Top 10 beauty secrets of women over 40

by Sylvia

The beauty secrets of women over 40

What is it about certain women that look so good over 40? What is their secret? Is it their makeup, their stylist, their skincare regime?

I read a couple of books about how to stay beautiful after 40 and here are the 10 most important things that stood out in making you feel and look younger and better after 40!

  1. Confidence is key. Nothing is more beautiful that a woman who feels good about herself.
  2. Strengthen your muscles and have regular workouts.
  3. Keep your makeup soft, light and warm. Dark, hard and cool colors make you look older.
  4. Keep a good posture!
  5. Less is more when it comes to hair and makeup, but a good foundation is key.
  6. Look for a haircut that balances your face, head and body proportionately.
  7. Yes, in most cases, coloring your grey hair will make you look much younger.
  8. Get an arched eyebrow look. You can use a highlighter under the brow bone to increase the illusion of an arch.
  9. Make your teeth whiter (but not too white, as that will look unnatural)
  10. SMILE a lot!

Now it’s your turn. What is your beauty secret in looking great?

p.s. A while ago in my book review of How not to look old, I asked you to guess which 40+ celebrities made it to the Young & Hip Hall of Fame in the book. I never provided you with the complete answer, but some of them are featured in the picture above. All six of them are: Christie Brinkley, Oprah, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Pfeiffer, Demi Moore and Madonna!

1 Suzanne

I try to remember that these women started out beautiful (genetics) and have a lot of money and people to help them stay that way. But I agree with your list of things we should all do to look our best. Being healthy is the greatest advice at any age. Exercising, eating well, keeping a positive attitude – so important. And stay fresh – update makeup, hair styles, and clothing. You don’t have to be a slave to trends but staying current does make you look and feel younger. I love reading fashion magazines and following designer collections. There is something new you can add (a shape, color, hemline, accessory) each season to stay “Hip”. 🙂 Have fun! True beauty radiates from the inside out.

2 Sylvia

You have said it all Suzanne. I still very much feel young at heart and I intend to keep it that way!

3 The Style Confessions

The only other thing I might add to your list is to wear sunblock. I’ve been wearing it daily since my 20’s and I do think it’s kept my skin looking good.

Congrats on making Links a la Mode!

4 Sylvia

Of course. Very important! How could I forget …

5 Aleida Hertel

Hello Sylvia,

Finally I get to sit down and enjoy your website. Fantastic work. I will be your loyal follower as I am always searching for fashion and beauty secrets to stay looking young and happy.

All the best,


6 Sylvia

thanks Aleida. I’m sure you could give me some of your tips, because you have a talent at being happy and therefore look young!

7 WL

Stay hydrated and well rested. No alcohol, no drugs and no smoking. Limit sun exposure and wear sunblock if you feel the need to indulge. I have 2 children (26 & 20). Everyone comments I don’t look old enough to have children that age. I am 1 1/2 older than my husband and he looks much older than I do–did I mention no alcohol. I have to chuckle– as I wrote that last line, hubby went to the freezer for ice to make an adult beverage.

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