How to convert a basic classic skirt and make it hip

by Sylvia

silk Skirt basic to fashionable - single knot

I tend to be bit of a minimalist, but with a twist. I always like to see a quirky design element or just something a little different. That is why I like basic tops but with a funky design element.

2 days ago I showed you how to select fabulous tops that you can use as basics. Today I want to do the reverse and show you how you can also convert a basic classic skirt into something more funky and fashionable.

The model for this exercize is the pink silk skirt I showed you yesterday.

I have several skirts that have this funky design element incorporated into the design.

  • My black skirt has push buttons on the site that allows you to easily lift the skirt on each side.
  • My blue navy skirt has an interesting draping element at the front
  • My grey skirt has an attached undergarment that is laced

Some of these desgin elements can be created with a wide skirt. Have a look at this simple silk skirt and what you can do with it to convert it into a fashionable fashion item.

wide pink silk skirt from Max Mara

1 knot

skirt basis to fashionable 1 knot

This is the simplest way to add a bit of spice to the skirt by just tying 1 knot on one side.

2 knots

basic to fashionable 2 knots

Here the skirt has a a knot on each side.

Connecting the ends in the back

silk skirt from wide to pencil

In this version I have tied both ends of the skirt around my back waist, which turns it into an elegant pencil skirt!

Connecting the ends in the front

tied skirt

This can create a nice effect as well and turns you classic skirt into a hot fashion item!

So what do you think? Would you do this? Which combination is your favorite?

1 Suzanne

Amazing! How very clever you are. 🙂 The knots make this skirt look like a different garment. I can not pick a favorite as they are each special. I do not have a skirt that is full enough to do this with but if I did I would be showing all of my friends this trick. I think the single side knot would be beautiful on a long black formal skirt. Then a part of your leg and a gorgeous evening shoe could peek out. Lovely!

2 Sylvia

I think you’re right. That would work well!

3 Heather Fonseca

Very cool. Love the little knot on the side!

4 Sylvia

Interesting. The most subtle change seems to be the most popular.

5 Nancy

love the skirt idea with knot. (btw, I made my photos larger on my blog)

6 Sylvia

Thanks Nancy. So much better your photos now! You can really appreciate the fabulous fashion now. (only issue is that now your wide pictures go over the border and text of your side bar. So wide pictures would need to smaller to fit in…)

7 Shoshana

Ooh, I love this! You are so creative. Thanks for the tips.

8 Sylvia

Thanks Shoshana!

9 tammy @ silverstyle

I’m quite into knotting and semi tucking this summer. I think i have a couple of perfect victims! I do almost always get my clothes out the night before. Then everything (including accessories) gets hung together. The next morning is a breeze!
Thanks for the tip!

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