If you’re wondering what the handbag trends for 2021 are – they are nothing if not varied!

From oval to square, leather to raffia, embellished to minimal, there really is something for everyone among the spring handbag styles.

The pandemic has had an impact on everything, and that even includes handbags. This was clear to see from the picnic style bags so you can get out for a meal even if restaurants are closed, the phone bags because that’s maybe all you need to take out with you, to the embellished bags – in the hope of being able to go out.

Let’s take a look at the best handbag trends for the upcoming season. Do you have a favorite?

handBag trends 2021: Square bags

Handbag trends 2021 - square bags | 40plusstyle.com

Louis Vuitton – Hermès – Gucci

As the old saying goes, it’s hip to be square. Choose from the cube styling seen on the runway at Louis Vuitton, or a flat, filing-case style, as showcased at Hermés.

Oval bags

Handbags for spring - oval bags | 40plusstyle.com

Michael Kors – Lanvin – Simone Rocha

Of course, you don’t have to choose square. If you prefer a curvier look, you could take your inspiration from the oval bags showcased by the likes of Michael Kors and Lanvin.

You can see that many designers decided to mix two trends in one, such as Michael Kors who combined a raffia bag with an oval shape, or Simone Rocha who added pearls into the mix.

handbag trends: Fold over

Envelope clutch bags | 40plusstyle.com

Balmain – Christian Dior – Louis Vuitton

If you’re thinking of treating yourself to a new clutch bag this season, then an envelope-style is bang on trend.

Choose a larger style clutch, as seen on the catwalks above, and you’ll easily be able to fit in your phone, purse and any bits and bobs of make-up you want to take out with you.


Bag trends for 2021 | 40plusstyle.com

Louis Vuitton – Versace – Tory Burch

One of the ways designers update their handbag styles each season is to change the material of the straps.

This season, chunky chains are a key trend for jewelry and belts, as well as featuring on handbags.

Cushioned bags

Bag trends 2021 | Cushioned bags | 40plusstyle.com

Miu Miu – Bottega Veneta – Miu Miu

You may have noticed padded, cushioned shoes have been a trend over the past season, and now the style has migrated to handbags.

If you like to add a trendy element to your outfits each season, then a padded handbag could be an easy way to update your existing looks.

Saddle bags

Bag trends 2021 - saddle bags | 40plusstyle.com

Fendi – Christian Dior – Burberry

Saddle bags are one of the shapes that never date. So, you can be sure a saddle bag will be a good investment that you can use year-after-year.

This is a particularly good style for you if you look a preppy or bohemian look.

Straw purses

Bag trends 2021 - straw purses | 40plusstyle.com

FendiTory Burch – Maje

Straw and raffia was a major feature on many “runways”. Some designers opted for styles that looked like picnic bags, while others choose to create beach bags for anyone lucky enough to be heading on vacation.

You could also add a touch of straw or raffia to your spring and summer outfits with a clutch bag (as seen at Tory Burch, center).

Nets, Craft and crochet

Bag trends 2021 - net handbags | 40plusstyle.com

Valentino – Christian Dior – Fendi

Netted looks featured among the clothes and shoes trends for 2021 and the trend also made its way to bags of all sizes.

You could choose natural colors or brights.

spring 2021 trend: Triangle

Bag trends 2021 - triangular shaped bags | 40plusstyle.com

FendiSalvatore Ferragamo – Maje

You probably expected to see curvy and square bags among the trends for this spring, but less expected were the triangular shapes spotted on the runways.

If you want to update your style, then look out for triangular handbags in pale neutral shades.

Pearl embellishments

Pearl embellished bags | 40plusstyle.com


Pearls feature on jewelry every season, but for spring they were also showcased on handbags. One of the standout styles was the black bucket bag with contrasting pearls at Chanel (above, left).

Feathers and fringe

Feather bags | 40plusstyle.com

Dsquared2 – ValentinoFendi

Pearls weren’t the only embellishment on the catwalks, however.

If you want to add interest to your outfits, you could also look out for feathers to add extra glamour, or fringing for a bohemian style.

Shopper totes

Shopper tote bags | 40plusstyle.com

Fendi – Balmain – Gucci

While many styles on the runways can be frivolous and impractical (not that there’s anything wrong with that), there are other styles that are more down-to-earth.

Many designers opted to feature shopper bags on the runways that you could easily fit what you need to in when running any day-to-day errands.

Keep your phone in it

Phone bags | 40plusstyle.com

Miu Miu – Chanel – Versace

If you’re just popping out for a walk, or you prefer to keep your phone separate to the rest of your bag, then a crossbody to keep your mobile in could be the perfect option.

Bubblegum pink

Bubblegum pink bags | 40plusstyle.com

ChanelFendi – Versace

Colors in all shades of the rainbow made their way into designer collections for spring 2021. However, the standout shade which transcended many different design houses was bright, bubblegum pink.

You could carry a pink handbag with your neutral outfits to brighten up your look, or opt for a bit of color clashing.

There are more ideas in this article on how to wear pink.

Teeny tiny bags

Tiny bags on the runways | 40plusstyle.com

ChanelFendi – Versace

Rather impractical, but also a quirky, talking point, small handbags were the choice for many top-name designers.

You might want to carry one with you if you want to make a statement, or if you just need your keys, your credit card and perhaps a lipstick with you.

If you need to take a bigger bag, you could always carry a tiny bag as well.


Scarf inspired handbags | 40plusstyle.com

FendiChanel – Etro

Yes, you could wear your scarf around your neck in the traditional way. Or, you could choose to adorn your handbag with one (as seen at Etro, above right), or you could opt for a handbag featuring scarf-style material (such as at Chanel, above center).

Do you have a favorite bag style for this spring? Let me know in the comments below.

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Bag trends 2021 - the best handbag styles for spring and summer | 40plusstyle.com

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