40+ women getting married in black and white

Such a lovely and stylish picture of a fabulous couple getting married! [click to continue…]

Comfortable pumps by Rockfort |

I really wanted to get some pointy pumps into my wardrobe. However, my feet  did not agree as they simply did not fit into any of the pumps that took my fancy.

When I talked about this on my Facebook page recently, Shari came back to me saying that she recently found some really good and very comfortable pumps at Clarks. That got my attention. Who would have thought Clarks had pointy pumps? [click to continue…]

How do you measure the success of your purchases? |

Shopping and selecting the right clothes is not easy. Some items that you pick will be a success while others are seldom worn.

Of course you will want to limit the failures to as few as possible and I have written many articles to help you with this.

My style courses especially will really help to tune into your style and discover what is right for your style personality and body type. [click to continue…]


How to wear jeans with a jacket or cardigan |

Welcome to week 2 of the 40+ Style Casual Challenge which is also part of the 40+ Casual Style Challenge Contest. Don’t forget to participate in that. All you need to do to win is pin your favorite casual looks!

This week we are going into detail about casual outfit formula 2: jeans with a jacket.

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