I’m not sure about the US or Europe but in Australia and here in Singapore, BB creams are becoming quite the rage. Today I will review 3 of them complete with photos of the results.

What is a BB cream?

BB actually means Blemish Balm. BB creams are a cominbation of a skincare product (moisturizer) makeup and sun protection. Or you could consider it makeup with extra skin healing properties and sun protection. In short, it’s an all in one product, perfect for lazy ladies like me who will never make the time for a full makeup regimen.

I’m already on to my third BB cream so I thought I’d give you a review of my experience with BB creams so far.

Ginvera BB Cream

The first BB Cream I ever tried was the Green Tea, nude cover BB cream from Ginvera. It can be used for all skin tones and has an SPF of 30PA++. The cream is also enriched with Green Tea, Ginseng, Chinese Angelica and Hyaluronic acid.

The cream is very fluid and is easy to apply. I just do it with my fingers but I’m sure there are more fancy ways to do it. The colour looks a bit funny at first, but once you apply it on the face, it does blend in with your own skin tone, even though I feel it comes out too light. The cream has a very pleasant smell also.

I have taken pictures with half of my face applied with the cream only up to my eyes. Can you see the difference?
Ginvera BB cream review

La Roche-Posay

The La Roche-Posay BB Cream was actually bought by accident. I was looking for a good sunscreen and was offered this in the shop. Only later did I realise that it is actually a BB cream. It is clear that La Roche-Posay puts more emphasis on sun protection. The  SPF is 50PA+++ and the cream feels greasier on the skin. I’m also not sold on the colour that has a bit of a greyish undertone.

La Roch Posay BB cream review

Bobbi Brown BB cream

Liking the concept of a BB cream, I decided to turn to the brand that I often use for makeup. The BB creams at Bobbi Brown come in various colours and the light shade was deemed best for my skin. Although definitely thicker than Ginvera, this cream does not feel greasy on the skin and the colour is nice. Although there is no thick coverage, it definitely evens out my skin tone. It tends to have a yellow undertone which evens out any redness. Bobbi Brown’s BB cream has an SPF of 35.

Bobbi Brown BB cream review

BB creams review general verdict

The most important question is of course, can one cream really look after your skin, avoid lines, cover blemishes and protect against the sun? This would definitely be ideal for a lazy person like me, as that would mean I would only need to apply just one product! After trying it, I must say I’m quite impressed of what it can do. I felt the colour looked quite natural on my skin with the Bobbi Brown cream being my favorite. Both the Ginvera and Bobbi Brown creams felt non-greasy and they are not as thick as a foundation which suits me quite well.

However, I don’t believe that they can take over the duty of a good day-to-day moisturizer. As we age, we need a good cream with anti-aging properties  and I don’t feel that a BB-cream would be enough care for my skin.

So what I do instead is use a moisturizer AND a BB-cream. It’s still a lot quicker than using a separate foundation and sunscreen and I prefer the lighter texture of aBB cream to provide both functions. It’s perfect for a girl like me who would not normally even bother with a foundation.

The Bobbi Brown BB cream was my favorite and will be a much loved staple in my skincare / makeup box. I always add some loose powder at the end to get rid of the shinyness and this is the final result.

Here is a before and after picture of the Bobbi Brown BB cream applied to my whole face, finished with their loose powder.

BB creams review

Have you tried out BB Creams yet? If yes, I’d love to hear your reviews!

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