Taking my Heleen van der Meer bag for an outing

by Sylvia

Heleen van der meer multiple colours bag

I mentioned before that I bought a bag from Heleen van der Meer in Holland. Well, today I can show it to you! Since I decided that you must all be getting bored with the photos on my balcony, I decided to find another location in Singapore where I could take pictures. Not such an easy task, as I, myself, was the photographer and I did not feel like having any onlookers. So, after my appointment in the city, I decided that I would try out the roof of the parking garage.

It turned out I had some onlookers anyway as there were some cars parked there as well, with some people resting in the car. But all that did not deter me and I scouted for the perfect location. Which turned out be a wall as well. Very creative, I must say.

It aslo quickly emerged that photographing ‘on location’ comes with its own challenges as well. There is always something you forget. So here are some commandments for aspiring self  portrait photographers:

Thou shan’t stand in the wind  & shall hide bra straps

Yes, this hair was just blow dried nicely into place.  What a waste as it was defenseless against the breeze. Also, there is noone there to remind you that your bra straps are showing, so make the effort to check it yourself.

red version of bag

Thou shall make sure your bag looks the way it is supposed to

Notice how the bag handle is hanging down at the right photo. I took many photos like that, when it’s actually very easy to put it upright (as it should be)

Thou shall paint your toe nails and look after your feet before you go

Yes, if you are going to make close-up shots of your shoes, you better make sure that your feet look the part too. There is a lot to be improved here. At least these new shoes from Ester van Eeghen look smashing.

Hester van Eeghen shoes

Thou shall take all your props and variations to the shoot

If you are going to show off your new versatile bag that has many colour combinations, you may as well show all of them. Put them in the bag will you! I forgot the green version and my green shoes, so photographed those at home.

Green version of bag

And a few more commandments

These mainly apply to me, but perhaps to you too:

  • Thou shall stand straight and maintain good posture
  • Thou shall put on more makeup
  • Though shall make sure that there aren’t hanging any hanger straps out of your clothes (quite a few pictures ruined because of this)
  • Though shall check your images for sharpness before packing in.

About the bag

multiple colours

I love versatile bags (and watches) that you can wear several ways. This bag is very versatile indeed. You can wear it as a plain black bag. Suits almost every outfit and very handy to take in evening, with or without the strap. If you like to add a bit more colour to the outfit, you can put an extra pocket onto the bag with the handy push buttons. You can easily fit in 2 extra pockets and create any colour combinations you like. Handy also if you like to take more stuff with you!  I bought 3 extra pockets which give me lots of interesting colour combinations.

Heleen van der meer designer bag

About the outfit

heleen van der meer bag

This is a very comfortable cotton skirt from Kora Kemperman that has everything I love. It’s asymetric and has a few drapes. This makes the skirt interesting and not clingy. The silk top is from Zara. It’s soft and flowy and a perfect fit for the skirt. I have tucked it in the skirt here, but it also looks good worn over it as it’s quite short. For all of you in colder weather now, you could easily add a cardigan to keep you warm. I also love my new patent leather mid heel shoes.

 The location

black profile

If you look carefully, you can see that I’m not so far from one of Singapore’s highlight buildings, Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Resort. I’s amazing how you can actually photograph it through the raster and get a reasonably decent picture out of it.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Skirt: Cora Kemperman
Top: Zara
Shoes: Ester van Eeghen
Bag: Heleen van der Meer
Watch: Bruno Nimaber
Bracelet: Somewhere in Holland

So if you ever thought that taking (flattering) pictures of yourself was easy, think again! Hope they will at least entertain or inspire you for your own outfits!


1 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Excellent photo tips, Sylvia. I can benefit from all of them : > Love your new versatile bag, and the drapey skirt looks so feminine. And WOW, what a fabulous photo of the resort. Breathtaking.

2 Sylvia

Thanks Patti. Come visit some time!

3 Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Thank you for the photo tips! I often get frustrated when attempting to photograph myself! What a beautiful location! -Marci

4 Sylvia

Thanks Marci. Yes, it’s not easy, but practice makes perfect (let’s hope so anyway)

5 Bella Q

YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! The bag is great- how versatile- great design. I enjoyed your modelling tips as well. Love the hair blowing in the wind too by the way. Lovely you are, S.

6 Sylvia

Thanks Bella. Of course I took the nicest picture with the blowing hair. Not all of them were flattering, trust me…

7 tammy @ silverstyle

Most of my photos are taken upstairs in the dining room and I still am constantly running up and down to get something. For the next few months my “shoots” will have to be downstairs in the family room! Interesting concept with the purse.

8 Sylvia

Yes, taking pictures can be quite a time-consuming process…

9 Pam@over50feeling40

The bag IS great, but I really like your skirt!! The print is such a great color…and thanks for the tips!

10 Sylvia

Thanks Pam. I’m happy with it too. It’s a fun, comfortable addition to my wardrobe and perfect for Singapore.

