I have shown you these cropped pants a few times before.

I wore them here in a completely different way with a colorful wider jacket on top and here in a monochrome look with a leather top.

What all these looks have in common though is that the top is short in the front or tucked in.


I feel that is essential with wider cropped pants like these ones in order to keep a streamlined and flattering silhouette.

Cropped pants will always be more challenging to wear than full-lengths pants (I offer a lot of tips and examples of how to wear capri and cropped pants in this article) and wider cropped pants even more so.

Wide cropped jeans with black and white sheer | 40plusstyle.com

What you want to do, is to try and achieve the right balance within your outfit to come closer to the golden ratio in dressing and create a balance that comes close to 1/3 – 2/3 (a concept I explain in a lot more detail in my style course). That way you can achieve an overall silhouette that is at least flattering enough and will allow you to wear outfits that are currently fashionable or just fun to wear.


Another thing that helps when wearing cropped pants is to have the pants high-waisted as these pants are. It helps to lengthen your legs (and compensates for the lack of length at the bottom) and will also allow you to wear cropped tops with these without showing your tummy.


This blouse is even better than a ‘normal’ short top as it has an asymmetrical element where the top is longer in the back. This creates interesting (and lengthening) vertical lines, making it an ideal top for these pants. You can read more on the benefits of asymmetrical clothing here.

For extra length with wide cropped pants, heels are always a good idea.


Other accessories play an important part too in this outfit. There is the asymmetrical necklace from Obb Unique that emphasises some of the asymmetry in the look. The ring from Sistaphre Kreations adds some extra punch and the vintage sunglasses make me look extra cool! (at least I’d like to think so…)


Altogether it made for a fashionable, yet comfortable outfit that was perfect for discovering New York. Of course I did not wear my heels for the whole day while walking and swapped them for some flats. I had not bought my comfortable Fly London heels yet, otherwise I would have worn those.

It seems that Bansky’s hammer boy was not so impressed with my outfit even though I was able to pull my head out just in time…


Outfit Details

Silk top, Parker (thrifted), more from Parker
Cropped pants: In Good Company
Shoes: Lisa Tucci
Necklace: Obb Unique
Ring: Sistaphyre

What do you think of wide cropped pants or culottes? Will you wear them this season?


Photography by Denton Taylor


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