best mascaras for women over 40In the spirit of Beauty and Fashion Friend friday, Franca of Orange and Apples wants to see our naked face, which is our face in full glory and without makeup. That is an easy challenge for me as I hardly wear any make up on a daily basis, so I will join in the fun! On all pictures on this page I’m not wearing any makeup at all. I also want to discuss the question: do women over 40 need to wear makeup?

Why am I not wearing makeup?

Most women look more beautiful with makeup on, including me, so why am I so skimpy with the makeup? There are several reasons:

  • First of all, it’s pure laziness really. I usually wait too long before getting ready to go out, so it’s often a time issue. I also don’t like the ‘work’ of getting it all off in the evening.
  • I also don’t see a huge difference between me with and me without makeup. So spending all that extra time getting ready just doesn’t seem to be worth it for me.
  • I like my skin to breathe so I really don’t like the feeling of makeup at all.
  • I like to rub my face against my clothes (just kidding). However, I do mind the stains coming from makeup on your clothes.
  • I do like the look of mascara but my eyes get very irritated from it, so I only wear in on special ocasions
  • I have very deep eyes so during a recent makeup lesson it was actually concluded that eye makeup doesn’t look that good on me anyway.
  • I have tried covering my dark circles under my eyes. Even a professional tried it without success. So better just to accept the darkness.
  • Despite taking some makeup lessons, I’m actually pretty crappy applying makeup.
  • I do prefer the look of a natural face, although I concede that a well made-up natural makeup would be even more pleasing.
  • Although I need more makeup as I get older, I have also gained more confidence as I get older so I actually FEEL prettier now than when I was younger.
  • I guess having a husband who doesn’t care much for makeup helps too..

Makeup for women over 40: Is it essential? |

Why I should really be wearing more makeup

Let’s face it. Wearing good natural looking makeup makes you look just a little more fresh and put together.

I have found that it actually becomes more of a necessity as I get older. My skin gets more uneven, there are more age spots, more darkness under eyes etc.

Like it or not, it is even expected in society that professional women wear makeup. I once heard that Hillary Clinton really had to transform herself and pay more attention to hair and makeup when she got into politics with husband Bill.

I recently read this article makeup the key to success, which describes a study that suggests that women who wear makeup are seen to be more competent, amiable and trustworthy – and likely to get ahead in the workplace. 61% of readers also agree with that statement. Infuriating as this may be, I believe it to be the reality. Just as it is a reality that we are often judged by our cover and beautiful people tend to be more successful.

So what is my plan?

Knowing all this though, I don’t think I’m going to change all that much. If people don’t accept me as I am or don’t take me seriously because I’m not wearing makeup, then so be it. But I do make an effort sometimes, when I feel like it.

I have found a few options to even out my face a little bit more like using Murad Hybrids™ Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish – 1.0 FL. OZ., a light makeup with skincare properties, which I discussed on my article on Murad. On special occasions also Murad Hybrids™ Eye Lift Illuminator – 0.06 FL. OZ., to lighten dark circles around the eye and Murad Hybrids™ Eye Lift Perfector – 0.06 FL. OZ.

I have also experimented with BB creams which are popular here in Singapore. The one I’ve tried is the Ginvera Green Tea nude cream which is a moisturizer and makeup in one. It’s very light and gives an even tone and since it’s only a 1 step process it’s easy to apply.

When I want to make a special effort I apply Clinique perfectly new makeup, although I should probably replace that as I’ve already have it for years!

On special occasions I will also apply some mascara, some rouge, a little bit of white highligher in my eyes and a bit of pencil underneath the eyes on on the eyebrows.

Find out the best mascaras for women over 40.

One thing I always like to wear is a good moisturizer, sunscreen, loose powder and a lipstick, which is how you see me most of the time on this site.

my naked face - not wearing any makeup

How about you?

So up to you now. Do you wear makeup? Do you think it is important? What do you think of the statement that women who wear makeup are seen to be more competent, amiable and trustworthy – and likely to get ahead in the workplace?


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