Dropped crotch pants and a blouse with cut-outs in a house full of colour and art!

by Sylvia

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When I was in New York, I had the enormous pleasure of visiting Sue Kreitzman, artist extraordinaire and star of the Fabulous Fashionistas movie that I reviewed in this article.

Of course I interviewed her for my style interview series and you will see her this coming Wednesday. I will also show you more of her enormous collection of fabulous art a few weeks later.

Today let’s focus on Sue’s apartment and what I chose to wear to our meetup.


Of course I had to choose something with color when visiting Sue. I had a limited wardrobe in New York so no multicolored garmets available I’m afraid.

I was very happy though with this newly thrifted silk blouse that I found in one of the New York’s consignment stores.

It has cutouts both at the front and back!


Here you can see a glimpse of the back while I’m admiring the many artworks in Sue’s studio.

The statement drop crotch pants are by Stella Carakasi while the shoes are from Lisa Tucci.

Whilst in the studio I was fascinated by some of the necklaces, especially those created through a collaboration of Anothai Hansen and Sue Kreitzman.


Anothai Hansen/Sue K collaboration: Sue found the African beaded necklace in a shop in London. She and Anothai then added a stained glass piece Sue had for ages and an eye from a piece of cheap and cheerful costume jewelry. The result is protective, beautiful and fun!!

Here is another necklace I loved.


Anothai Hansen Necklace made from African pieces and machine detritus


Sue loves to talk about her art and she shared many fabulous stories. I will show and tell you more about her art in a few weeks time.

Here is another statement necklace. Does not look so good with my cut-out blouse but would make a fabulous statement on a simple blouse!


Anothai Hansen/Sue K collaboration: A mask Sue sourced from the African market in NYC Harlem, painted and combined with an old beaded belt she found in a charity shop and a red ‘gem’ from a dollar store. Nice turquoise as well!

Sue truly loves her art and she loves to be surrounded by it. She did not want to let go of any of it!


As mentioned, I will share more from my visit in a few days where you will get to hear the fabulous Sue yourself.

Outfit details:
Pants: c/o Stella Carakasi
Silk short dress (worn as a blouse): consignment store, brand is Funktional
Shoes: Lisa Tucci

Apartment: Sue Kreitzman’s New York apartment. Stay tuned for her style interview this Wednesday! For more info on Sue check out Sue’s website.

For now, would you wear statement pants like these or do you feel they are truly (wo)man repelling?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 denton

This was fabulous.

2 Sylvia

It was!

3 beate

perfect artsy outfit for such a exiting visit!!! you look beautiful!! love this blouse/dress!
and that appartment is amazing! a volcano of creativity! just wow!!!

4 Sylvia

Thanks Beate! The house was amazing. I’ll be showing you more later on.

5 Suzanne

The pants are not for me but they are different. If you like them wear them. Loved the interview and photos of Sue Kreitzman. I love color and Sue’s art really spoke to me…..

6 Sylvia

No I realise that they are not everyone’s cup-a-tea. But I like the statement they make.

7 Rebecca

I like the blouse but really don’t like the dropped crotch pants (sorry!!) Sue Kreitzman is a fabulous artist and I enjoyed the look at her apartment and necklaces.
By the way, is your hair now strawberry blonde? It seems to be redder than in your earlier photos.

8 Sylvia

haha, I knew they would not be to everyone’s taste. That’s why first and foremost you have to please yourself!
The hair color on each photo always depends on the lighting and coloring on the photos, but I’ve been using the same hair color for the last couple of months.

9 denton

Sylvia’s hair looks redder cuz all the light is bouncing off the walls, which as you can see are bright red and yellow. If you see the sixth photo down, where there is a lot of window light, you’ll see more the true color.

10 Suzanne

What a treat! It truly looks like an art gallery gone wild in her apartment. An explosion of colour and whimsy. Sue has so much vibrant energy and it really shines through in her living space. Her personality is truly defined by her choice of clothing and choice of home decor.

Loved this!


11 Sylvia

Yes her apartment is truly special. You will love her interview and further photos coming up soon…..

12 Mybreezylife

What a colorful apartment I really like it. And your outfit is really amazing.

13 Sylvia


14 Melanie

I love those dropped crotch pants. There’s really very little difference between them and a skirt. And those ones look comfortable and chic at the same time.

And Sue’s place is like a little palace of colour and whimsy. What an artist she is. I understand how she would not want to let go of her work. The statement pieces are stunning! I love them!

15 Sylvia

Yes her place was truly amazing and so many beautiful artworks. I try to buy one, but alas, no luck!

16 Greetje

So lovely to see: Sue herself, all her art, these lovely unique necklaces and your outfit. Gosh those shoes were a good find in The Netherlands, weren’t they? These ones fit the outfit perfectly. Lovely trousers, lovely blouse. Well done Sylvia as these are not the easiest pieces to style.
I will look at the Fabulous Fashionistas video again. I loved it so much I bought it.

17 Sylvia

Yes they were. Super hip AND very comfortable. Win Win. You will see more of Sue on Wednesday!

18 Jill

I love your complete outfit , the perfect artistic vibe for a visit to the colourful, talented Sue. I will look forward to the next interview with Sue.

19 Elaine

I love your outfit. Combining a thrifted item with fashion forward pants is brilliant. I saw those pants on line and wish I could wear them. The necklaces are truly pieces of art.

20 Bonnie

I have similar style knee length knit pants in light gray but with a regular length crotch. I found them in the athletic wear section at TJ Max. I have yet to find the right top for them. Long tops won’t work. Maybe a regular length exercise top?

21 Sylvia

A short top is best. Something that will just cover the waist band. I would not go with something too tight.

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