I tend to be bit of a minimalist, but with a twist. I always like to see a quirky design element or just something a little different. That is why I like basic tops but with a funky design element.

2 days ago I showed you how to select fabulous tops that you can use as basics.

Today I want to do the reverse and show you how you can also convert a basic classic skirt into something more funky and fashionable.

The model for this exercize is the pink silk skirt I showed you yesterday.

I have several skirts that have this funky design element incorporated into the design.

  • My black skirt has push buttons on the site that allows you to easily lift the skirt on each side.
  • My blue navy skirt has an interesting draping element at the front

Some of these design elements can be created with a wide skirt. Have a look at this simple silk skirt and what you can do with it to convert it into a fashionable fashion item.

wide pink silk skirt from Max Mara

1 knot

skirt basis to fashionable 1 knot

This is the simplest way to add a bit of spice to the skirt by just tying 1 knot on one side.

2 knots

basic to fashionable 2 knots

Here the skirt has a a knot on each side.

Connecting the ends in the back

silk skirt from wide to pencil

In this version I have tied both ends of the skirt around my back waist, which turns it into an elegant pencil skirt!

Connecting the ends in the front

tied skirt

This can create a nice effect as well and turns you classic skirt into a hot fashion item!

So what do you think? Would you do this? Which combination is your favorite?

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