The question on whether or not we should dress age-appropriately after 40 always gets women talking, so I was curious to see what my 3 blogger friends had to say on the issue. Listen and watch in this short video!

“You cannot dress in certain ways all your life. At one point you are adapting because your body changes or maybe certain clothes are very typical for a 14 year old and it does not suit you any more. On the other hand I’m not so strict with rules.”

Anja, Curly Traveller

“I do not wear certain things because I think it looks desperate…. On the other hand I’m very tolerant, if someone wants to wear a miniskirt and can pull it off by having a confident face, be my guest! ….. (as for myself) I cover a lot of flesh because everything is getting a bit wobbly…”.

“I think our generation and the generation before us are going to change the rules on how old ladies look like.”

Greetje, No Fear Of Fashion

“If I am confident with my body and feel ok with it, guess what, I’m going to wear what I want to wear…. I refuse to let my age dictate pretty much anything in my life.”

Suzanne, Suzanne Carillo

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I always ask my style interviewees the same question, so here are a few more views on this topic.

“I believe in dressing age appropriately for me, but I’m wary of making sweeping generalizations and rules. For example, I haven’t been in a mini skirt in years, but I do know some women looking great in them right into their 40’s. On the other hand, I love this new graphic tee trend, but I’m sure there are some mature ladies who wouldn’t be caught dead with some silly words across their chest! I think it’s all very personal, based on body type, lifestyle, and personality”.

Dawn Lucy, Fashion Should be Fun (Full interview)

“My little girl told me that I can wear mini-skirts until my knees are wrinkly. That’s a great piece of advice. Wear whatever you feel great in and it will be appropriate for any age.”

Souri, Fabulous Femme (full interview)

“I believe in dressing ‘personality appropriately’. As far as dressing ‘age appropriately’, all I can say is that I believe I dress appropriately for me right now. And, as I grow older, it’s my intention to continue to wear clothing that is expressive of my unique personality!”

Sue, (full interview)

“I think that phrase means different things to different people. Some would argue that my Music City Hipster tank top isn’t age appropriate, but If I pair it with indigo skinny jeans, a crisp cotton jacket and some cork wedges I think it’s perfect. I’m also Petite and I think Petite proportions lend themselves to dressing a little younger and getting away with it.”

Alicia, (full interview)

“Age appropriate dressing to me means wearing outfits that look grown-up. That translates into adding a sophisticated element to any outfit, be it casual or dressy.”

Angie, (full interview)

“I probably just answered that above. I don’t believe in putting an ‘age’ on style or fashion, I think it’s all in what makes you, as an individual, feel good. I work with many 20-30 year old young ladies and many have asked to shop in my closet, so I guess that’s a nice compliment.”

Trina (full interview)

“I think this can be taken too far and result in a very boring and homogenous way of dressing. I don’t believe in having too many rules based upon age alone. For example, why shouldn’t an over-40 woman wear shorts or shorter skirts (within reason, of course) if she has great legs and is proud of them? I don’t think a woman over 40 should dress like a 20 year-old, but we don’t need to dress like grandmothers, either! In fact, grandmothers don’t even need to dress like grandmothers! I think that we can continue to have fun with clothes and style no matter how old we are. No need to wear frumpy clothes at any age!”

Debbie (full interview)

For even more replies, you can check my earlier article on this topic: what is age appropriate.

Now it’s your turn: do you believe in dressing age appropriately?

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