I featured quite a few chic outfits lately, so I thought it was time for a more casual look this week. This would be a typical mom on the go look for me. I still don’t go for super casual, as I’m all for wearing the nicest clothes you have in your closet. No point wearing a plain t-shirt when you still have a nice short dress that you can wear over pants!

white capri pants with black heels

If I want to get super comfortable I just wear it with my white sandals, which are one of my most comfortable pair of shoes. For a slightly hipper and nicer look, nothing can beat some good comfy heels. My black heels may not be everyone’s choice, but I liked adding some emphasis on the black of this outfit, which I also do with my watch band.

Alldressedup dress over white cropped pants

I feel it’s so important to wear all the clothes in your closet. Whenever possible I try to wear my nicest clothes, which are still suitable for the situation at hand. My latest shopping choices have all been quite dressy, so I have no choice really. This means that I may be slightly overdressed for certain casual MOTG situations, but better to be slightly overdressed than frumpy or underdressed don’t you think?

short bob

I’m sure that you also noticed that my hair got even shorter again. I used my own tips for hairstyles of women over 40 and my own 40+ hairstyles Pinterest board as inspirations and chose to copy this hairstyle. I also had another keratin treatment done to keep the frizz of my hair under control. Sofar I’m pretty pleased with it, but I will have to see how it keeps up. I uploaded one of the nicest photos of this new hairstyles to my Instagram feed. It has a nice instagram filter applied to it which makes me look much more stylish than I actually am. Have a look!

shorter hairstyle

Dress: Alldressedup
Pants: Mango
Watch Claudia Schaeffer
Black shoes: Ecco

Hopefully you all had a good weekend? Do you usually wear a lot of your nice clothes or do you ‘save’ them for later?


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