Last week I told you my own accessory story.

I truly believe it changed everything for me.

From looking quite ordinary or even frumpy, I started looking more polished. More put-together. People started referring to me as ‘stylish’ and I generally felt more beautiful. My general confidence improved dramatically as well.

Of course that transformation did not happen overnight.

I gradually started adding more bags to my wardrobe, starting with some of the basics like a good all-round black bag.

I moved on to adding a colorful bag and found that adding a pop of color to an outfit can lift even the most basic of outfits.

Later I added a textured bag and found it did wonders to my preference of solid-color outfits. This was a great way to add some texture or print to my outfit without having to invest in printed clothes. An extra bonus is that printed bags made out of cloth are often very cheap. Yet they can be so effective!


Notice how this cheap printed bag makes the outfit more modern and interesting!

Then, I discovered the power of a necklace. Having worn little dainty silver necklaces for years (if I wore one at all) I realised that bigger, more colorful and contemporary necklaces suited me much better. It fit my architectural style and my love for adding some FUN to my outfits and brightened up my complexion.

Later again I started wearing more interesting shoes and started wearing heels! I know that you may have worn more heels as you were younger but I mainly wore ‘comfortable’ shoes. It never occurred to me that it would be great to invest in a pair of pumps to look smashing for a date night. (Is it any wonder that I have a husband who does not care about shoes?).


Making the outfit more FUN with a colorful bag and multicolored shoes.

All of these have contributed to a more stylish me.

What is your favorite accessory and why?

I look forward to seeing your answers!


The power of accessories |

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