11 Suzanne

The purse is amazing – I have been waiting for you to share it with us. I think this is a great idea! Very clever. I like your outfit too – so pretty and a lovely color combination. I buy dresses but not so many skirts and I am wondering why? You have inspired me to look for a skirt! 🙂 Nordstrom started selling Topshop today and they have a little flippy one (in red!) that I might order. I already have a Topshop sweater on the way. This is the first time I have seen that brand in the USA and I like it.
Your hair is fabulous! Each time I see it I like it more. It suits you perfectly.
All this glorious fashion and style but what I am really crazy for is – the shoes!!! Both pair are perfection – the colors, the heel height, the ankle straps. I LOVE them so much!

12 Sylvia

thanks Suzanne. Skirts can actually be very good in a wardrobe, and they are great for wardrobe capsules. Easier to mix and match and create multiple outfits. I must admit that I have been drawn to dresses more also lately, but luckily I still have plenty of old skirts to mix & match.

13 Jeannie@gracefully50

Haha, what a fun post!
You did a great job! Nice photos! Lovely outfit from head to toe!
I really love your new hair-do, too!

14 Sylvia

Thanks Jeannie. Glad that it entertained you!

15 Greetje Kamminga

What a lovely post. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and looking at the photos.
The things you say about photography… I recognize them so much. The posture, the straps, the things you have left at home. Been there, done that.

A couple of weeks ago I was not that keen on the bag, but with these photos you have won me over. Indeed very versatile. Clever that you picked extra bags in the colours of the shoes you just bought. Very lovely shoes indeed.

I like everything, the top, the skirt, the bag, the shoes. Truly fabulous. Even becoming a fan of your hair (haha). Especially in the first photo.

16 Sylvia

Thanks Greetje. Happy you were entertained and that even my hair is winning you over! Your comments always put a smile on my face as well…

17 Tangobabe

Hahaha, Sylvia, what a great post. So funny written! And nice looks and info at the same time. Very well done. And you look good, your hair too. The red shoes are fab!

18 Sylvia

Thanks Anja. Glad I could put a smile on your face. Very much enjoying your reports from India too!

19 Marianne

When I opened your blog and I saw your photo, I was reasssured that I complimented you with your new hairdo, when you visit your hairdresser it always looks good, but to do it yourself is difficult but it looks amazing. I like your skirt and top, the combination of black and red is one of my favorites. I think our dutch designers aren’t so bad, wonderfull handbag and then Cora Kemperman I like her fashionlabel and your shoes love them too.

20 Sylvia

Yes, this outfit was a celebration of Dutch designers with only the top coming from a mainstream brand! Go dutchies!

21 Kim,USA

Amazing shoes. Love the colors and the handbags are awesome!


22 Sylvia

Thanks Kim!


Thanks for those awesome tips Sylvia….you do look great!!!


24 Sylvia

Thanks Rebecca!

25 Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell

The hotel is an amazing peice of architecture.
The bag you have is just amazing. So versatile and yet very artistic. Love your outfit variations.

26 Sylvia

Thanks Debbi!

27 Melanie

I love this backdrop – great eye for catching this spot. The simplicity of the wall really highlights your outfit and then the latticework gives another different vibe. And those are great tips for self portraits. Soon I shall be braving the public wilds for photos so this post is very timely.
Despite all the trials of this shoot, you still look fantastic. I love your outfit and those mid-heels and versatile bag! Gorgeous.

28 Sylvia

Thanks Melanie. I think that next time I may just brave the touristy spots in Singapore. Lots of people taking pictures there any way, so nobody will find it too strange (hopefully) that I’m taking my own. Or I will take a (patient) friend; makes it so much easier. Good luck with your photo shoots!

29 prettyinweston

Thank you for the thorough example pix. I’m new to the posting scenes and your post was very helpful. And, thank you for sharing pix of the “exotic” locales as I am here in South Florida where it’s just tropical green all the time 🙂

30 Heather Fonseca

LOL! I love your photo shoot tips! It’s all so true, and i think one of the things that is so challenging about having a personal style blog. All the things that make a big difference in photos – the nail polish, jewelry, makeup, high heel shoes, etc – aren’t things I wear every day. And yet I want my blog to be as real as possible. It’s a conundrum.
Anyway, love that purse!it would be so perfect for travel. You’d have every color combination you needed right there. How fab! And those green shoes. Love!

31 Petra

The colours are amazing Sylvia and the shoes are gorgeous. I am wondering if you use a Nikon? Thanks for the great photo and fashion tips!

32 Sylvia

Thanks Petra. I’m using a Canon EOS600D (or Rebel t4 as it’s called in the US)

33 Practical Paralegalism

I never get bored with your photos. I am fascinated by that versatile purse. Also I think your natural nails are lovely, as is your face. I agree about standing up straight. I’ve been trying to improve my own posture, spurred on by upper back pain.

I almost always have something wrong with my outfit, when taking my own pics or when Dear Hubby takes them. The Teen will help out a bit more.

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