The 40+ Community is growing strong!

by Sylvia

women bloggers over 40

When I started this site, I always wanted to build a community of 40+ women celebrating life and style! I do that through my style forum, but also through my list of blogs from women over 40. It’s a great way to keep updated on all the fabulous blogs from women over 40 and discover new ones. I’m happy to say that you have all embraced the list and I’m still adding more blogs every month. The community list is now almost 1 year old and contains a total of 160 blogs. It’s easily searchable either by name, category or just list the table in alphabetical order. They are all fabulous blogs by fabulous women and I encourage you to check them out. Above are just 4 of the bloggers added in the last few months, Beverly, Tracey, Joni and Tammy. Of course, if you are a woman over 40 with a blog, add yourself to the list by leaving a comment on the 40+ community page.

Are you still seeing my updates on Facebook?

Even though more than 1000 of you have liked the 40+Style facebook page (thank you!), only a fraction of you get to see my actual updates. This is because Facebook decides who gets to see it and who doesn’t. This seems strange to me as all of you have indicated that you WANT to see the updates. However, Facebook likes to make more money and they do that by forcing me to pay if I want my update to get to all of you. There is something you can do however.

  1. If you go to your Facebook profile page (click on your name), you will see all the pages your liked in the bottom right.
  2. In the top right corner of that block, click on see all.
  3. This will open up a page where you can see all your likes by year. Find the 40+ style page by clicking on the year you liked it.
  4. If you hover over the name of the page (don’t click) a new box will show up.
  5. Then hover over the liked box. A new box will come up and make sure that ‘show in newsfeed’ is checked.
  6. You can also add the page to a special interest list here.
  7. Then make sure to interact with the 40+Style page as much as you can, by liking or commenting. That seems to be the best way to guarantee that you keep seeing my updates.
Of course, if you haven’t liked the 40+ Facebook yet, then I hope you do!

Revisiting some old articles

I get frequent comments on old articles. Like this one from Deedee which was particularly nice:

I totally agree with your blog re: feeling/looking good after 40 (actually 70, for me). I could care less what folk think/say about my style. It works for me, and I feel fabulous. Great blog — keep up the good work. You are truly an inspiration for me, and I am sure for thousands of others.

It was a comment on one of my earlier articles on feeling happy, confident and beautiful after 40, written on a particularly confident day. It relates well to Suzanne’s recent article on how to stay youthful after 40. In the end that is what I hope to achieve with this site. That I can inspire more of you to be happy with your changing bodies and appearance and find your own style. A style that makes you happy and allows you to have fun with life, fashion and style. We can help you achieve that through the (almost) daily articles and the style forum and if you have any particular questions, then that is the best place to ask them. Comments like the one above definitely encourage me to keep going with this site and grow the community even stronger.

Thank you all for your continued support for this site and I look forward to seeing you in the comments or the forum.

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1 traceyliz65

Thank you for mentioning me and choosing such a flattering photo. I highly encourage more bloggers to participate in the forums. You will get honest feedback from women world wide and it’s fun!


2 Sylvia

Of course Tracey. Always!


3 Marla

I really enjoy reading your blog. It’s nice to read information on style, fashion, etc, that is targeted at my age group.


4 Sylvia

Thanks Marla for your kind feedback!


5 Tammy

Hi Sylvia,

I totally agree that we need to highlight blogs of women over 40. This is an exciting group of woman who are intelligent, beautiful (inside and out), and confident. Thank you for including my picture and name in this article and dedicating your blog/magazine to this sector.

I feel that just because you’re over 40, there’s no reason to stop thinking about fashion. I cringe when I see some women who have totally “given up”. I, most definitely, have not.

At my age, I can no longer sport the trends from head to foot as you see on many of the blogs of younger women. Less is more, and I encorporate the trends into my wardrobe, through my shoes, belts, purses, scarves, and jewelry. I enjoy expressing myself in what I wear and how I act and I try to capture that in my blog.

My blog is about sharing this positive and stylish feeling with my readers both at home, in sunny Florida, and in my frequent travels.

As Rachel Zoe recently said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Tammy Jones
Walking in Pretty Shoes


6 Sylvia

thanks for the feedback Tammy. I like that quote from Rachel!


7 Greetje

I am still contemplating…. Shall I blog or shan’t I? It is a lot of work. I do enjoy visiting all the bloggers of 40plustyle. Catherine (Not dressed as lamb), Judith (Style Crone) and Heather (Style Confessions) are my favourites.


8 Sylvia

It’s up to you Greetje. Yes, it’s quite a lot of work, certainly if you want a lot of eyeballs on it. As you know my forum is always open to you!


9 Playing With Scarves

Dear Sylvia,
Thansk for sharing with us all these wonderful blogs. You have a real talent for creating links between fashion bloggers.
Also, the information you shared about fb likers is very interesting. I may share this if you don’t mind as I am obviously facing a similar problem…
Keep growing our community. Your blog rocks!
Have a lovely day and a lovely week:-)
Anne (Playing with Scarves)


10 Beverly Marquis

Hi! Thanks for the link. I ran over here this morning to grab a 40 plus button for my website and was surprised by my photo looking back at me. That was a good hair day! I’m thankful to be included with such stylish women, and the list of 40+ bloggers is impressive. Yep, I’m forty+ and my closet is just getting started.


11 Beverly Marquis

Ok! I am now hooked up with 40plus style on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. I retweeted, Facebook shared, and Googled circled. We are 40 and social media fierce. Keep this up and they won’t know what hit them.


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