Do you change your perfume with the season? While a heavier scent can be cloying in the summer sunshine, you can definitely wear fragrances which are muskier, woodier and spicier when the mercury dips. Here is my pick of the top perfumes for women for any event this winter.

You may have a favorite scent for spring and summer, but that is likely to feel too light, and too fresh as we head from fall to winter.

Plus, what you wore for summer is unlikely to suit your winter activities. You’re likely to have festive parties to attend.

So, whether you are looking at a new perfume for yourself or are wondering what the top perfumes for women are as you are buying your loved ones Christmas gifts, here is my pick of the 10 best scents for winter right now.

I’ve picked out 5 for Christmas Day, and 5 for your New Year’s Eve or festive parties – some new, and some classic favorites.

The best perfumes for women for Christmas Day

Christmas Day is a special time with family and friends, so it needs a special perfume. Here are some suggestions for perfumes to Christmas Day.

Bon bon by Viktor and Rolf

Christmas morning is probably the only time when it’s acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast. There’s nothing wrong with eating the children’s selection boxes is there?

If you not only have a sweet tooth, but you love your perfume to be on the sweet side, then Bon Bon not only looks like Quality Street, but smells like something good enough to eat too.

I like it when I’m in the mood to wear something different. It has notes of caramel and mandarin.

Bon Bon Perfume By Viktor & Rolf for Women |

Jo Malone Orange Bitters

Orange is definitely another smell that I associate not just with orange groves on vacation in Seville or Florida, but also with Christmas.

Who hasn’t had a satsuma in the toe of their Christmas stocking? Plus, this scent is also reminiscent of Christmas cocktails.

This one is for you if you prefer a scent which isn’t too sweet or too feminine. A couple of dashes of sweet orange and ripe mandarin and a splash of bitter orange are added to a heavier base of sandalwood and amber. It can be layered with other perfumes in the range if you’re already a Jo Malone fan.

Orange Bitters Cologne |

Joy by Dior

It is the season of joy, so what better perfume to wear than Dior’s Joy. It’s been close to two decades since Dior last released an original perfume, so the launch of Joy this year has been a pretty big deal.

Joy smells almost like baby powder when you first apply it, but it soon develops into a much more complex fragrance. It also has notes of citrusy orange, as well as developing woody, spicy notes.

It’s a bottle which could make a lovely gift, particularly as it’s a fairly new perfume so the recipient may not have tried it. After all, who wouldn’t want to spread a little joy?

JOY by Dior Eau de Parfum |

Tom Ford Vanille Fatale

Not a cheap option, but I’m a sucker for vanilla scents, and a little of this goes a long way. It’s the perfect option for Christmas given that it has the smokey scent of Myrrh as well as notes of roasted coffee and Madagascan vanilla.

Vanille Fatale Eau de Parfum |

Chanel’s Paris-Venise

If you’re not spending the holiday season is either Paris or Venice, you can pretty much transport yourself there with this latest perfume from Chanel.

Inspired by Coco Chanel’s time in Venice, it has a powdery, oriental scent, with orange flower, iris, and violet along with warm amber and cedarwood.

Another good choice if you a vanilla lover! Although this one is a lighter option than the Tom Ford perfume above.CHANEL LES EAUX PARIS-VENISE EAU DE TOILETTE |

New Year’s Eve party

Tiffany Eau de Parfum

There’s just something about this diamond-cut bottle which screams New Year’s Eve party. A sparkling fragrance based around the Iris flower, the feminity of the florals is grounded with musky notes and patchouli.

Tiffany Eau de Parfum |

Prada La Femme Intense

I’ve had lots of compliments when wearing this one. It features ylang-ylang and orange blossom as well as the warmth of vetiver and the headiness of patchouli.

It’s a great option for a party as it is rich enough to cut through other scents, and it’s long lasting.

La Femme Prada Intense Eau de Parfum |

Elizabeth and James French Grey

A minimalist bottle with a fragrance which packs a big punch. While lavender might be considered a summer fragrance, in this case, it has a warmth and a muskiness which is definitely winter-appropriate. It’s an unconventional fragrance which is sure to be a party talking point.

French Grey Eau de Parfum |

Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle

This is a true classic. It also feels very festive given that one of the notes is frankincense. It has the highest dosage of rose essence ever in a perfume, and also Christmassy scents like frankincense and cinnamon. A very sensual fragrance that’s sure to be commented on.

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady Parfum Spray |

Yvresse by Yves Saint Laurent

Most of us will be toasting the start of 2019 with a glass of something bubbly. So, why not smell like a glass of the finest Champagne too?

Did you know Yvresse was originally called Champagne before producers demanded a name change?

It’s a scent which feels somewhat nostalgic. With top notes of peach, it’s a little like a Bellini rather than a glass of Champagne on its own. There’s also a smidgen of cinnamon for a festive feel.

Maybe you could start your own Christmas or New Year’s Eve tradition of wearing the same scent each year.

Yvresse by Yves Saint Laurent for Women |

If you’re in sunnier climes this festive season, you may wish to check out our article on the best fragrances for summer.

What are your favorite winter perfumes for women? Will you be trying something different this winter?

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