asymmetrical white summer dress

It’s always great to discover a new brand that is right up your alley. One quick look at the Stella Carakasi collection and you will understand why their clothes appeal to me. Lots of asymmetrical shapes, good fabrics, good lengths and plenty of white for my summer wardrobe. [click to continue…]

Bracelet from the House of Serafina |

Isabelle Persenda, the owner of In Situ in Singapore is a smart woman. Her interior design shop is one year old and instead of just celebrating with a simple party in her shop, she invited some great designers over from The Philippines to showcase their jewelry and fashion.

She knew that people like myself and Anja can’t resist discovering new designers so we accepted her invitation to come and have a look. [click to continue…]

How to wear a maxi dress or maxi skirt? |

I mentioned before that although I like the look of a maxi skirt or dress on others, I cannot make this look work for me. I’m not sure why that is but I feel the look overpowers me and makes me look huge. It does not help that I’m usually not that much into prints which are very popular for maxi skirts and dresses.

Still, I do really like the look on others. I feel it’s feminine and often deliciously bohemian chic. [click to continue…]

Fashionable in a black base

2 women relaxing on benches in New York. They both managed to make their black based outfits look interesting with the right accessories and color accents. [click to continue…]