should be able to take the exam now. LOL

13 Sylvia

That is why it is called a challenge! Can’t make it too easy, can I? But it’s not an exam. It’s all for doing what this blog is all about: having fun with fashion / clothes and daring to do something different from what you may usually do.

14 The Style Crone

This sounds fun Sylvia. I’ll see if I can come up with something before December hits the scene. I love the red, green, yellow and leopard print!

15 Sylvia

I would love to see your creations Judith!

16 Marla

I really like that top outfit. The one with the dark skirt, patterned shirt and yellow belt.

17 Katrina

I just wanted to take a second to let you I really appreciate this site and your tweets. My favorites, that I think you look best in and that I would defintely wear, are top right photo black skirt, yellow belt…..and below that with white slacks (a lady always looks like a lady in white slacks IMO), striped shirt and blue blazer- fabulous!

18 Sylvia

Thanks Katrina. Great to get your feedback. I agree about the white. It’s one of my most used basics!

19 Sylvia

Thanks Marla. That outfit seems to be a favorite to many of my readers!

20 Katrina

What do you think of the new “smoking flats” for women, I saw a nice (small)selection at Macy’s – think I may go for them. Approximately the last year or so I’ve been miserable when wearing heals, it’s as if my body is suddenly rejecting them, my feet begin to swell and hurt sometimes just after 10 minutes of putting heels on, even a low heel! I’m resigning myself to the fact I may have to completely remove heels out of my wardrobe. -Signed very sad 42 yr old, confused as to what type of flats to wear with dresses

21 Sylvia

There are some very nice ones in the shops right now, so I think they are great. I think Oxfords can be really chic too. Yes, it can be pity not to be able to wear heels anymore, but with a bit of searching there are a lot of hip, flat shoes too. I have pinned quite a few to my Pinterest shoe board: http://pinterest.com/40plusstyle/shoes/ Good luck!

22 Katrina

Appreciate the feedback & website. Yes, still shopping, have spent some money recently on some lovely loafers, smoking flats and ballet flats to wear with slacks & jeans (of course husband is suspicious about my claim that these new shoes are a neccessity)- think I’ve really only found 1 pair so far that I feel would go well with some dresses I own. – Signed may end up rattled when I sit next to 95yr. old woman in church and notice our matching footwear

23 Terry

Just came across your blog, and am absolutely IN LOVE with your personal style. People should dress stylishly no matter what their age (I’m not quite 40 yet, but I’m AWFUL close at 38). I am SO adding your blog to my Google Reader feed. I am looking forward to seeing much more of your style in the future.



24 Sylvia

Thank you Terry. It’s lovely to have you here. I post my own outfits at least once a week, so stay tuned for that.

25 Theresa

Here is one in Grey, Black and Red with a pattern.

26 Sylvia

Hi Theresa, Thanks for your submission, but did you by any chance link to a thumbnail image. The photo is tiny! Let me know if there is a bigger picture. It would also be great to receive a second look.

27 Suzanne

Now I understand the outfits in the Forum! This is a great idea. I can not wait to see everyone’s outfits. 3 colors – 1 print. Because I am small I don’t usually wear more than 2 colors at a time so this would be a challenge I would have to think about. The wheels are turning! 🙂

28 Sylvia

Hope you have fun with it Suzanne. Let me know if you came up with any great combinations that you liked!

29 Greetje

Good… Cause I haven’t heard from you on the Forum in a while. Your comments are usually quite witty.

30 Theresa

Sylvia, sorry it took me so long to reply. I have been away from my PC. Hopefully this will be a larger picture.


31 Sylvia

Excellent Theresa. Do you have a picture of a second outfit also?

32 Theresa
33 Sylvia

Thanks Theresa!

34 Theresa

Excuse the construction zone going on in the back ground. It was the only area at the time that had decent lighting.

35 Theresa

The tights are grey and I did have a grey scarf as accent as well but it is not in the picture.

36 Trina Grandinetti

This was a great idea. I’m looking forward to seeing all the different combinations and creative outfits you ladies come up with. I sent my two pictures to your email so I hope you received them.

37 Sylvia

I did Trina. They were great and i will publish them on Wednesday.

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