10 great foods and beverages for weightloss and energy!

by Sylvia

10 foods and beverages you can eat to stay slim and energetic

One of the popular articles on this site deals about weight. This article is not only popular with my women over 40 audience but also with younger people who find this article on Google. Although I believe that you can look VERY stylish when you are curvy or overweight as Georgette so convincingly proved in how to dress for curves, I also think that it is always better to aim for a healthy weight for health reasons. Keeping your weight in check has many benefits, like feeling more healthy, putting less stress on your body, generally having more energy and the extra advantage is that most people will feel better about themselves as well. As healthy eating and nutrition for energy and well-being  is a topic that interests me, I will write about it from time to time.

I always get asked how I keep my weight in check and frankly I believe it is because in addition to many healthy habits I wrote about before, I’m eating a lot of the right foods. I also eat a lot of the bad stuff mind you (I love ice cream, cookies, sweets and especially chocolate) but my diet also includes these high energy foods, which increases my metabolism and provide me with all-day energy.

So which foods and beverages do I eat to increase my metabolism and energy?

1. Nuts

I like to eat nuts as a snack and they are extremely healthy for you. Although I prefer cashew nuts for a snack, almonds are actually the best energy food, so I mix them (grinded) in my muesli each morning. Almonds contain a lot of the good fats, fiber and protein. Don’t take too many of them though as they are high in calories.

2. Green tea

I’m also a very keen tea drinker and my tea of choice for its anti-aging benefits is green tea. It contains anti-oxidants and also helps to burn fat! In addition it reduces my food cravings and according to some helps to decrease the risk of cancer.

3. Natural Yoghurt

Another thing I eat every day is natural Yoghurt (without sugar of course). I have always felt that eating some yoghurt after a meal helps speed up digestion  as it contains many pro-biotic cultures. In addition it also provides me with calcium and protein.

4. Salmon

I don’t eat meat but do eat a lot of fish and one of my favorites is salmon. It contains a lot of the healthy omega-3 fats that help with the breakdown of unwanted fatty tissues and promotes metabolism. Additional benefits are that omega-3 fats help combat inflammation of the joints and improves circulation. Another favorite is tuna, another excellent fatty fish. Both tuna and salmon are delicious to eat raw as sashimi in a Japanese restaurant.

5. Whole grains

I like to eat real whole grain bread. Wholegrains give you lots of energy and will make you feel “full” so you don’t feel the need to eat shortly afterwards. Since it’s not so easy to get here, we now make our own bread every day with a bread making machine. You will not believe how easy that is, so I can recommend it to everyone!

6. Water

A study has proved that drinking water before your meal (half an hour before) will help you lose weight. It is believed that it increases your metabolism, while it can also help to feel satisfied with your meal earlier. Drinking a lot of water throughout the day helps transport all the nutrients through your body and helps to eliminate toxins which results in you feeling more energised. I personally find it difficult to drink a lot of water, which is why I drink a lot of herbal tea instead.

7. Salads

I eat some raw food, usually salad, every day. Eating raw vegetables with your meals, stimulates your metabolism and of course they are very low in calories. Another benefit is that you can eat as many as you like, so you will feel fullfilled at mealtime much quicker.

8 The good fats

Eating the right fats is very important (I will go into more detail on this in a future article). Suffice to say for now is that you will need to make sure to use extra virgin olive oil or canola when cooking and for your dressings. These contain the healthy omega-3s.

9. Spinach

I eat a lot of vegetables and one of my favorites is spinach. It does not have its good reputation for nothing. Amongst other things it contains a lot of antioxidants that help to protect your body to fight diseases and skin aging. Of course it has a lot of iron, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. Spinach is great to eat as cooked food but also raw in salads.

10 The perfect morning muesli

I make my morning muesli myself so that I can be sure that it contains only healthy, energy-giving ingredients. It’s critical to start the day with a breakfast that is nourishing and gives you energy.  Here is what’s in my muesli: whole oats, rolled oats, sunflower seed kernals, pumpkin seed kernals, cashews, almonds, sesame seeds, coconut and apricots.

Include some of these foods in your diet and I can assure you your energy and metabolism will go up and your weight down!


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megan, the frugalista diaries

I eat all of this! yay

Xo Megan


Well done Megan. You will grow old beautifully, I’m sure!


I do eat a lot of what is on your list. Moderation is the key: 1 cookie not 20.
And yes, always a good BREAKFAST.
Since 2 months I have “a diet” of only biological food with no E-numbers (so no additives for colour or preservation etc.).
I gained 1 kilo because I now take sugar in my 6 cups of coffee again (I know.. bad, bad but I don’t like tea) instead of sweetners. And another kilo because I went overboard with chocolate, cakes and the sorts for weeks on end.
But… two kilos is not that much if you consider how I eat now:
absolutely no “light” products anymore, 50+ cheese (so lovely) and whipped cream on top of my strawberries. It is a miracle it is only two kilos. After my holiday (which is next Monday) I will of course eat no more of these sweet things, no more cakes etc. I bet you I will lose 1 kilo anyway.


Yes, many people don’t realise how bad these sweeteners are for you… Hope you lose your gained kilos again after the holiday!

Aleya Bamdad

These foods are also good for your skin.


Yes, very true!

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