I realised I never shared these images with you.

As you can see, it was one of the most stylish parties I ever attended.

It was held in honour of Ari Seth Cohen, founder of the fabulous site Advanced Style, who was back for a short visit in New York.

Our hosts were the amazing Debra Rapoport and star of the Advanced Style Movie (whom I featured and interviewed here) and her partner Stan in their beautiful West Village apartment.

Enjoy some of the impressions of the party with images taken by Denton Taylor and his wife Teresa. There was a great mix of both young and older people. Unfortunately, I did not get to speak to everyone on the party so I don’t have all the names but I think you will enjoy all the style that was on show!


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Ari Seth Cohen and Teresa Taylor.


A lady in conversation with Leslie Gelber (right).

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Debra Rapoport from the back in one of her unique outfits.


Diana Gabriel (find her style interview here) in conversation with Lyn Slater (find her interview here).

Diana Gabriel and Lyn Slater | 40plusstyle.com _56A7747-2 _56A7749 _56A7740-2

Advanced Style star Joyce Carpati (stay tuned for her style interview on 40+Style soon!)


Jean (left), Lyn, Valerie and myself. Find my interview with the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas here)


The party brings back fond memories of my time in New York and of all the fabulous people I met there. Thank you so much for inviting me Debra and Stan. Can’t wait to go back soon!


Photography by Denton and Teresa Taylor


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