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fashion watches in different colours

I love a good watch. I almost always have one on. But it need to be a nicely designed watch and it needs to suit by outfit. That’s why I love my versatile design watches that I can just change according to my mood or style of that day.

Bruno Nimaber

Bruno Ninaber watch

My absolute favorite watch is my Bruno Nimaber watch. I see it as my best fashion / style purchase ever, as I have owned this watch for more than 20 years and I still adore it. I did not buy a new watch for years as I could never find one, that I liked better than this one. I love how I can just change this watch according to my mood and the style I am wearing. Have a look at the video below that  I created on how can you easily put this watch on and off and change the bands.

Pierre Junod

Design watch by pierre junod

Another favorite is this watch from Pierre Junod. You can change the coloured band around the clockwork to suit your mood or outfit. There are lots of colours to choose from and it’s a breeze to change the colour. Demonstration can be found in the video below.

Claudia Schaefer

Easy going watch by claudia schaefer


My latest purchase is the Easy going watch by Claudia Schaefer. With this watch I can actually choose whether I want to have a round clock work or a square one and I can change the colour of the band. I only have 4 colours at the moment but I’m sure I will add on to that. Demonstration below!

How about you? How do you mix and match your watches with your outfits?

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Greetje Kamminga

Very nice, those watches. And indeed very versatile. I like it very much. Especially all the possibilities they offer. What they have in common is at they are all modern. Which is good of course, as we are modern women.
The thing with me is that I am a sucker for old fashioned classic watches that are a bit different. And I love leather straps. So I have one with a plain white round face (Longines) and black strap. A Cartier (Tank I think). An antique small gold one with a covered face. And a very old one with a roof-shaped glass and a brown strap.
See what I mean? I can change but it is always very classic. With one exeption: a green face with a yellow/orange strap: for free with several packets of fruit juice. Brilliant with todays fashion.


It’s true that they are all modern. That has always been my thing. But, I recently have started craving a tank watch as well….


I bought it second hand several years ago. Cannot even remember whether it was 600 guilders or 600 euros. Bought it at a fair and immediately rushed to my watch jeweller (only for repair things). I asked him to open it and check if it was a Cartier. And it was.
I still have the address of the guy who sold it to me. He is legit and has a store.


Great. May have to pay him a visit. I certainly don’t want to spend a fortune on a watch!

Greetje Kamminga

I will check whether he still sells them and at what price. I have to contact him anyway as I need a new strap for my watch. If I remember correctly he said he could supply that at a better price than a normal store.
His store is weird. You have to make an appointment, he has a thick glass door with lots of big locks etc. This is because he buys and sells from and to private persons. So you can imagine that in the old days his normal store was a target for armed robbery. And he does not want to experience that again. Nice guy.

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